Infographic stating ShootDotEdit photo editing services

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide photo editing services. We believe your style matters. So, we offer fast, personalized, and consistent services for pro wedding photographers. Ever wonder about our photo editing service, our history, and how we can help you as a professional photographer? We dive into those details below.

ShootDotEdit is one of the leading professional photo editing companies for wedding photographers. We are dedicated to leading the professional photography world in digital post production services. Our team is committed to and believe our professional standards for excellent color quality, professional editing, and dependable turn around times are the best in the world.

We service professional wedding photographers and everything they shoot. Our team and management are committed to providing friendly and caring customer service. It is our desire is to help our customers maintain personal and professional freedom while also maintaining profit. Onward and upward! We're looking forward to working with you!

Photo Editing Services

Since 2007, we have been the trusted 1st choice photo editing company for pros who want styled and customized wedding photography editing. With our online photo editing services, we work with our Customers, one-on-one, to learn and match their unique photography style. Built by wedding photographers, Garrett Delph and Jared Bauman, we deliver finalized edits unique for each photography brand. And, we do it fast. Our professional photo editing service is designed for wedding photographers who are focused on success.

As Fast as 48 hours

Fast is our key to success. We are the fastest wedding photo editing service in the photography industry with a turnaround time as fast as 48 hours. Our mission is to empower the professional wedding photographer to succeed. We aim to achieve our goal of allowing you to focus on the things that will grow your photography business and enable you to spend time on things that fulfill you with our wedding editing service.

We Style in Adobe Lightroom

A screenshot of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the gold standard for image color correction and styling. Jared Platt, a national leading Adobe Lightroom expert, is our advisor and is charged with ensuring our team of experts utilize Lightroom to its fullest. This happens so every single one of your images is treated with the utmost expertise.

Who We Are

Here at ShootDotEdit, we are a united team of awesome human beings. Our culture is committed to serve one another and our Customers. We are a team who focuses on photo editing and stylizing for pro wedding photographers. We also created an entire team committed to creating success resources to help our Customers grow, advance, connect, and get inspired in their businesses. Our continued commitment to deliver a best-in-class product and service will only increase. This is our DNA.

We are a team of moms, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, and brothers. Also, we are not just any photography editing company. We are unique, just like our Customers. And, professionally speaking, we are a blend of highly trained and specialized workflow experts, personal style consultants, style technicians, color consultants, editors, troubleshooting and support specialists, technologists, content creators, quality control managers, and more.

We are confident we will deliver a dependable and measurable product to you. BUT, we are not perfect. We are human, and we may make mistakes. With thousands of different lighting/camera/image capture scenarios that can take place in an image, there is bound to be variance and shift.  However, based on our standards, we guarantee an 'A' grade on every job. If we make a mistake, we will fix it. You have our word.

ShootDotEdit Core Services

You might be wondering what it is like to outsource photo editing services to a specialist, like ShootDotEdit. So, we put together a comprehensive breakdown of all of the ShootDotEdit photo editing services for you to review.

Color Correction

At ShootDotEdit, as a photo editing company, we provide color correction services for pro wedding photographers. Color correction is one of the most important parts of photography, as it helps create consistency for wedding photos. Our experienced photo editors adjust every image by hand, not by batch adjustments. As a part of the color correction process, our wedding photo editors adjust exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, temp, and tint to consistently match the main subject’s skin tone.

Our goal is to match the main subject’s skin tone consistently from image to image. Alike images may be numerically different in the slider adjustments but will be visually consistent. One thing is for sure, your wedding couples may not know what goes into your wedding photo editing process. But, they know they want their images to be beautiful and unforgettable. Color correction is one of the areas that can help you achieve that goal. Since color correction is the science behind editing wedding photos, we believe it is best done by an online photo editing service. And even if you have mastered editing for your images, your time is better spent outside of color correction (booking, shooting, etc.).

Founders Story

ShootDotEdit was founded in 2007 by Southern California wedding photographers, Garrett Delph and Jared Bauman. At the time, there were no options to outsource photo editing. Weekends were spent doing the job photographers love - shooting.

And then, weekdays were spent on the grueling process of editing until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, editing a wedding could take 6-8 weeks to complete. For 2 photographers with full-time wedding photography businesses, this quickly became unsustainable. The very things that made them successful (marketing and networking) were pushed to the side because they spent all their time on the editing processes.

And so, ShootDotEdit was born and continues today with the same goal: to empower professional wedding photographers to focus on photography business tasks that create profit.

How we serve

Our mission as a company is to empower the success of pro wedding photographers through service, education, and inspiration. We have published over 500 pieces of content (ie. Guides, Webinars, Interviews, Case Studies, and Blogs). Also, we have partnered with the best industry supply partners and pro wedding photographers to provide relevance and value!

