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There’s a lot that goes on behind creating those dreamy picture-perfect wedding photographs that leave your clients teary-eyed for all the good reasons. And taking the photograph is just one part of the fairy tale that you weave with your images. The magic spell of post-production is what often completes the story and helps you translate your vision into stunning photos. Moreover, it adds finesse to the final product. However, in the business life cycle of a professional wedding photographer, post-production is also the most time-consuming part of the job. 

The post-production workflow requires managing many micro-tasks where each of them adds value to the end product. If you add up all of those tasks and all of the brain RAM required to do them all in a synchronized fashion for a dependable, consistent outcome in a timely manner, that becomes really heavy for most wedding photographers. And that is where ShootDotEdit comes into play! By taking over your post-production workflow, we provide you the option to fast-forward the photo editing process and skip straight to covering your next wedding. We take care of the drab, the dreary, and the redundant part of photo editing, so that you can focus your energy and time on the stuff that fuels your inspiration.

Lightroom Is Our Tool Of Choice

infographic stating Adobe Lightroom is the gold standard for image color correction and styling

Adobe Lightroom is the gold standard for image color correction and styling. There are many benefits to using Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, but one of the most prominent features is supporting non-destructive editing. This allows the software to make edits without altering the original file. Until the edits are saved, the changes that you see in the Lightroom are seen as a preview.

Following the non-destructive approach to editing, Adobe Lightroom is designed to ensure a seamless photo editing workflow consistently. Moreover, it allows us to take over the creative reins of any photo edit and transform it to a T. And there are many reasons that account for Lightroom being our choice of wedding photo editing software. Here are some, to mention a few!

  • Non-destructive editing approach
  • Strong organizing features
  • Supports different file formats
  • Smart image management
  • Lens correction
  • More refined masking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Processing of RAW files editing
  • Varied exporting options
  • More scope for automation
  • Easy syncing of changes across multiple images
  • Ease of use with slider-based controls

A Comprehensive Breakdown Of All Of The ShootDotEdit Services

infographic stating our professional photo editing service is designed for wedding photographers who are focused on success

1. Photo Editing Services

At ShootDotEdit, we're professional technicians and organizational architects, and we specialize in the logistical output of delivering an efficient end product, which, in this case, are high-quality photo edits. To ensure that, we go through thousands of optimizations. Our professional photo editing service is designed for wedding photographers who are focused on success, and it helps them become what they want. Listed below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the photo editing services for photographers that ShootDotEdit offers:

A. Culling

Reviewing each and every image after the wedding day can be an overwhelming process. Not only does it take up time but also requires precisions. After all, nobody wishes to see a badly aligned photograph or a photo that doesn’t go with the story. Sometimes, it even gets tough to detach from your work as a photographer and choose the right images. But ShootDotEdit editors preview your images 3 times to allow for a very good sense of the story, their flow, and substance and make sure that they select the best of the best. 

B. Straightening

Straightening is one of the professional photo editing services that ShootDotEdit offers. After the process of culling, our editors go through the images to check which one of them requires straightening and adjusts them accordingly. We have a list of parameters to determine if an image needs to be corrected for straightening. 

C. Color Correction

infographic stating cameras don’t always capture colors as seen through our eyes

Color correction is the core photo editing service that we provide to our customers, i.e., professional wedding photographers. Cameras don’t always capture colors as seen through our eyes. This often leads to the subject having unnatural skin tones. Our editors make sure that is not the case when our customers deliver the images to their clients. To ensure that, they do several adjustments for every image by hand - and not by batch edit. This is done by adjusting the exposure, white balance, and white and black levels until the colors appear as balanced and accurate as possible. 

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D. Exporting Images To JPG

Customers can avail the service of exporting images to JPG if they want to upload their images to another site or want a DVD or hard copy of their images. In this service, after the editor has incorporated all the ordered services, they will export the finished images to JPGs from the Lightroom Catalog. 

E. Renumbering/Renaming

Every photographer who has worked in Lightroom knows faulty numbering can really mess up your work. This service occurs after any/all requested rough editing or culling. Also, note that customers must also order the JPG export service as a part of the renumbering/renaming service. We offer 2 renumbering options:

  • Conventional: In the conventional method, we use our standard naming convention as per which the images are first sorted based on the capture date and then renumbered using a 4 digit sequence beginning with 0001.
  • Custom: In custom, we renumber the images as per the naming convention the customer provides.

F. Time Syncing Images

In order to present your images in a sequential order that narrates the couple’s story from start to finish, it is important to time sync your cameras in Lightroom. And if you have forgotten to time sync all your cameras and your second shooter’s camera, we are here to help with this service.

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G. Style Match 

infographic stating style match delivers a personalized and stylized editing solution

Post-production workflow requirements are constantly changing and photography business profits are at stake. Fast needs to be faster. More and more, photographers have less and less time. And, the 90/10 post-production model is going to be replaced with, “Please, do it all for me.” The business demand for a 100% solution is on the rise and the very real need for a seamless “job-to-gallery-fulfillment” workflow is the future.

