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We partnered with LensProToGo, Sprout Studio, and The International Academy of Wedding Photographers to bring you 49 Custom Crafted Email Templates !

49 Free Email Templates

As a professional wedding photographer, your photography business keeps asking you to wear lots of hats. Wearing too many hats in your business is, well, bad. Writing well crafted emails designed to serve your customers and your business is hard work.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we want you to succeed in business. We know there are areas of your business that can be a burden, especially sending emails on a regular occasion. Today, we’re providing another way to wear less hats and in order to put on FREEDOM: 49 Custom Crafted Email Templates .

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ALSO, with your email templates, we created a quick 1-2-3 guide so you can see, do, and go ASAP.

Much of your communication with your clients happens through email, which can be time-consuming and often becomes a bottleneck. Using email templates allows you to quickly create and send necessary messages, and it can decrease the amount of time you spend behind the computer.

When you download our free email templates, you will receive templates that can help:

  • Address and solve client concerns before they happen
  • Save exponential time in your wedding workflow
  • Quickly organize emails to help clear the inbox
  • BONUS: Share your pricing in a way that is compelling and attractive

Throughout our quick guide, you will learn about:

  • The best ways to utilize email templates in your photography business
  • Top automation programs to use along with your templates
  • How to quickly adjust and implement templates to match your brand
  • Quick, important details you need to know about each section of the templates

Download your FREE email templates and quick guide now to get started!


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