What we do

We pride ourselves in providing services which include stunning client photo galleries and one-on-one personally styled editing. ShootDotEdit is also the parent company of the brand Fotoskribe. Fotoskribe provides best in class blog writing and publishing, including comprehensive SEO, and image stomping (we will talk about all things Fotoskribe further down in this post).


Another service we provide here at ShootDotEdit is culling. The goal of the culling process is to deliver a specified target number of images requested by a Customer. By harnessing the ShootDotEdit cull tenets and methods, our photo editors provide our Customers with the most accurate story possible, while reaching the exact target number.

If the thought of reviewing each and every image after the wedding day sounds overwhelming and stressful, our expert services can take culling off your plate.


We thought it would be valuable to add cropping into our list, even though we do not offer the service. Cropping tends to weigh heavily as an artistic choice.

Since we have yet to find a measured way to archive a consistent cropping standard as a part of our image editing services, it is not an offering we have for ShootDotEdit Customers.


Although we do not provide cropping services, we do provide straightening for our Customers. The goal of the straightening process is to evaluate each image to see if it needs to be corrected for straightening. Then, we adjust all images in need.

To help our wedding photo editors determine if an image needs to be corrected for straightening, we have a list of requirements. Another list we have is of usable references when making those adjustments for straightening. For example, we can use a wall edge or pole in the image as a reference.

Exporting Images to JPG

Another process we provide as a part of our online photo editing service is exporting images to JPG. For this option, a ShootDotEdit Customer must either want a DVD or hard copy of their JPG images. Another scenario is if they want to have their images uploaded to another site.

In this service, we will perform any and all other ordered services (cull, color, etc.). We will then export the finished images to JPGs from the Lightroom Catalog. If the Customer requests JPG delivery, they should send us the RAW files as well for best practice and best quality.

Also, our Customers choose where they want us to place the images. If a Customer selects this option, they also much select Export to JPG.


Ever have issues keeping the renumbering/renaming in the correct order? As a part of our photo editing services for photographers, we can handle the renumbering/renaming for your wedding photos. This service occurs after any or all requested Rough Editing/Culling.

Important Note: ShootDotEdit Customers must order a JPG export along with renumbering/renaming as a part of this post production photography request.

Here are 2 different types of naming conventions to choose from with our photography editing services:


Our standard naming convention will provide for your images to first be sorted by capture date and then re-numbered using a 4 digit sequence beginning with 0001.


To start, you provide your preferred naming convention and we will renumber accordingly. You can only rename in custom (naming conventions can be Bride & Groom _ original file number or Bride_Groom_001, etc.).

Benefits of Partnering with an Editing Specialist

The beauty of the ShootDotEdit workflow, which differs from other photo editing companies, is partnering with trusted quality professionals. We take care of the laundry list of quality measures (listed below) so you don't have to!

*Please note: The following is FYI and for those wanting to establish-quality proofing environments in their studio or home office. These come from our carefully crafted and tested processes as a company that specializes in image editing services for pro photographers.

Today there are literally hundreds of monitors and video cards out on the market. Add to that mix different ambient lighting conditions: window, night, day, tungsten, or fluorescent, and you get countless different variables that could affect what your images look like. Calibration is the best way to ensure what you see is what you get with ShootDotEdit, print labs, and album companies. Since every individual monitor can show colors a bit differently, we rely on calibration to get them in line with a single pre-ordained standard.

How to set yourself up for the most accurate color

Your Monitor

Not all monitors were made equal, and consumer panels simply are not designed or tested for color proofing. The best option for color correction is an IPS-Panel, as these will represent the most colors, the most consistently, and at the most angles.

Your Eyes

Acclimate your eyes: if you've ever walked out of a movie theatre in the middle of the day, you know it takes your eyes a minute to adjust to new lighting conditions. Giving your monitor a few minutes to "wake up" is also a plus.

Your Environment

If you are near a window, the light changes throughout the day. A good pair of blinds or curtains will work wonders to remove this variable. If you are looking at color, keep those blinds or curtains closed.

Your Lights

White balance on camera is just as important as white balance in your computer environment. Tungsten lights are yellow, Fluorescent lights are green, and window light is blue. The best option is to use Daylight balanced bulbs between 5200k and 6500k. Then, the calibrator will take care of any minute differences left!

Get a calibrator and Calibrate

ShootDotEdit use's X-Rite's i1Display series. Using a different calibrator may cause the color to appear differently on your monitor when compared to ours.

When calibrating, we rely on the following settings:

  • Medium White Point set at daylight 6500K (Industry Standard)
  • Gamma setting is at 2.2 (Industry Standard)
  • Luminance is set at 120 (also known as Monitor brightness - LCD Industry Standard)

Your Color Space

ShootDotEdit works in the sRGB color space. Setting your camera for sRGB, and using print and albums labs with sRGB support will help ensure color consistency throughout your entire workflow.