We’ve been busy building that future. And so, we’re very excited to announce a significant step forward in the next generation of post-production. Style MatchTM. It is a FREE addition to ShootDotEdit’s best-in-class services. Style Match delivers a personalized and stylized editing solution. Your images, your way, every job. Because your style matters.

2. Album Design

For a professional wedding photographer who is also an entrepreneur, there is always too much to do and not enough time. And thus 24 hours seem to pass by in a blink of an eye with still a lot of post-production, album design, and printing on your plate. Therefore, outsourcing these tasks makes sense. We have partnered with Align Album Design for creating album designs for busy photographers. They offer clean, modern designs and exceptional customer service.

Some of the perks of having Align Album Design aboard are:

  • Simple flat-rate pricing - $8 pre spread
  • 3 rounds of revisions included in the price
  • Review an initial design in 4 business days or less

3. Extra Gallery

infographic stating extra is a photo gallery website that markets and sells for you

As a wedding photographer, the income flow from a wedding ends as soon as the images are delivered. Extra is a way to continue making money from a wedding even after it’s done. It is a photo gallery website that markets and sells for you. Moreover, it is a free service included exclusively for ShootDotEdit customers. Its clean and simple interface makes it easy for couples to view and buy your prints. This service helps wedding photographers earn extra income - without the extra work.

A. How Extra Works

Sounds good? But still wondering how it works? Here’s how:

  • Upload your wedding images or if you are an SDE client, you can just check the box that states “Create Extra Gallery” and we will upload the images for you.
  • Share the gallery link with the bride and then the bride can share it with the guests.
  • Anyone who will log into the gallery from that link will receive a free 8x10s print from the wedding and other future discounts.
  • Now, every time your bride or the guest with that link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that via check.

B. Perks Of Using Extra Gallery

Still confused? Here’s what you get from Extra as a free service:

  • It’s FREE (FREE for all ShootDotEdit customers)
  • Free storage
  • Free uploads & gallery setup
    Free hosting of images
  • Free sales-generating marketing
  • All Extra gallery guests get a free 8x10s professional-quality print from the wedding
  • Earn extra by generating more print sales
  • Free shipping on orders above $37
  • One-click purchasing 

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C. Testimonials From Our Customers About Extra

Here’s what some of our Extra users and SDE customers have to say about how Extra helped them achieve some of the benefits mentioned above:

  • Ryan Burhop of Emry Photography says, “Extra has really given us an edge over other photographers because I can tell clients that not only will they have an online gallery, but every one of their wedding guests will receive a free 8×10 print as one of the many Extra promotions. I think the big win with using Extra as a ShootDotEdit customer is that it’s one clean workflow. If I were using a third-party gallery system, I would have to upload all of my images there because they don’t already have them.”
  • Katie Hannah shares, “My team was so floored that it was so EASY to make money off of prints. SDE did the upload for us! We now are using Extra for every job that we have… regardless of whether that collection is edited by SDE or not! Love that they encourage and allow this!”

Extra, just as the name suggests, helps you earn extra from every wedding that you cover without you actually doing any extra work. It’s the closest a photographer could get to free money. 

4. Blogging - Fotoskribe

infographic stating engaging your readers by creating stories your clients relate to is key to building your brand voice

What are some of the ways for pro wedding and portrait photographers who want to grow their business? Blogging sure is one of those. Engaging your readers by creating stories that relate to your client base is important to building your brand and the brand voice. However, the key to doing it successfully is to be consistent, thoughtful, and creative. And all of that requires time that a busy photographer is already struggling to find. We at ShootDotEdit want to help our customers grow their photography businesses with blogging. And we ensure that by introducing Fotoskribe.

A. About Fotoskribe

In January of 2017, ShootDotEdit acquired Fotoskribe, a leading expert when it comes to providing blogging services for pro wedding photographers. The team at Fotoskribe includes expert SEO writers and storytellers that believe in creating the best-in-class content while matching the voice and style of each business. Putting on their creative hats, the team consistently helps purpose-driven businesses grow with blogging that works. 

B. Here’s How Fotoskribe Works

The only thing that our customers have to do is to fill out a questionnaire about the wedding day and send it in. And that’s it. Everything else is taken care of by our team. They will get started with curating and writing the blog - highlighting the customer’s style, story, and uniqueness. This way, wedding photographers can make the best use of their time - photographing, networking, or simply spending time with their family.

