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When you are constantly meeting and booking new clients, your workload increases and you receive more tasks and projects which must be completed. Incorporating systems into your business to help you quickly master your workflow is necessary for you to succeed. Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand how important it is to have multiple systems in place, especially when it comes to tasks which take up your time.

Photographer Email Templates

Throughout your interaction with your clients, your communication often occurs through email. Email is used to send over wedding photography packages, to confirm photo shoot timeframes, to gather information for the wedding timeline… and a whole host of other things. Because so many of your emails are the same from client to client, photographer email templates help you speed up the process and make minimal changes for each client. Our 49 free email templates are available to make that part of your workflow much simpler. To simplify, we share here our top 5 wedding photography email templates you need to be using in your business.

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1. New Inquiry Automated Response

This is perhaps the most important photographer email template there is. Getting back to your prospective client as fast as possible is vital. When a new client is interested in your services, they will reach your website, find your contact info, and reach out to you. Because this may happen on a regular occasion, you should have a photography email template which gives your potential clients a bit more information about you. With this template, all you would need to do is update the potential client’s name and the dates you would be available. Your new inquiry automated response template would look something like this:


Hey ,

Thanks of much for your inquiry! I’m available for your wedding on .

I’d love to schedule a time to talk more about your wedding details. Can we schedule a time to chat on the phone for a bit? Weddings are so unique that we find a perfect launching point is a quick phone call to hear more details!

Here are a few great dates and times – do any of these work for you?

, at , , at , or , at

2. Meeting Confirmation

When sitting down with a client, there is a specific direction or location where you desire the meeting to take place. Client meetings can range from pre-booking to post-booking or anything necessary to help you inform your clients of the best ways to maximize their wedding day. Using an email template which is simple is key at this point of the process, as you want your client to find the location and not be confused by too many directions. Your meeting confirmation template would look something like this:

Hi ,

I would like to confirm your appointment with me on and . My studio address is .

Here is a link with easy directions:

I look forward to meeting with you! 🙂


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3. Contract Signing

Once your client has decided to book you for their big day, a wedding photography contract finalizes your agreement and the process. Since dealing with the money aspect of booking can be a bit awkward, creating an email which informs your clients you are excited to work with them helps you ease into the rest of the details. Your contract signing template would look something like this:

Hi ,

I am so excited to be working with you! There are TWO necessary steps to secure your wedding date with me:


Please take a moment to review and sign the contract (Link provided below). For it to be valid, please make sure ALL of the fields are filled out (this includes name and address of your venues).

Sign the contract here:

Retainer Payment

Check: If you elect to pay by check, please promptly mail your retainer check to:

Credit Card: If you elect to pay by credit card, your credit card will be charged for the retainer within 24 hours.


4. Post-Booking Package

After your client has officially booked you and signed the contract, your next priority is to inform them of what you can offer to them in regard to products. The post-booking wedding photography packages email lets your clients know all of the awesome things you can do with their wedding photos. If you offer more than one, split this into three separate emails. You can use the same template, just update the additional offers you include in each package. Your post-booking package template would look something like this:

Hi ,

I’m so excited to be working with you for your wedding! I wanted to send over a bullet-point checklist of our future interactions, just so you know what to expect from me:

Engagement Session (complimentary)
– Shoot 4-6 months prior to your wedding
– Anywhere in
– It takes 2 weeks for the images to be available online

Pre-Wedding Preparation
– Wedding Questionnaire filled out 4-6 weeks prior
– 20-minute phone call to review details 4 weeks prior
– Final Balance due 4 weeks prior

– Pure fun, joy, and awesomeness 🙂

– 3-4 weeks for the images to be ready for viewing
– Studio Premiere viewing of wedding images (optional)
– All images posted online for viewing and ordering
– Wedding Album design provided 4 weeks after images are posted online

Please let me know if anything here doesn’t look right!

5. Wedding Image Release

When the wedding day is over and you have your images back from a wedding photo editing service, they are ready for your clients. Sometimes, it can be nice to just send them a short email, especially since you have been emailing them so often. Include the link to their images within the email so they can simply click on it and view your beautiful work. Your wedding image release template would look something like this:

Hi ,

I have released all of your wedding images for viewing! You can see all the pictures by clicking on the link below

Enjoy 🙂



Did you know that up to 30% of the workweek is spent working on emails and organizing your inbox? Using email to communicate is a common practice in the business world, and because email is so easily accessible, it is imperative that you prioritize email organization within your business.

Photographer Jeff Youngren of The Youngrens offers successful tips to manage a hectic email load.

Organize your Inbox

Begin your organization process by prioritizing your emails:

  • If the email requires less than 5 minutes of your time, immediately work on the email.
  • If the email will take longer than 5 minutes, place the email in a separate folder for later. Preferably, file the email where it will end up, and add the task to your to-do list.

Some emails are not as pertinent as others, so this organization technique gives you the opportunity to set aside time to work on the emails that will take longer than 5 minutes.

Prioritize and Delegate Emails

Now that you have organized your inbox, you have time to complete the time-consuming emails. To successfully complete them, you should:

  • Create a to-do list that prioritizes your emails in terms of importance.
  • Decide whether or not you need help from a peer with some of the emails.

Allowing others to assist with some of your email workload will keep you and your business on track. Also, assigning emails to others will help in cutting down on the time you spend working on emails. The time you spend personally working on emails will be reduced to a more manageable level, and it will also give you time to focus on areas of your business that only you can work on.

What Does Organizing Your Inbox do for Your Business?

The benefits of email organization are numerous. Email organization is imperative in all successful business practices. When your communication techniques are better organized, it will be easier for you to reach out to potential clients and business partners.

Because email is so easily accessible, clients will expect quick responses to questions or concerns. Prioritizing emails allows you to stay on top of communication, which will make clients happy and willing to choose you again in the future.

49 Free Photographer Email Templates

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