Relationship Agents

One of our newest parts of our photo editing service online for ShootDotEdit Customers is our Relationship Agents. Every Customer receives a Relationship Agent, who is their go-to person for everything. Yes, we mean a real person(!) available to talk and assist our Customer Community.

Customers can reach out to their Relationship Agent to ask questions about anything and everything relating to the ShootDotEdit photography post production services. They can answer questions, or get our Customers in touch with the proper team member who is best equipped for the scenario.

The best part? Our Relationship Agents are FREE. That's right. All Customers receive a Relationship Agent complimentary with their membership. Relationship Agents are there to serve and support Customers during their entire time with ShootDotEdit. Their #1 goal is to ensure our Customer Community is successful with our wedding photo editing services.

NEW! 10 Hours of LiveChat for ShootDotEdit Customers!

ShootDotEdit now provides 24 Hour LiveChat support to all customers!

Real-Human LiveChat Support

  • 10 Hours of Human LiveChat Support, every single business day!
    • Monday - Friday (6:00am - 4:00pm, Pacific Time)

“DotBot” LiveChat Support

For all other times outside of our business hours, we’re excited to introduce you to our Artificial Intelligence Support Agent, DotBot. DotBot has been trained pretty darn well to answer most questions. But, if DotBot gets stumped and can’t answer your question, our human support team will automatically be notified and will be instructed to follow up with you no later than 10:00 am, Pacific Time, the following business day (Monday - Friday).

Ready to chat? Simply log in to, and click on the “Got Questions?” tab on the bottom right of the screen.

Customer Success

Navigating the often challenging areas of Lightroom and more in your post-wedding workflow can be a headache (and a strain on your time). Plus, learning new systems comes with its roadblocks and adjustments. That is why we have a Customer Success team, who are trained experts in our processes and systems. And just like the Relationship Agents, our Customer Success team is a FREE service as a part of the ShootDotEdit membership.

Some FAQs we encounter most are:

Q: What phone number do I call to reach someone?

A: You can contact our Customer Success team in 2 ways:

  1. Call (877.463.6365). Our hours of operation are:
  • Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Friday: 9AM-12:00PM Pacific Time
  • Send an email at any time to

Q: I forgot my password - what do I do?

A: Reset your password yourself and our system will automatically send you a temporary password via email. Then, we highly recommend changing the password to something customized for you.

Q: How can I purchase a credit?

A: Log in to Click on the gear symbol in the upper right ("Preferences"). Choose on "Account Type" in the menu bar under "Settings and Preferences." Select the card you would like to use to make the purchase. Click on "Buy Credit" under "Purchase Credits." Press "OK" to confirm your purchase. With your purchase, you can now submit a job.

Q: Do you offer a FREE trial or test images?

A: We do something better than just a test sample and deliver a DotPreview. What is a DotPreivew, you ask?


Our DotPreview service is loved by our Customer Community. It is essentially free insurance for your wedding jobs!

Before submitting your first job to our professional photography editing services, we will carefully choose 10 images that best represent the various lighting scenarios in your event. Then, we will hand color correct according to the Customer's chosen Color Profile. This will provide an overview of how the entire job will look. We will deliver the DotPreview in one business day or LESS.

Only once our Customers have taught us what we need to know about them, will we begin production on the rest of the job. If a ShootDotEdit Customer feels their Color Profile does not work with their images, we will re-do their DotPreview with their new chosen Color Profile. We will do this as many times as they would like until we get it the way they like it. 

Our only recommendation is that you view the returned DotPreview on the color-calibrated monitor that you use for your post-wedding workflow. We know it is tempting to open the link on your phone or tablet, but viewing it on your primary workstation is best. 

What Do the Pros Say?

We admit we are a bit biased. But don't take it from us, take a look at what a few ShootDotEdit Wedding Pros have to say about DotPreview:

"DotPreview means that every single time I get my images back, I know what to expect." - Sara France

"I want to make sure that there is consistency in the skin tones, and that's what DotPreview does for me." - Jen Rozenbaum

Style Match

Post production workflow needs are changing. Photography business profits are at stake. Fast needs to be faster. More and more, photographers have less and less time. And, the 90/10 post production model is going to be replaced with, “Please, do it all for me.” The business demand for a 100% solution is on the rise and the very real need for a seamless "job-to-gallery-fulfillment" workflow is the future.

We've been busy building toward that future. And so, we’re very excited to announce a significant step forward in the next generation of post production.

Style MatchTM. It is a FREE addition to ShootDotEdit’s best in class services. Style Match delivers a personalized and stylized editing solution. Your images, your way, every job. Because your style matters.

