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Excellent customer service is an important part of the backbone that helps you run a successful wedding photography business. And sometimes (or always) going the extra mile for your couples is a part of giving them that exceptional customer service. In a market where there is no dearth of wedding photographers, how you treat your clients can help you stand out and attract more clients to your business. While you might be an exceptional wedding photographer, you might not be able to expand your clientele if your customer service is just average. So, make your brand exceptional too. Find creative or classic and surprising ways to impress your clients who will then go on to recommend your outstanding services to their friends and family. Without your clients, your business doesn’t exist. So prioritize them and go the extra mile without spreading yourself too thin. 

5 Ways To Go The Extra Mile For Your Couples

1. Ensure They Get The Best

Infographic stating going the extra mile for your clients doesn’t have to be all about grand gestures

Your couples chose you for documenting one of the biggest days of their lives. So your number one aim should be to ensure that they get the best experience with your brand. Whether it’s about bringing alive their wedding photography vision or an incomparable customer service experience, make an extra effort with every client to offer them the experience of a lifetime. Offer them something no other wedding photographer can offer them. What can show your commitment to them better than ensuring that their wedding day is a day they will never forget? Just try to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you get the specific detail shots or family photos they had requested. 

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2. The Little Things Matter

Infographic stating wedding planning can be stressful; take the time to check in on your couples from time to time

You can also go the extra mile for your couples by going beyond your duties as a wedding photographer. From the first consultation to the day you deliver their photos, try to keep in touch with them through emails, phone calls, or texts. Wedding planning is stressful, and just one call or text from you asking your couple about how they are doing or whether they need any vendor recommendations could be the thing that prompts them to refer you to their contacts too. And besides their wedding photos, they will remember you for your kindness and how willing you were to help make things easier for them. On the wedding day, if needed and practical, double up as the stylist, or tailor, or the makeup artist, or anyone that your couple needs you to be in case a wedding day crisis strikes. 

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3. Get Involved In The Planning

Like we said in the point above, if you have the bandwidth to go the extra mile for your couples, you could also consider getting involved in the wedding planning process. Now, not every couple will want you to offer your suggestions or recommendations, but you might want to consider extending a helping hand to couples who you know are struggling with either finding a venue or a florist or a decorator, etc. Referring vendors to your couples also has another benefit: If they actually go with your recommended vendor or vendors, then you will also be able to build on the relationship you’ve established with that vendor. When you refer someone, that vendor is more likely to suggest your name if they ever have clients who are looking for a wedding photographer. Win-win!

4. Add A Gift

Infographic stating a personalized gift is one of the many ways to show your appreciation for your clients

Throwing in a gift might not always be practical for your wedding photography business, but whenever possible, consider giving your couples a little surprise. A special discount coupon, a free mini-album or mini-photo shoot, customized mugs with their initials or wedding date, a framed wedding photo, etc., are some gift options you could consider. Again, we are not suggesting that you have to give your couples a gift in order to go the extra mile for them, but a personalized gift is certainly one way to show them how much you loved working with them. 

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5. Underpromise, Overdeliver

Underpromise, overdeliver is kind of like a cheat code for every wedding photographer – and one that you can use for all your couples. While it’s good to have a buffer time when it comes to finalizing a date for the delivery of their wedding photos, you could perhaps try delivering the photos way before the set date. Of course, this may not be possible with every wedding or any wedding at all, you could consider outsourcing your photo editing to ensure faster turnaround times. If you can, you could also quickly make a few edits on 2-3 wedding photos and send them to your couple on the same day. 

Focus On Impeccable Customer Service

Infographic stating get to know your couples and then figure out how to go above and beyond for them

In the end, going the extra mile comes down to the kind of customer service you offer your couples. You may be running a wedding photography business, but for your couples, it may not always be about getting stunning, Instagram-worthy photos. For some couples, you could prove to be the best in your field by checking in on them (even after you are done working with them), and for others, excellent customer service may be synonymous with you helping them get through any vendor issues they are struggling with. Each client is different, and once you get to know them, you’ll be able to better understand how you can serve them. 

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