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While photographing a wedding is one aspect, editing those images is a time-consuming part of the process that demands a ton of patience and attention to detail. This part of the work cycle can be overwhelming for professional wedding photographers and restrict their focus on other crucial aspects of their wedding photography business. That’s where ShootDotEdit comes to the rescue! As a wedding photo editing company, we understand the significance of post-production work and strive to empower wedding photographers to focus more on what they love doing the most. 

By providing top-notch photo editing services and building a reliable outsourcing platform that photographers can trust, we at ShootDotEdit, help photographers elevate their craft and hone their skills even more. And if you’re wondering what our customers have to say about our services, read on to see what they say in this ShootDotEdit review feature. 

Meet The Co-Founder & CEO Of ShootDotEdit: Garrett Delph

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If you’re a wedding photographer, you know the struggles of running a photography business. You have to handle everything from client communications to post-production to marketing, which can be overwhelming. Garrett Delph, the co-founder, and CEO of San Diego-based ShootDotEdit, knows this too well.

Garrett started his wedding photography business in 1999 when film was thriving. He quickly gained a reputation for his work and realized a business opportunity existed. However, he faced a new challenge when the industry shifted to digital photography. He found himself spending an excessive amount of time editing wedding photos, and he knew he wasn’t alone. Many of his peers also needed help with this aspect of their business.

Garrett soon realized there was a need for a wedding photo editing service, and in 2007, he co-founded ShootDotEdit with a couple of friends, including Jared Bauman. In just six months, they built a digital processing lab and were ready to help photographers take the load off their shoulders. To ensure success, constant commitment to improvement was necessary. The team at ShootDotEdit took the time to understand their target market - professional wedding photographers. They developed services that empowered photographers to grow their businesses by catering to their specific needs. 

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ShootDotEdit Review: Insights From Wedding Pros On The Benefits Of Outsourcing

1. Streamlined Productivity

According to Sara France of Sara France Photography, outsourcing becomes essential when you’re a sole proprietor handling all aspects of your business. By entrusting specialized tasks to experts, one can capitalize on their strengths. “I’ve had a relationship with ShootDotEdit since the very beginning. ShootDotEdit is able to manage the looks of each of our brands, and the customization of each of those things, which is really great," says Sara.

By leveraging ShootDotEdit’s professional photo editing services, Sara has witnessed a remarkable transformation in her workflow. Entrusting her wedding photo editing to professionals who understand the nuances of the craft has saved her valuable time and elevated the overall quality of her work. Moreover, outsourcing to ShootDotEdit has enabled Sara to create a perfect balance between her passion for photography and the nitty-gritty of running a successful business.

2. Finding Time For What Matters Most

a bride laying down on a sofa and posing with the bridal bouquet in her handImage Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @robbmccormickphotography

Robb McCormick of Robb McCormick Photography and his wife used to juggle many tasks - from invoicing and editing to blogging and client communication. Realizing the toll it was taking on their personal lives, they decided to embrace outsourcing as the solution to reclaim their time as a couple and savor life’s precious moments. And that’s when ShootDotEdit entered the picture.

Rob expressed his appreciation for ShootDotEdit by highlighting the value they provide. He mentioned that ShootDotEdit takes care of 80% of the labor-intensive editing work, allowing him to focus on the enjoyable aspects of the process. Robb noted that editing a wedding can be mentally draining, but ShootDotEdit has been a reliable partner throughout the years. Despite the initial challenges they faced, Robb has witnessed ShootDotEdit's growth and evolution, and he is grateful for his long-standing relationship with them.

Outsourcing to ShootDotEdit has granted Robb the luxury of time and allowed him to be fully present in his professional and personal life. By offloading the burden of time-consuming tasks, Robb can now cherish treasured moments with his family and nurture relationships with clients, enriching his work and personal experiences.

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3. Work Smarter

As an artist who values capturing authentic moments, Kristen Lenox of K. Lennox Photography realized that she needed to focus on her passion for photography rather than getting bogged down in the editing process.

“I am not an editor. I am a photographer. You know how many times I re-edit my own work because I can’t get it the way I like it? When I first started my business I first thought, oh gosh, I’m gonna have so much time. I worked harder, not smarter when I first started. It took me 11 years to work smarter,” Kristen admits, emphasizing the challenges she faced before embracing outsourcing.