What Do the Pros Say?

Take a look at what a few ShootDotEdit Wedding Pros have to say about Style Match:

"My images look perfect... perfectly adjusted and perfectly styled. They are exactly what I want to show my client and I didn't have to spend one minute on them. And that is good because I have so many better things to do with my time." - Jared Platt

What is your style? We can learn it. We are experts when it comes to wedding photo editing. Still not sure what your style is? That is no problem at all. We are here to assist wedding photographers with their post production, no matter if you already have a style or if you need our expertise to fine-tune your vision.

Style Consultant

As a part of our fast, customized, and consistent editing services, we provide ShootDotEdit Customers with a Style Consultant. A Style Consultant is an expert stylist and wedding photo editor who works with our Customers one-on-one to learn their style. They are meant to make our Customers’ experience fast, easy, and consistent.

Style Consultants are also our Customers’ main connection to fixing and altering their Style Match. A Customer and Style Consultant should have an open dialogue about matching the Customers’ end style goal and keeping our value promise in line.

Style Match Editor

We do not offer one personal editor. What if your editor is sick or takes a vacation? That puts our Customers with that specific editor on pause. So, everyone is trained to the same standard.

The Style Match Editor will work with the Consultant to take the Customers’ notes and apply them to their Style Match. Adjustments that are not adjectives are best when learning and altering our Customers' Style Match. For example, if a Customer tells their Style Match Consultant they would like to increase the warmth of the image by 250 points/10% overall, that is much more clear than saying, “their skin just looks a little cool.” The more specific the direction, the better and faster we can build and apply the style.

The Style Match Service

Our Style Match service is carried out by developing a Custom Preset that integrates our pro custom color methodology with our Customers’ artistic preferences. Style Match Profile Builds are a showcase of all the sample lighting conditions. This provides our Customers with a clear 360° view of how their main editing style looks over a variety of common lighting conditions encountered throughout a typical wedding day.

What is a Style Consultant?

A Style Consultant is a bridge (a link) between the editor and the artist. A Style Consultant is there to help the artist think in terms of numbers in their adjustments and to gather information that is most useful for the editor during the build or revisions of the subscribers SM.

Here is a look at the process of working with a Style Consultant to define/build/develop style:

  • The Style Consultant will be along with the subscriber to help articulate what we need from them and when. From sending the subscriber an LRCAT with a 360-degree view of all lighting situations you would encounter in a typical wedding day, to breaking down in numbers what the subscriber is looking for in adjustments, the Style Consultant is there to GUIDE customers to their most successful build.
  • The Style Consultant is also there to guide and explain what the trend selection process is, how a build will affect all images, how your style match will be incorporated into jobs and overall answer any questions specific to style match.

Right After Signup

A Customer goes through a series of questions to better learn their editing style and preference. Their answers to these questions will guide them through the option that is best suited for them in their Style Match Quest. They can choose:

  • Choose a Popular Style (total template)
  • Altered Popular Style (they like the template but want to change some things)
  • Total Custom (they are an artist after all, so they want to have it perfect for their style needs)

Altered Popular Style or Total Custom will both result in a Style Match Subscriber and Consultant meeting (SMA - Style Match Academy). This is where both parties will work to understand the needs of each other to help achieve the desired goal for the Customer. The survey also helps Customers better understand what Style Match is and how it will best serve their needs. After a subscriber has gone through the style match questionnaire and survey, had their SMA, and approved their developed style match, they are ready to start submitting jobs.

Submitting a Job

Customers will fill out a series of questions/forms to best describe what job they are sending us, and what they want for that job. Every Style Match customer has their Style Match integrated into the basic color correction.

Customers can select if they need extra services such as straightening, cull, renaming or renumbering of images, uploads to another site (ShootProof, etc.), time syncing, JPG upload or export, selecting a Rush for a job and DVD delivery.

Important Note

Here at ShootDotEdit, we control our lab environment. What is most important here is that Customers KNOW they can trust us. And, if for some reason, they decide to question or lose trust, we ask that they first ensure that your "Calibration" is correct. We use the X-Rite Calibration system (this is important to note as it calibration has variance compared to other leading brands like 'Spider', etc.).

Here is information that will help you to ensure that your images appear on your monitor the way they do on ours:

Our settings as a photo editing companies:

  • Medium White Point set at daylight 6500K (Industry Standard)
  • Gamma setting is at 2.2 (Industry Standard)
  • Luminance is set at 120 (also known as Monitor brightness - LCD Industry Standard)

Quick Tip

Make sure your viewing room is not near an open window or next to a colored wall.

ShootDotEdit Annual Memberships

Every photographer differs, as does their photography business. That is why we have several Annual memberships available for photographers to choose from to best fit their business needs. Take a look at our 2 most popular Annual memberships below: the UNLIMITED Plan and Rollover Plan.


