A red clock as a depiction of how to save time with outsourcing for wedding photography

Time… You can’t fight it—there are only 24 hours in every day!

Time is fleeting and time matters. It’s not just something you can get back… Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

What decisions have you been putting off making in your business because you simply just don’t have the time?

And what if you could get that time back? What would you do with even just one extra hour each day?

Would you spend it with your family? Or perhaps you’d go to the gym—maybe even get in some much-needed self-care…

You could catch up on sleep, cuddle with your kiddo—the world really opens up when you’re not constantly getting buried by your work! Outsourcing for wedding photography can be the key to unlock extra time (by getting that lost time back).

Is Outsourcing Right for Me?

Take a look at your business model—especially as you’re knee-deep in the busiest season of the year for photographers. Ask yourself: “Where can I outsource for my business so that I can take my time—and life—back?”

Most business owners look at outsourcing and say to themselves, “Can I really afford to outsource in my business?” At ShootDotEdit, we get this question every day. And often our response is… Can you afford not to? Can you afford to keep going at the rate you are without getting burned out?

In the wedding photography industry, we’ve seen this happen time and time again — And it KILLS us! Because we see these talented wedding photographers who are getting worked to the bone while still trying to maintain a family or even a semblance of a life!

So we knew we had to do something…

And this is why we created ShootDotEdit—to take on the load of photo editing for wedding photography business owners. Because—as wedding photographers ourselves—we knew that there had to be a better way to free up the precious commodity that is Time. A way to give time BACK to wedding photographers so that they could run a successful business while still enjoying everything life had to offer.

And from what our customers tell us, we’re doing a pretty good job.

Just take a look at what they had to say about outsourcing for wedding photography:

A couple standing on a sunlit pathway that is surrounded by trees

“We didn’t enjoy the entire post-production processes as much as we wanted to. Outsourcing our photo editing allowed us to focus on having more time to do the things that we like to do and it gives us more time to just have fun instead of working all the time—especially in the peak season.”

Jelger and Tanja, Husband and Wife Team
IG: @jelgerandtanjia
Location: Vancouver, BC

A black and white bridal portrait

“Editing my images was taking me too long and it was very overwhelming. I needed to get back some of my time and stop hitting the plus and minus on the white balance. Now, anything that I can outsource—I will. Anything that keeps me from being in front of my computer at night instead of reading books with my kid—I will absolutely do.”

Erin Morrison, Professional Photographer & Mom
IG: @erinm_photography
Location: Knoxville, TN

Getting The Most Out of Your Time Wedding Photographer ShootDotEdit

“Having five photographers and five different sets of eyes was resulting in some inconsistencies in what we were delivering to clients. So I asked my staff if they wanted to either have more rigorous editing standards or if they wanted to outsource. Even though upping the editing standards would mean a raise in pay per wedding, they unanimously voted to use ShootDotEdit for color correction. They’d rather be able to shoot more and work less at their computers. They’d seen how much better my life has been since I gave up editing—how positively it has impacted my personal life and how I felt more balanced. The hours I’ve gained back as a mom and a wife are worth so much more than money.”

Tracy Autem, Owner of a Multi-Shooter Studio & Mom
IG: @tracyautemphotography
Location: Fort Worth, TX

A newborn baby sleeping soundly - Get time back to sleep soundly with outsourcing for wedding photography

“Photographers feel like photo editing is a badge of honor—if you’ve worked all night editing and you’re not getting sleep because you’re in the crunch of wedding season. But when you get that freed off of your plate, you realize how much better it can be.”

Katie Van Buren, Wedding & Portrait Photographer
IG: @vanburen_photography
Location: Denver, CO

So what are you waiting for? With outsourcing for wedding photography, don’t spend the next month—or even the next year behind a computer screen!

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