With your holiday cards for business, now is the time to promote your wedding photography brand and increase your profit. What are the top ways to maximize holiday cards for your photography business? Read on to learn more.

Holiday Cards for Business

The last few months of the year can be slower, and holiday cards are a great way to help you bring in additional income. Here is a quick guide to help you maximize holiday cards for your photography business.

Create a Specific Plan

Define your goal. Just like you do with your wedding photography business plan, one of the first steps to take to maximize holiday card sales is to define your goal. Some of the questions you should ask yourself to help define your goal are:

  • Will you sell the cards to past and current clients with their wedding photos? If so, how many card will you sell per client?
  • Is your goal to focus on your dedicated clients and send love to them?
  • Do you want to raise awareness for your photography brand and increase the number of prospective clients you will receive?

Set your budget. Even though it would be nice to send cards to all your clients, friend, and family, the cost and timeliness of this can quickly add up. That is why it is important to determine your budget for the campaign. Once you set your budget, be sure to think about how much it will cost to print and ship the cards. A holiday card campaign is meant to increase your profit, so your budget is an important part to focus on during this process.

Decide who will receive the cards. With a budget in mind, you can then select who will receive your holiday cards. Will you send cards to your clients from this past year, your friends, or your family?

Set a deadline. Depending on the plan you choose, there are a few deadlines for you to set. The first to set is your deadline for sending the holiday card templates to a printing company, such as Bay Photo Lab. Be sure to check the holiday deadlines on their website and plan accordingly. For example, you can note that you need to have all holiday card templates ready to send over by a certain date so you ensure they come back in time. The second deadline to set is one for clients to follow. When you set deadlines, you ensure you deliver on your promise and create a positive experience for clients.

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Download Free Holiday Card Templates

Before you get started on the creation of your cards, download our free Holiday Cards Templates for Photographers. Our templates, created in conjunction with Bay Photo Lab are adjustable and customizable, which allows you to add your style to each design. When you utilize templates for your holiday cards, you eliminate much of the work (and can still receive the benefits!).

Create Custom Holiday Cards

You can use either Photoshop or Photopea to create custom holiday cards from your free templates. You can add your unique customizations to the templates, add personalized text, and match the colors and style to your photography brand. The first cards you make can be used as samples to share with clients as you promote the cards.

Once your cards are ready to go, the ordering process through Bay Photo Lab is seamless and quick and is another way to save you time in the process.

Now that you have your holiday cards created, you can get started on maximizing sales for your wedding photography business.

Promote Holiday Cards

One of the best ways to maximize sales with your holiday cards is to promote them. This is something you can do while your images are being edited by a photo editing company or after you send them to Bay Photo Lab for printing. From your initial planning, you have an idea of how many holiday cards you will make, who you will send them to, and whether this will be a full-fledged campaign to attract new clients.

A few ways to promote your holiday cards this year are to:

  • Send an email to your past and current clients. Your past and current clients are perfect to start with since they know the quality of work you produce and they trust you. Send out an email and let them know that you are creating holiday cards and they are the first to know. Share some basic info, such as how long they have to order them, how many they can purchase, and how much they will cost.
  • Create a blog post about holiday cards. Your photography blog, in addition to showcasing your past wedding images, is an ideal place to share about holiday cards. When you create the blog post, put a few examples of the cards you created previously as well as information about the cards and ordering instructions. Also, include a link if they need to go to a Landing Page to order the cards or provide the best email address for them to reach out to you if that is your process.
  • Post about holiday cards on social media. Social media allows you to reach past, current, and potential clients all at once. You can post on Facebook with a link back to your blog post or the dedicated Landing Page for the cards. On Instagram, create Stories and use the swipe-up feature to drive traffic to your holiday cards. Make sure to use the social platform that works best for you is where you share the most.
  • Connect with vendors or venues. Sharing images with vendors is one of the top ways to expand your reach and attract ideal clients. Just like you might leave a sample album at a venue, ask them if they would mind if you left a few of your holiday cards for their clients to view. As a gesture and relationship builder, you can also create holiday cards for your vendors or venues.
  • Promote cards during holiday sessions. Holiday sessions are another way to increase profit for your photography business during the last few months of the year. While you plan and book holiday sessions, you can promote cards to your clients. Not only will you provide your clients with a fun and quick holiday session, you can also take care of their holiday cards for them.

When you use holiday cards for business to maximize your sales, you can bring in additional income to increase the profit you make this year. Don’t forget to download our free Holiday Cards Templates for Photographers, made in conjunction with Bay Photo Lab!

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