One of our most popular plans, the UNLIMITED Plan, features UNLIMITED personalized color correction and styling, with features such as:

Unlimited Number of Events

This includes weddings, engagements, bridal boudoir, family, high school senior, maternity, baby. The plan includes 700 images per wedding.

Work with (Real) Humans

All UNLIMITED Customers can talk one-on-one with their Editor, provide UNLIMITED feedback, and request UNLIMITED revisions.

Full Access Pass

Customers can utilize contact portals, such as phone, LiveChat, Facebook, Messenger, Video Chat and Email (SMS is coming soon).

Fastest Turnaround Time

All jobs will be returned as fast as 48 hours.

Trial Period

Take us for a test drive. Don't like it? Cancel at any time within your trial period.


Q: What events qualify as shoots?

A: Weddings, engagement sessions, bride/groom portraits, boudoir, family, high school seniors, maternity, and baby.

Q: How many events can I submit per month?


Q: Can I submit other jobs that do not qualify for the UNLIMITED Plan?

A: Yes! Those jobs will be billed a-la-carte.

Q: Can I submit more than 700 images on any given event?

A: Yes! Every image over 700 will be billed separately per image.

Q: Is the first month a trial?

A: The first month of an Annual membership is a trial. We use this time to learn our Customers' unique photography styles, personalize their style, and deliver fast and accurate photo editing services. If during the first 30 days, a Customer decides we are not the right fit for their business, they can cancel without any additional cost or commitment.

Q: Are there other services (such as culling or artistic edits) that can be ordered?

  1. Yes! We are a full-service photo editing company for photographers.

Q: Is the UNLIMITED Plan month-to-month or a 12-month membership?

A: The UNLIMITED Plan is a 12-month Annual membership that comes with the many perks listed above (and below).

Rollover Plan

Our second most popular plan, Rollover Plan, features personalized color correction and styling, with features such as:

1 Wedding or 2 Portrait Jobs per Month

Any unused events rollover. This plan includes 700 images per wedding.

Work with (Real) Humans

All Rollover Customers can talk one-on-one with their Editor, provide unlimited feedback, and request unlimited revisions.

Full Access Pass

Customers can utilize contact portals, such as phone, LiveChat, Facebook, Messenger, Video Chat and Email (SMS is coming soon).

Fastest Turnaround Time

All jobs will be returned as fast as 48 hours.

Trial Period

Take us for a test drive. Don't like it? Cancel at any time within your trial period.

Rollover Plan FAQs

Q: What events qualify as shoots?

A: Weddings, engagement sessions, bride/groom portraits, boudoir, family, high school seniors, maternity, and baby.

Q: If I don't use my 1 wedding for the month, can exchange it for 2 portrait sessions?

A: Yes!

Q: What happens to my credits if I don't shoot a wedding or portrait session on any given month? Do I lose them?

A: The beauty of the Rollover Plan is the credits simply "rollover" for use the next month.

Q: What happens if I don't shoot a wedding, and only shoot 1 engagement/portrait session?

A: Any unused portrait event will "rollover" to the following month, just like unused weddings.

Q: Can I buy more weddings if I need them?

A: ShootDotEdit Customers on the Rollover Plan can buy more credits at $179 per wedding or 2 portrait sessions.

Q: Will unused events expire?

A: Not while the Customer has a membership with ShootDotEdit for the Rollover Plan.

Q: Is the UNLIMITED Plan month-to-month or a 12-month membership?

A: The UNLIMITED Plan is a 12-month Annual membership that comes with the many perks listed above (and below).

If either the UNLIMITED Plan or the Rollover Plan does not fit the needs of a photography studio, we have additional options for memberships for wedding photographers.

Why We Are Trusted as the Best Photo Editing Service for Photographers:

  • Work with human beings. ShootDotEdit Customers can talk with caring, real people at our home office in San Diego. Prefer a faster pace? Customers can use our LiveChat channel or utilize our Choose a Popular Style options. Whatever works best. We will meet our Customers where they are at.
  • We match your unique photography style. ShootDotEdit Customers can provide us with unlimited feedback. They can get what you want with your wedding processing. Customers can fast-track the process, or talk one-on-one with their editor and choose the option that works best. Also, we do welcome presets.
  • More images, no problem. We have found 700 images is generally the sweet spot for most weddings. We know some of our Customers may deliver more to their wedding clients. The good news is we have a-la-carte options for extra images. For Customers who need more images frequently, we can work with them to ensure their needs are taken care of. We are here to help.
  • Trial Period. No commitment. If we cannot match a Customer's style, or a Customer is unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days, they can cancel their Annual membership. No strings attached.

Additional Services

We talked about some of these items a bit earlier in the post, but our additional services are important for wedding pros to know when making a decision on outsourcing photo editing.

