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An awesome skillset is an essential part of being a great wedding photographer. But do you know what sets you apart from the several other pros in your field? A composed and charismatic personality that’s also reliable and trustworthy. When it comes to closing the deal with your wedding photography clients, apart from the ability to offer high-quality deliverables, brides also pay special attention to a wedding photographer’s traits. After all, they are trusting you with photographing one of the most important days of their lives. Every wedding photographer has their own individuality and temperament. However, some personality traits go a long way in building a successful and happy client base.

Personality Traits Of A Great Wedding Photographer

1. Communication Skills

Infographic stating honing your communication skills will help you connect to your clients

A bride will often expect a professional wedding photographer to have good communication skills, not just for business purposes but also to make her and the guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. From instructing guests on how to pose to planning fun ideas with bridesmaids and groomsmen, initiating friendly conversations is what makes a good photographer great.

But remember, when it comes to communication, it’s not all about how you talk but also how well you listen. Therefore, it’s best to ask questions and listen carefully to everything your client has to say in the planning phase. Your wedding day workflow will likely involve speaking with several people, so working on your communication skills will make it easier for you to form a connection with them.

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2. Patience

When choosing wedding photographers, there’s one thing that every bride wants to know – Will you be able to handle things when a crisis occurs? Being patient is one of the most treasured wedding photographer traits in the industry. And on some days, it can make all the difference. Whether it’s working with unrealistic clients, a challenging work environment, or a technical glitch you never saw coming, there can be instances where things go wrong. In moments like these, it’s easy to lose your cool or panic. However, developing a reflex of staying patient and calm will help impress your clients and enable you to find a solution to the problem without causing further damage.

3. Creative Instincts

As a wedding photographer, having creative instincts is non-negotiable. One of the qualities of a good photographer is to capture the ordinary with artistry. Moreover, brides are not only looking for someone who will photograph stunning images but also someone who will bring more to the table. And in your case, that’s your creative vision. From introducing an element of storytelling to experimenting with the photography style, wherever skillset can take you, imagination can take you further.

4. Passion

Infographic stating your passion speaks louder than your pictures

Working in the wedding industry can be equally complex as it’s rewarding. Even if you have been a part of the industry for a long time, some days might challenge your skills and patience. In moments like these, passion can act as a driving force that will help you thrive and excel at what you do. Being passionate about your work can help take it up a notch, and it is most certainly something your couples will notice about you. While your photographs speak for your business, your passion shows how far you are willing to go for your couples.

5. Attention to Detail

An eye for detail is another highly valued wedding photographer trait. It might not be a part of your technical skillset, but it’s an attribute that every bride will look for. Weddings may be all about capturing big moments and grand gestures, but sometimes, the small details can also make a significant impact. Moreover, there’s also a large scope of experimenting with lighting, composition, and wedding photography styles as you focus on detail photos. Therefore, an eye for detail is a defining trait that will help you stand-out as a wedding photographer.

6. Self-Accountability

Infographic stating couples look for photographers they can rely on in a crisis

More than anything, couples are looking for photographers who they can rely on. Planning a wedding is a time-consuming process. And the last thing couples want is to hire someone they can’t rely on to do their job without their involvement. Not just the planning stages, even the wedding day is a busy affair for couples. Therefore, they want someone who will also ensure that their big day goes according to plan. Moreover, if you are a reliable wedding photographer, the couple will also not worry about you doing your job right, which often leads to micromanagement.

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Infographic stating connect to your clients as a human first and a photographer second

Mastering a craft such as wedding photography takes more than just mastering the photography skills. Sometimes, some brides may be more inclined to see you make an effort to build a relationship with them and their guests. You may be a man or woman with a plan, but you can’t get far without impressing your couples with who you are as a human being. Therefore, try to incorporate some personality traits that help your couples connect with you as a person before they connect with you as their wedding photographer.

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