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Not receiving feedback for all the efforts you put in is heartbreaking. This holds true for every individual and business; and the wedding photography business is no different. How would you know if your clients don't say whether they enjoyed your company and your work? Receiving good reviews is more than just feeling appreciated. It is crucial for your growth as a photographer and a business owner. It has several other benefits for your business. This blog post discusses how to ask your clients for reviews and what that can mean for your ranking and searchability online!

Top 7 Benefits of Asking Your Clients For Reviews

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  1. Listening to your clients will help you understand what they expect from you.

  2. With reviews, you know what your clients like the most. You can work on those points to improve your future clients’ experience.

  3. Good testimonials and reviews also help you get new clients. You can put these reviews on your wedding photography site to share with new visitors or showcase them on social media to advertise your excellent services.

  4. As a photographer, good feedback motivates you to go out of the way for your clients.

  5. It encourages you to keep improving your photography skills.

  6. Good reviews even attract other wedding vendors to collaborate with you.

  7. They are suitable for your SEO rankings on Google

Now that you know how important good reviews from clients are, you need to learn how to ask your clients for reviews. Want more on interacting with your clients? Check out this blog on how to say thank you to your couples.

Tips On How To Ask Your Clients For Reviews

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You know you are an excellent photographer and have worked hard to increase your business sales and profits, but, missing out on reviews might prove to be a costly affair. Not always do your clients miss out on reviews because they do not like you, but mostly they think it requires work and time to put out a testimonial. They might feel you have so many clients, and it would not make a difference if they did not review you.

You have to convince them that every review matters. Let your clients know how important their words are to you. We have some easy and amazing tips to help you realize this goal. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

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Stop wasting your time wondering what your clients might say. Request after-event reviews from your clients when signing the wedding photography contract. It will be your service that can make a testimonial or review good or bad. You need to give it your best when taking the wedding photos and let the couple decide what they want to say. If they are happy with your services, you’ll get a good review.

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2. Make It Easy

You can allow your clients to add their reviews directly on your website. Share with them a direct link to the Google reviews page of your business account and let them fill in whatever they feel. You can add a note saying - ‘Please leave us a Google review and help us improve our services’. A strong, positive review from wedding clients might be enough for a prospective client to call you or explore your portfolio. Great reviews build trust and motivate people to take action.

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3. Guide Your Clients on What to Write

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Some clients might not know how to express their feelings in words. After knowing how to ask your wedding clients for reviews, guide them on writing. Explain to them that they can start with a friendly, short headline, and mention their names, the venue, and the date. 

Let your clients know they can write what they feel about you as a photographer and your service, or how they felt seeing their wedding photographs - describe their overall experience? You can send them examples of past reviews. If it still feels a lot to some, share a template or review request email example they can follow easily. 

4. Keep In Touch

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Stay connected with your clients via email; this ensures they have your email if they need to forward it to a friend. You must know how to ask for a Google review in an email - with a polite message asking for feedback from clients. When you have the client's contact, you can request the testimonial or send them your review link(s). In the meantime, as they might have seen the wedding photos, they might give you a good wedding photography testimonial for your work.

Wait for at least a week or two before you reach out to your wedding clients for reviews. As you learn how to ask for a review, make sure that while sending the review’s links to your clients, they don’t get buried with other important information. Form a separate message and let them know how important their feedback is for you to improve your service and that writing the review won’t necessarily take much time.

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5. Request Them to Share Reviews On Social Media

Along with asking for reviews on Google, you can request your bride and groom to share the review on their social media besides your website. A common question here is ‘how do you politely ask for feedback?’ - Tell your clients clearly how their good words will help you. Be nice and friendly with them. Send them a nice thank you present, like a customized branded mug, frames picture, fridge magnets, anything that speaks of your brand; they might love this gesture and won’t mind sharing the same on their social media.

There are other clever ways to ask for reviews. Post-wedding is an excellent time to keep the wedding memories fresh - engage on social media, and tag them on photos and videos. As their friends and families look at those stellar wedding photographs, your brand awareness increases with every reshare on stories or posts.

Our Tip: As you’ve learned how to ask your clients for reviews, you can also ask other wedding vendors you work with to review your services. Then you can return the favor. It’s a win-win for both.

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Where Do You Share Your Client Reviews

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Besides your website, you can put these reviews on your social media platforms. Interact with your audience, keep sharing your work and get creative with the content that you post. You can invite your clients for a video review of their service and share it across all your social media channels.

You can also register with sites where clients look for photographers based on reviews. Then send your business review link to past and present customers - ‘review request email’ or ‘leave us a review’ link!  We recommend you use:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yelp
  4. Wedding Wire
  5. The Knot

Have a clear idea about the kind of feedback you're expecting from your client and communicate it well. As they are not photography experts, let them know that you are not looking for anything technical. Tell them how you would want to know their wedding photography experience, their satisfaction level with your work, the best thing they liked about your work style, etc.

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Learning how to ask your clients for reviews can seem like a lot of work but it is important that you understand how important customer reviews are for a growing business. After you get a review, take a step back and consider it. Building a good reputation takes years, and you will likely get negative feedback sometimes. Don't lose heart. A good practice is to refrain from saying anything in response to negative feedback. A polite 'thank you' would work best, then try to resolve your client's issues and ask them for a review again.

Quick turnaround times are an excellent way to get excellent reviews from your clients. If you can get their photos back to them as quickly as possible (without sacrificing image quality), your brides will absolutely love you! Read our blog on how fast turnaround time helps your wedding photography business, to learn more about it.

At ShootDotEdit, we aim to help you get to where you want to be easier and faster. We offer professional photo editing services to lessen your post-production workload so you can focus on other business aspects. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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