Culling services

Our cost for culling as a part of our wedding photo editing services is based on the total amount of images submitted. That is because we require our Editors to view all Customers' jobs a total of 3 times to allow for an accurate sense of the story, their flow, and substance. This is a serious and critical component to a photographer's workflow, which is why we methodically scrutinize each and every image we preview. You tell us how many images you would like us to Rough Edit, and we will move forward with the scalpel.

Upload delivery of completed jobs

When the job is complete, we can deliver straight to our Customers' preferred Client Galleries. We can upload straight to our Customers' account (SmugMug, Zenfolio, ShootProof, etc.). Or, we can upload our Customers' images to a preferred storage location (Dropbox, Mobile Me, Carbonite, etc.). Our super-fast Internet speeds shoot Customer images safely and securely to their preferred FTP location.

Images Not Time Synced

When multiple cameras are not time synced, it puts a wrench in our fast process and workflow and makes it difficult to edit for continuity. That is why this is considered an additional service because it is not something that happens with every job.

Album Design

Align Album Design is our partner of choice in album design for photographers. They will blow you away with their clean, modern designs and exceptional customer service. As a service, they are:

  • Fast. The initial designs are delivered back as 48 hours and no later than 4 business days. Revisions are delivered back as fast as 48 hours.
  • Affordable. There are no hidden costs and it is $8 per Spread. This includes 3 rounds of revisions.
  • Clean. Images shine with Align's clean designs for albums.

Extra Core Services

Now that we have covered a majority of our photo editing services, it is time to talk about another FREE service that is exclusively for ShootDotEdit Customers: Extra.

Extra includes stunning wedding photo gallery websites that market and sell for our Customers. It provides a clean and simple interface, making it easy for every guest to view and order the wedding photos online. If ShootDotEdit Customers order Extra with each job, the bulk of the work taken care of. Images are uploaded to the Extra gallery for each Customer who orders Extra on their jobs. As long as they correctly upload the images after the job submission page, they do not have to do anything different for the Extra upload process.

Images are uploaded in order of capture time (numerically). Meaning, if your cameras are not time synced correctly (or not in order chronologically) they may appear out of order in the upload because of capture time. The images will also appear in one main folder in extra sorted by numerical order.

With Extra, ShootDotEdit Customers receive:

  • Free Storage
  • Hosting for free
  • We build Customers' galleries for them
  • Then, we sell prints for our Customers

Marketing? We’ve got you!

Never do ANY of this again:

  • Make complex drip campaign schedules
  • Write multiple emails
  • Think of subject titles
  • Send reminder emails
  • Set up reminders for reminder emails

What are the benefits of Extra for ShootDotEdit Customers?

  • Extra income, without the extra work
  • We sell prints for them, LOTS of them
  • Then, we make it easy for guests to buy the prints

Not sure if Extra is the best choice?

Here's why we think it is:

  • It’s FREE. Extra’s wedding photo gallery websites are free for all ShootDotEdit Customers.
  • We do it all. Literally. Uploading, gallery creation, engaging email campaigns, fast sales, and print fulfillment straight to the bride and groom's guests' doorsteps.
  • More money. Extra makes ShootDotEdit Customers more money. We use the right words, at the right time, with the right offers, to target the right guests, resulting in more sales. That is our secret sauce. Start making money again on wedding photos.
  • ShootDotEdit Customers get paid. We send our Customers profit checks. It is that easy to sell photos online with us.

What Do the Pros Say?

Check out what some ShootDotEdit Customers have to say about Extra:

“My team was so floored that it was so EASY to make money off of prints. SDE did the upload for us! We now are using Extra for every job that we have…regardless of whether that collection is edited by SDE or not! Love that they encourage and allow this!” - Katie Hannah

“I love Extra’s wedding photos software! With the marketing and promotions, I’ve not only made more money on prints, but I’ve sold prints to so many more guests at the wedding that I’d never been able to reach before and all without lifting a finger!” - Ryan Burhop

Fotoskribe Core Services

A woman leaning over a desk and writing

Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe in the power of blogging to grow your business. In January of 2017, ShootDotEdit acquired Fotoskribe, the leading expert in blogging-as-a-service for the Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

Over the years, Fotoskribe has earned the trust and reputation of creating best in class content and image publishing for its customers. Fotoskribe specializes in matching the voice and style of each photography business they serve. We have been especially inspired by Fotoskribe’s repeated ability to get Google’s attention and thereby increase the SEO rankings of their clients.

Plus, we believe in the quote: "Do what you do best. Outsource the rest."

Most professional wedding photographers are not writers. And even if they can write, it is not the best use of their time (just like editing wedding photos). That is where Fotoskribe comes in to play. Fotoskribe is blogging that works and where professional photographers go to grow.

