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Do you ever find yourself caught in a whirlwind of wedding photography gigs, wishing there were more hours in a day? You might've considered getting time back with outsourcing to live your passion for photography or simply revel in some well-deserved self-care! We get it - just 24 hours, a relentless ticking clock, and a growing to-do list in your business that feels like it's running at warp speed. The decisions you've been putting off, those creative ideas waiting to bloom, all stifled by the time crunch. 

But what if we told you there's a way to reclaim those lost hours? What if you could rediscover the luxury of extra time at your disposal each day? In this blog, we're diving into the game-changing solution that wedding professionals are swearing by— getting time back with outsourcing! We'll explore how this strategic move is not just about offloading tasks but creating a space for you to breathe, live, and savor the joys of your personal and professional life. Let's dive into how wedding photographers are reclaiming their time with outsourcing!

Is Outsourcing Right For Me?

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Take a look at your business model—especially as you’re knee-deep in the busiest season of the year for photographers. Ask yourself, “Where can I outsource my business so that I can take my time—and life—back?”

Most business leaders look at outsourcing and ask themselves, “Can I really afford to outsource in my business?” At ShootDotEdit, we get this question every day. And often, our response is… Can you afford not to? Can you afford to keep going at the rate you are without getting burned out?

In the wedding photography industry, we’ve seen this happen time and time again — And it KILLS us! Because we see these talented wedding photographers, who are getting worked to the bone while still trying to maintain a family or even a semblance of a life!

So we knew we had to do something…

And this is why we created ShootDotEdit—to take on the load of wedding photo editing for many business owners. Because—as wedding photographers ourselves—we knew that there had to be a better way to free up the precious commodity that is ‘time’. It was a way to give time BACK to wedding photographers so that they could run a successful business while still enjoying everything life had to offer.

And from what our customers tell us, we’re doing a pretty good job. Just take a look at what they had to say about outsourcing for wedding photography!

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Wedding Professionals On Getting Time Back With Outsourcing Photo Editing

1. Client Review: Brandi Allyse Photo

a couple standing in front of a van in their wedding attire while the sun shines from behindImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Post-wedding photo editing can be time consuming. And as professional wedding photographers, it’s easy to spend hours upon hours sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos from each wedding. Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo, with a full time job as a wedding photographer, was doing just that until she realized the value of outsourcing her editing to ShootDotEdit. 

"ShootDotEdit has saved my business," says Brandi. 

"It's okay, and encouraged to use resources for help like ShootDotEdit!" The time she saves on editing allows her to focus on other important aspects of her business, like marketing and client relations. A particular area where ShootDotEdit has been a game-changer for Brandi is with reception photos. "Something that I love and would do even if I was just getting this out of it honestly is the reception photos with crazy DJ lights changing every 2 seconds," she says. With so many photos to edit, she spent hours white-balancing and adjusting the colors of each photo. But now, thanks to ShootDotEdit's expert editors, she doesn't have to worry about it. 

"To not have to worry about the reception and getting those back, and they just look so perfect; that has been such a time saver!" By outsourcing photo editing to ShootDotEdit, you can get your time back and use it to grow your businesses, spend time with loved ones, or enjoy some much-needed downtime.

2. Client Review: Studio N Photography And Makeup Artistry

infographic testimonial quote from Studio N Photography
Being a professional photographer and a business owner, your to-do list might seem never-ending! From shooting engagements and weddings to editing and client communication, finding time for anything else is hard. Natalie and Brandon, the dynamic duo behind Studio N Photography And Makeup Artistry, were also trying to do it all! But they made the smart decision to outsource work to ShootDotEdit! 

"It's allowed us to get some time back in our lives. We can focus on other aspects of our business and personal lives." says the husband and wife photography duo!

Natalie and Brandon shared their experience: "We couldn't have gotten through our seasons without you guys. The work is just wonderful. Every wedding that we've done with them is a cinematic masterpiece." Outsourcing not only saves time but also ensures that you can deliver quality work consistently to clients. With ShootDotEdit, Natalie and Brandon have more time to focus on their creativity and provide an unforgettable experience to their clients. So, if you're struggling to balance your artistic skills and your business responsibilities, outsourcing may just be the solution you need.

3. Client Review: June Lion

two brides in their wedding attire standing holding the wedding bouquetsImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

From color correction to culling, finding the time to do everything on your plate can be challenging. That's why outsourcing is a lifesaver. Just ask ShootDotEdit customer and wedding photographer Kelly Wilde of June Lion

Kelly explains, "Definitely being able to pass on my color correction to somebody else has been amazing. To not have to color correct my photos is fantastic.