C. Perks of Fotoskribe Membership

With the Fotoskribe membership, our customers get to enjoy many perks, some of which are listed as follows:

  • Search engine optimized content for better SERP rankings
  • Consistent database of creative and compelling stories
  • Content that matches your style and brand voice
  • Best-in-class content with best-in-class results

D. Content Categories That Fotoskribe Covers

  • Weddings, Engagements, and Styled Events
  • Family, Newborn, Kids, and Seniors
  • Philanthropic and/or Personal Projects
  • Corporate Trade Shows and Business Events

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5. DotPreview

infographic stating DotPreview is a tool that helps us deliver our customers exactly what they expect

DotPreview is a tool that helps us deliver our customers exactly what they expect. We do that by selecting 10 images from all the images that are submitted with different lighting conditions. Then, we color correct them as per a chosen color profile. This way, you don’t have to worry if all of your images have consistent skin tones as it gives you a preview of how your images are going to appear later. What makes it even better is that we return to you with DotPreview in one business day or less. And if this color profile doesn’t work out for you, you can look for another DotPreview until you find the one that matches your style. We suggest that when you are viewing the DotPreviews, view them on the color-calibrated monitor that you use for your post-production workflow.

Fastest Turnaround Time - 48 Hours

A job well done is also a job done fast. We believe delivering quality with consistency - and fast can make all the difference. It is what sets us apart from other photo editing services. When it comes to wedding photo editing services for photographers, we have the fastest turnaround time of 48 hours. Thus, ensuring our customers the best of both - quality and speed, the two essential elements in the wedding photography industry.

ShootDotEdit Annual Memberships

At ShootDotEdit, we understand that different photography businesses have different requirements and needs. So we offer two different pricing plans so that you can choose whichever best suits your requirements:

1. Rollover Plan - $119 Per Month

Features Of The Rollover Plan:

  • Personalized Color Correction + Styling
  • Full access pass (Connect via Phone, LiveChat, Facebook, Messenger, Video Chat, and Email)
  • Unlimited feedback & unlimited revisions
  • 1 Wedding or 2 Portrait jobs per month - this includes 700 images per wedding
  • Guaranteed turnaround of 5 days or less

2. Unlimited Plan - $299 Per Month

Features Of The Unlimited Plan:

  • Unlimited Personalized Color Correction + Styling
  • For an unlimited number of events that include weddings, engagements, bridal boudoir, family, high school senior, maternity, baby. This plan includes 700 images per wedding
  • Unlimited feedback & unlimited revisions
  • Full access pass (Connect via Phone, LiveChat, Facebook, Messenger, Video Chat, and Email)
  • A guaranteed turnaround of 48 hours or less

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30-Day Trial Period

infographic stating you can do a test drive and see if we match your style with a 30-day trial period

We edit your images, your style, your way. Don’t take our word for it? No worries, you can take us for a test drive with a 30-day trial period. If you find that, due to any reasons, we are unable to match your style or if there’s something that doesn’t work for you within the first 30 days, you can cancel your annual membership. No strings attached.

At ShootDotEdit, we are a team that’s committed to winning and excellence. And we align our energies and efforts in delivering amazing products at an amazing price that adds value to our customers’ business. We believe that at its core, wedding photography is a creative pursuit, but in the process of turning it into a successful profitable business - a few more things - that are equally important and necessary - require attention and time. The solution, we believe, lies in a quote that says, “Do what you do best. Outsource the rest.” A formula that has been helping wedding photographers strike the right balance, and we are dedicated to making that happen.

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Q: Are there any customized plans or memberships?

Yes! If you have unique requirements that won’t fit in either of the plans we offer, there are additional customized plans or memberships that are also available.

Q: How many events can be covered through the Rollover Plan per month?

The Rollover Plan covers 1 wedding or 2 portrait jobs per month, with up to 700 images per wedding. In case there are any unused events, they just roll over for the next month.

Q: How many events can be covered through the Unlimited Plan per month?

The Unlimited Plan covers an unlimited number of events per month with up to 700 images per wedding.

Q: Can I submit more than 700 images per wedding?

Yes, you can submit more than 700 images per wedding, but every image over 700 will be billed separately.

Q: Is there an expiration date for the unused events?

No! Your unused events do not expire until you have a membership with ShootDotEdit.


  • Work with human beings. ShootDotEdit customers can talk with caring, real people at our home office in San Diego. Prefer a faster pace? Customers can use our LiveChat channel or utilize our Choose a Popular Style options. Whatever works best. We will meet our customers where they are.
  • We match your unique photography style. ShootDotEdit customers can provide us with unlimited feedback. They can get what they want with their wedding processing. Customers can fast-track the process, or talk one-on-one with their editor and choose the option that works best. Also, we do welcome presets.
  • More images, no problem. We have found 700 images is generally the sweet spot for most weddings. We know some of our customers may deliver more to their wedding clients. The good news is we have à la carte options for extra images. For customers who need more images frequently, we can work with them to ensure their needs are taken care of. We are here to help.
  • Trial Period. No commitment. If we cannot match a customer's style, or a customer is unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days, they can cancel their annual membership. Like we said, no strings attached.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t tried out our top-notch services yet, we welcome you to collaborate with us for an excellent photo editing and blogging experience that could do wonders for your business. 

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Here at ShootDotEdit, we look forward to helping you grow your wedding photography business and lessen your post-production workload. If you too require help with wedding photo editing, we would love to provide you with professionally edited photos that wow you and your customers. To learn more about how we could help, take a look at our pricing plans.

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