The custom blogging services use your voice and your style for every blog, every job. The writers at Fotoskribe are experts at engaging readers and creating stories that relate to people. Each writer specializes in creating smart and meaningful content to help Customers find new leads and engage potential clients.

Photographer Example #1

As a photographer, Ryan Williams of Four Wings Photography has a unique brand he showcases through his images and wanted to share the same message on his blog. He partnered with Fotoskribe to combine his photos with a compelling narrative to share authentic stories, and has seen his business grow because of it. Since his posts are written in his voice, he appeals to his target audience and can attract more of his ideal clients to his blog. When ideal clients visit his blog, they can get to know him and what how he will tell their wedding story

Photographer Example #2

There are so many steps to follow for proper blogging that it becomes unmanageable without a solution. It is something that happens to many photographers, like Sara Ozim of SO Photography, even with the best of intentions. Sara felt the burden of the process and how much time it took to work on her blog posts, especially because it cut into the time she spent getting to know her couples and growing her relationships with them.

“I have a terrible time narrowing down images to feature, putting them together, linking businesses, etc. Hiring someone to take over that side of my business was the best decision I ever made!” – Sara Ozim

With Fotoskribe, Sara sends her images and fills out a questionnaire about the wedding day, and that’s it. Every other painstaking step of the blogging process is eliminated from her workflow. Instead of sitting down in front of the computer and spending the time on writing blog posts, she can now focus more of her time on her couples. The more time Sara can spend with them, the easier it becomes to capture their personalities and highlight their unique story, which can be used to make her blog posts stronger.

Who is Fotoskribe?

Fotoskribe is a team of professional and passionate storytelling bloggers. They love discussing stories and the meanings behind them. The writers unravel each Customer's complex ideas and inspirations, then create stories people love to read.

Search Engine Optimization

Another benefit of Fotoskribe's expert writers is they create content in a way that gets Google's attention. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to placing your name in front of ideal clients. What is SEO, exactly?

According to, "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.”

When you use SEO properly for your blog posts, the chances of ideal clients finding you increases. But, when done incorrectly, it can be disastrous for your business. Understanding exactly how to use SEO for your blog can be complicated, and involves you knowing who your ideal client is and what they search for on search engines (and that’s just the beginning!). Even once you know that there is so much strategy that goes into using the proper keywords and meta descriptions, and it is very easy to mess up.

The basics of maximizing your SEO in your blog posts are:

  • Proper keywording in your content
  • Outbound links
  • Proper HTML formatting
  • Alt tags for images

Coming up with an SEO strategy for your blog, centered around attracting your ideal clients, will maximize your blogging efforts. Though, it is a difficult (and time-consuming) task to take on yourself.

Photographer Example #3

The Fotoskribe team utilizes their expertise to incorporate SEO techniques into Customers' blog posts, helping them to reach larger audiences and book more clients. A great example of this is John of Lennon Photo. For John Lennon of Lennon Photo’s, knowing the importance of SEO was a motivating factor to make a change in his blogging practice.

With a very popular name, John is already findable on Google. However, even though is findable, most of the traffic he used to receive on his website and blog was not from ideal clients (or even people looking for a wedding photographer). To increase the number of ideal clients who view his website and blog, he worked with Fotoskribe to create a strategy that was catered to these clients.

They worked to include keywords his ideal clients typically searched for, venues he strived to work at, and vendors he currently works with. The results led John to receive a 150% increase in booking ideal clients from search engines.

“[Before], I was getting about 1 out of 10 customers from organic search. After partnering with Fotoskribe, I am receiving about 2.5 out of 10 customers from organic search.” – John Lennon

Fotoskribe Specializes in These Content Categories

  • Weddings, Engagements, and Styled Events
  • Family, Newborn, Kids, and Seniors
  • Philanthropic and/or Personal Projects
  • Corporate Trade Shows and Business Events

Fotoskribe exists to help well-established, purpose-driven businesses grow by delivering best-in-class content with best-in-class results.

Photographer Example #4

Knowing she needed to add blogging to her business, without adding more work to her to-do list, Nicki of Pardo Photo reached out to Fotoskribe for help. After partnering with Fotoskribe, Nicki has the motivation to maintain the routine and gather the necessary information for her blog posts as soon as possible. And as she adds blogging to her routine, she also optimizes other parts of her workflow to stay on top of her tasks.