Thanks to outsourcing, Kelly can spend more time with her family and work on neglected projects. She even has the opportunity to shoot more, all because she's not bogged down by editing work. With ShootDotEdit's fast turnaround time (not more than 48 hours!) and reliable customer service, outsourcing is the key to returning your precious time. As Kelly recommends, "I like the idea that someday, if I don't want to cull my group shots or something, I can at least do that." You can save yourself the stress of editing too and get more done by outsourcing to professionals!

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4. Client Review: Flavio D Photography

infographic testimonial quote from Flavio D Photography

Being a wedding professional and jumping between shooting, editing, and delivering your images on time, it can be hard to find that work-life balance you crave. That's where outsourcing comes in, and Flavio DeBarros of Flavio D Photography knows it right! Flavio uses ShootDotEdit to handle his color correction, freeing up his time to focus on shooting and running his business. 

"Outsourcing with ShootDotEdit allowed me to get my precious time back," says Flavio. "I can focus on being creative and delivering the high-end wedding photography my clients expect from me."

As your business grows, keeping track of everything we need to do might become increasingly challenging. Flavio learned this lesson the hard way but was able to turn things around by managing his time and outsourcing repetitive tasks and ones he couldn't handle on his own. He advises other wedding photographers to stay on top of their schedules and avoid making the same mistake he did. By outsourcing his editing needs, Flavio could grow his business and take on more clients without sacrificing the quality of his work, making it a valuable tool in running a successful wedding photography business.

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5. Client Review: Stephanie Heymann Photography

a couple standing in their wedding outfits closely holding each other in front of a beautiful backgroundImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

For Stephanie Heymann of Stephanie Heymann Photography, outsourcing to ShootDotEdit has provided the time and peace of mind to focus on what's most important - capturing beautiful moments for her client's special day. After going through personal editors who weren't cutting it, Stephanie found ShootDotEdit and never looked back.

"It's really important for me to show true color; ShootDotEdit truly nailed the color matching with me," Stephanie says. 

With ShootDotEdit's expert editing skills, Stephanie has more time to build her business and create unforgettable memories for her couples. Outsourcing can help wedding photographers like yourself get your time back and allow you to work on the things that truly matter. Don't let editing hold you back, turn to ShootDotEdit, and let them help you take your business to the next level.

6. Client Review: Photography By Orlando

infographic testimonial quote by Photography By Orlando

We know the importance of capturing every moment of a couple's special day. But what about the time-consuming editing process? That's where outsourcing comes in. Photography by Orlando's in-house editor was helpful, but outsourcing with ShootDotEdit has been the ultimate solution for Orlando Oliveira

"It was definitely more expensive to have her here for 13 hours to get something done in a week or two. But she wasn't turning it over like ShootDotEdit does," says Orlando. With an average of 4000 photos per wedding, it used to take him months to deliver the final product. Now, he can turn them around within two to three weeks, creating happier clients and freeing up more time for him to focus on his business. "They're excited to go buy stuff," Orlando adds. In addition to increased efficiency and consistency in editing, outsourcing with ShootDotEdit also allows for faster turnarounds and improved sales opportunities.

7. Client Review: K. Lenox Photography

a couple sharing an intimate moment under the wedding veil in their wedding attireImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography

As a wedding photographer, it might be tough to let go of the reins and trust someone else to edit your work. However, getting time back with outsourcing photo editing is a smart solution! Take it from ShootDotEdit customer Kristen Lenox of K. Lenox Photography, who now has the freedom to hang out with friends, go to barbecues, or sit back with a glass of wine, all while keeping her business running smoothly. 

Kristen shared how outsourcing has become integral to her workflow, stating, "It took me 11 years to start working smarter." 

By trusting ShootDotEdit with her wedding photo editing, Kristen shares she can now focus on other aspects of her business and personal life. While getting accustomed to working with a new editor can take some time, the benefits are substantial. As Kristen shares, "When I finally decided to let go, and I got back my engagement sessions, I was like, 'this looks awesome!'" It's not just about having more free time but also about delivering high-quality images to your clients without sacrificing your well-being. So why not take back your time today?

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Imagine spending more time with family, hitting the gym, or simply catching up on sleep without drowning in work. Getting time back with outsourcing is not just a strategy; it’s a transformational journey! Let's celebrate these stories from ShootDotEdit's clients as they shared how outsourcing their wedding photo editing has given them more than just extra few hours - the possibilities are endless when you trust professionals with what they do best! If you're feeling overwhelmed with your workload and all the tasks you’re not confident doing for your business, consider outsourcing your wedding photo editing to ShootDotEdit and give yourself the gift of time and space for growth!

Are you interested in speeding up your workflow? See how ShootDotEdit can help you shape a fast-growing business by taking wedding photo editing off your post-production checklist. Take a look at our various pricing plans, designed exclusively for you!

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