With ShootDotEdit’s expert assistance, Kristen found a solution that saved her valuable time and brought out the best in her work. The initial adjustment to outsourcing required a little time and effort, but Kristen realized it was all part of the learning curve for a photographer to let go and trust the process.

4. Consistent Results

a wedding couple kissing on a meadow with beautiful skyImage Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @studio_n_photography

Natalie and Brandon, the power couple behind Studio N Photography And Makeup Artistry, understood the importance of capturing precious moments in a way that resonates with their clients. However, the burden of extensive post-processing took a toll on their efficiency and creativity. That’s when they discovered ShootDotEdit, a game-changer that revolutionized their photography business. In their ShootDotEdit review, they shared, “We couldn’t have gotten through our seasons without ShootDotEdit. They have been a huge part in getting our jobs out on time and getting our consistency down, and we appreciate our relationship with you”. 

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5. A Time-Saving Game Changer

For Danny Dong of Danny Dong Photography, “Outsourcing is very important, especially once your business grows.” He shared, “I want to spend my time planning with my couples, understanding their preferences, and shooting, so outsourcing frees my time.”

The tedious process of culling and color correction was a daunting challenge for Danny. He found the process of culling and color correction to be a challenging and time-consuming task. He explained that as a photographer, going through each and every image, selecting the best ones, and then adjusting the colors took up a significant amount of his time for every wedding he worked on. However, Danny discovered the efficiency of outsourcing his editing to our expert editing services. 

By utilizing our editing services, Danny was able to save valuable time that would have been spent on tedious tasks, allowing him to focus on other aspects of his photography business. As ShootDotEdit took care of the culling and color correction, Danny no longer felt overwhelmed when approaching the creative editing stage. Instead of working on every image, he could focus on selecting his favorites from the edited batch and infusing them with his signature artistic touch.

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6. Expert Editing

Initially handling everything herself, Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo realized the need to leverage resources to expand her business. “I was doing it pretty much all by myself with a couple of software when I was doing only portraits. But now that I am doing full-time weddings, I realized that it’s okay and encouraged to use resources for help like ShootDotEdit! I say this a lot of times – ShootDotEdit saved my business”. 

One of the aspects Brandi particularly cherishes is our expert handling of reception photos with dynamic DJ lights. Brandi now receives her reception photos flawlessly edited and perfectly white-balanced. 

She also explains in her ShootDotEdit review, “It’s the time I’m saving that makes all the difference. When taking on a wedding, editing over 1,000 photos in such a short timeframe would be impossible for most people – even perfectionists! Yet with ShootDotEdit, it now takes me only a few hours to get an entire wedding done once it’s been delivered. That immense value is something you won’t find elsewhere!”.

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7. Focus On Other Business Aspects

Jerry Cantave of Infinite Loop Photography embarked on his photography journey with a DIY approach. However, Jerry soon realized that despite needing minimal edits, editing consumed valuable resources that could be better utilized in other aspects of his business, such as social media and marketing. In search of a more efficient solution, he explored various options and discovered ShootDotEdit. “I got an email from ShootDotEdit that said, ‘Hey! Come and check out what we have.’ And I signed up for the first couple of months just to see how it was...I have been with ShootDotEdit ever since.”

8. High-Quality Work And Efficiency

Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage every aspect of his photography business, Jorge Santiago of Jorge Santiago Photography recognized the need for assistance. He decided to outsource editing to ShootDotEdit, freeing up time and ensuring the timely delivery of photos to clients, with impressive results.

Here’s what he had to say in his ShootDotEdit review, “Honestly, I don’t know if I would have been able to do it without you guys. Especially after you guys started Style Match. After that, it was life-changing. It was incredible. I can almost rely on ShootDotEdit for 80% of my editing. And that’s been amazing.”

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ShootDotEdit’s Vision For Professional Wedding Photographers

Managing post-production can be a significant cost center in terms of finance, time, and emotional well-being for photographers. Hence, ShootDotEdit's vision is to help photographers thrive in their photography businesses by providing top-notch wedding photo editing services. At ShootDotEdit, we are more than just a wedding photo editing service; we are storytellers, visionaries, and collaborators. Together, we continue to redefine what's possible in the realm of wedding photography, one beautifully edited image at a time.

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you grow your wedding photography business. A part of how we do that is by lessening your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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