“[Fotoskribe has] become my personal trainer for blogging. [They] hold me accountable and take on the heavy lifting when I need it, while always pushing me to go further.” – Nicki of Pardo Photo

Features of a Fotoskribe Membership

  • Search engine optimized (SEO) blog posts
  • Increased attraction to your brand by your target market
  • Unique, meaningful, and relevant stories for your future prospective customers
  • Increased interest and indexing by Google
  • Various types of blog posts to appeal to your specific target client
  • Trust gained because of consistent and highly ranked content
  • Best in class content with best in class results
  • Our results are dependable and consistent

Photographer Example #5

“[Our blog] is up [at the] same time, [the] same day, every week.” – Jimmy and Sonya Bender

Although they enjoyed writing, Jimmy and Sonya Bender of GreenAutumn Photography struggled to keep up with blogging regularly in addition to their other tasks. During Canada Photo Convention’s “Game Changers” Podcast, the photography duo discussed their decision to partner with Fotoskribe to help them blog consistently and lessen their workload. Now, they only choose the images, fill out the quick questionnaire, and Fotoskribe blogs for them every week.

Photography businesses trust Fotoskribe because of the meaningful, relevant, and unique content provided that helps them grow and achieve their goals.


Consistency is key to establishing a successful blog. Consistent blogging is also essential for your business growth, and it is not simply comprised of posting to your blog numerous times in a given time period. It means paying attention to the frequency of your posts, what day of the week and time you post them, and how many you post throughout the month and year. Consistent blogging is not posting 10 times in one day and then randomly posting again a week or two later. Without taking the time to carefully create (and execute) a consistent blogging schedule, all the work you do for your blog will not give you the results you desire.

What are the benefits of consistent blogging? Let us start with your readers, with the goal being to build a steady audience who visits your blog regularly. According to a Kissmetrics article, “Blogging frequently and consistently is the only way to build a real readership.”

Having a constant stream of readers visiting your blog allows you to quickly expand your reach. Your steady audience of readers will come back to your site because they can anticipate when you are going to post, and they begin to count on the content. The more they consistently come back to read your blog, the more likely they are to share specific posts, which then expands your reach to larger audiences.


Not only does the Fotoskribe blogging service provide Customers with customized, unique content to match their voice and style, the service also includes uploading. Think about how long it takes to write a blog post. Now add uploading it to a blogging platform and that adds double the time to a photographer's workflow (the images alone take forever to upload).

The Fotoskribe team takes a Customer's blog post and uploads it to the chosen blogging platform (WordPress, Square Space, PhotoBiz, etc.). Based on the feedback given by the Customer, the Fotoskribe team handles the upload, formatting, and review process. This, along with outsourcing photo editing, saves Customers hours on end. Plus, the benefits of blogging are endless, so that is the cherry on top of this service.


Another part of blogging that can take time for professional photographers is the scheduling/releasing portion of the process. The Fotoskribe team, in addition to uploading, formatting, and proofing, schedules and/or releases blog posts based on the Customer's preference. What is great about that is the Customer can be out meeting clients or shooting events and come back to a fully written, uploaded, and live post. That helps to reach more clients and boost awareness.

As a photography post production company, we provide photo editing services for wedding photographers. We are constantly evolving and taking feedback from our Customer Community to help be the fastest, most accurate professional photo editing service.

FREE Educational Resources for Photographers

At the beginning of this post, we mentioned our mission. Our mission here at ShootDotEdit is to empower the success and increase the profits of professional wedding photographers. Our photography editing services help us achieve that goal by freeing up your time to allow you to focus on the most important parts of your business.

Extra, our free image hosting and selling service for ShootDotEdit Customers, helps you make more money. Making money helps you grow your business. And Fotoskribe frees up the time it takes to blog, plus places your website and images in front of ideal clients. SEO = more wedding clients. More wedding clients = bookings. Bookings = increase in profit, helping on your path toward success.

In addition to our wedding photography editing service, we provide free educational resources for photographers. These include:

  • Guides
  • Online Trainings
  • Blog Posts
  • Live Q+As
  • ...and more!

Pro Photographer Contributors

With every educational resource we provide, we partner with the best in the industry. We do this to ensure the tips, advice, and techniques you receive are valuable. Plus, we want them to be relevant to your photography and business. Some of the top photographers we feature in our educational resources include:

  • Zach and Jody Gray
  • Jared Platt
  • Maddie Mae
  • Collin Pierson
  • Melissa Jill
  • Roberto Valenzuela
  • Olivia Markle
  • Jen Rozenbaum
  • ...and more!

Our educational resources focus on topics for your wedding photography and your business, including:

  • Posing
  • Marketing
  • Lighting
  • Post-Wedding Sales
  • Instagram
  • Lightroom
  • In-Person Sales
  • Branding
  • Facebook
  • How-To's
  • ...and more!

Access our website, click on Resources, and see everything we have to offer for free resources that can help you grow and succeed as a photographer and business owner.

Learn more about how ShootDotEdit Customers integrate our photo editing services into their workflows. Download our How to Integrate ShootDotEdit Into Your Wedding Workflow Guide to learn more.

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