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For many wedding photographers, the income stream from a wedding ends when the images have been delivered to the clients. Digital images delivered means job done. Right!

But what if that wasn’t the final answer? What if you could continue making money after the wedding with no more work than you already do? You'd be all in on that, right? Do we hear a "heck yes!" from the crowd? If so, let us introduce you to Extra. This stunning wedding photo gallery site sells prints for ShootDotEdit clients and ALSO offers free storage, free hosting, an automated state-of-the-art sales and marketing engine, and takes zero commission.

Simply put, taking advantage of Extra Gallery after every wedding generates the closest thing to free money you can get.

What Is Extra?

Introducing Extra, the ultimate online gallery hosting solution for wedding photographers. It comes completely free and is seamlessly included with your subscription without any sneaky commissions eating into your earnings. With Extra, you retain all your hard-earned profits minus only the item costs. It's the photographer's dream come true!

The sleek Extra Gallery Dashboard provides a concise seven-day summary, average sales, and essential gallery statistics, making it super easy to stay on top of your business. 

  • You can manage your Gallery with the best convenient option and for added customization,  fine-tune your profile Settings.

  • The Products section allows you to gain full control over the options available to your clients. This is where you set your prices, with a clear breakdown of item costs, minimum prices, and recommended pricing for each product. 

  • Choose your Styles & Templates to create a personalized customer experience, reflecting your unique brand and vision. 

  • Extra provides you with comprehensive financial and comparison reports through the Reporting feature. Should you ever need assistance, the Support feature connects you seamlessly to our helpdesk.

In a nutshell, Extra is your trusted partner in maximizing your profits and streamlining your photography business, offering a user-friendly platform loaded with powerful features. 

Extra Gallery For Wedding Photographers

A screenshot depicting Extra gallery and how it works

Extra is a clean and simple interface where you upload your wedding (or event) images. OR — If you’re our wedding photo editing customer and we’ve edited it all for you — we upload the images (you just have to check the box that says “Create Extra Gallery.” 

P.S. Extra’s wedding photo gallery websites are FREE for all our customers.

Once the wedding photos are in the gallery, you share the gallery link as you would from any digital delivery platform. And then, anyone the bride shares the gallery with logs into the gallery and automatically receives a free 8×10 print from the wedding and gets queued up to receive multiple discounts and deals via email — and you don’t have to do anything at all other than share the link with the bride with the great news about the free 8x10s for all.

We use the right words at the right time, with the right offers for the right guests, resulting in more sales. And, then, the icing on the wedding cake is that from every order the guests or bride makes, you get a percentage of that via a check in the mail monthly. Yes, it’s just that easy!

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Unlocking Extra: Elevate Your Gallery Experience

Experience the future of gallery hosting with Extra – the game-changing solution designed exclusively for wedding photographers like you. 

  1. Extra Gallery Mobile App: Take your gallery on the go with our intuitive mobile app. Seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile, ensuring that your favorite wedding day images and promotions are just a tap away.

  2. Consistent Favorites: With the same email address, your favorite images sync across desktop and mobile versions of the Gallery app - guaranteeing a unified experience for you and your clients.

  3. Effortless Size Selection: Extra simplifies selecting print sizes. With a user-friendly interface, your clients can easily add their chosen prints to the cart, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

  4. Clean, User-Friendly Layout: Extra's mobile app boasts a clean and intuitive layout designed to captivate your clients and make image select and share a breeze.

  5. Easy Sharing Benefits: Utilize Extra to its full potential by sharing its myriad benefits, features, and enticing offers with your clients. Encourage them to explore, favorite, and curate their selection, ultimately boosting your sales.

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How Extra Helps Your Photography Business

Extra’s Sales & Marketing engine

1. Sales & Marketing Engine

Professional wedding photography business owners love Extra’s sophisticated sales and marketing engine (created using SalesForce). We have architected a process that uses perfect timing and persona-based data to gently nurture every registered gallery visitor via email with relevant content that helps them realize the value of their photographs. This means Extra helps you earn more by selling more prints — LOTS of them.

It’s an anti-spam email model where visitors feel respected and don’t get a “salesy” feeling. 

As a result, clients are inspired through education and true value to purchase the lifetime-lasting images created by each photographer.

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2. Huge Profits, No Work

Quote on how Extra generates print sale

“Photographers think there’s no money in prints, but people just don’t know how to do it.” Ryan Burhop is the owner of
Emry Photography, and he’s been making good use of Extra for years now. “At this point in the year, we’ve already done $6,000 in sales with Extra in just prints without lifting a finger.”

The San Diego area wedding photographer credits Extra with helping him generate additional income from every wedding and improve his workflow efficiency. "I shoot the wedding. I send the images to ShootDotEdit, edit them, load them right into my gallery for me, and make that gallery live, and all I have to do is share that link with my couples." Yes, it really works! Extra is sending checks to photographers monthly in amounts upwards of $800, all from print sales that photographers don’t have to lift a finger to make.

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3. Free 8×10’s To All Extra Gallery Guests

Once the gallery link goes live, Ryan says he watches the sales roll in — thanks to free marketing and irresistible print promotions.

“Extra has really given us an edge over other photographers because I can tell clients that not only will they have an online gallery, but every one of their wedding guests will receive a free 8×10 print as one of the many Extra promotions.”

Quotation of free gifts available on Extra Gallery for guests
All Extra Gallery guests are given a FREE 8×10 on behalf of the photographer.

Ryan uses Extra as a selling point with his clients, framing the free 8x10 print as a “thank you” that the couples can offer their guests, which adds value to his wedding packages without any cost to his company.

He tells his clients they will have two ways of accessing their images: Via the online gallery or a USB with all the digital files. Even with full rights to the digital images, Ryan says his couples and their guests still use Extra to get their free 8×10 and always purchase additional prints. “I promote the fact that these are high-quality prints by a professional lab that you can’t order from unless you’re a professional photographer.”

Side note: Extra is integrated with WHCC and Bay Photo Lab and photographers can choose which lab they would like their products to be printed with. 

4. Free Uploads & Gallery Set-Up

As a full-time professional wedding photographer, Ryan learned that he needs to simplify his workflow and use his time wisely. “I think the big win with using Extra as a ShootDotEdit customer is one
clean workflow. If I were using a third-party gallery system, I would have to upload all of my images (from engagements and portraits to wedding ceremony and detail shots) there because they don’t already have them,” says Burhop. That’s why he loves that we upload the images to Extra for him while still offering him the ability to price, add, delete, or replace photos in the gallery if he chooses. “We come to ShootDotEdit because we want time back in our lives. So using Extra is just adding more efficiency and taking more off of my plate.”

5. Free Shipping

Along with the free 8×10, Extra also offers free shipping on orders over $37. And with the user-friendly, one-click purchasing feature, most of Ryan’s clients meet and often exceed that mark.

Quick 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Extra 

  1. More income from print sales
  2. Free storage for images in Extra 
  3. Free image upload and gallery creation
  4. Free hosting of galleries of images
  5. Streamlined workflow
  6. Free sales-generating marketing
  7. Free 8x10 print promotion
  8. Free Shipping for Purchases over $37
  9. Professional-quality prints that your clients can’t normally access
  10. One-click purchasing

Bonus: No expiration of Extra wedding photo galleries (unless you set each to expire)

If you’re our existing customer and ready to make more money from weddings, then EXTRA is absolutely for you. That’s a lot of EXTRA! But you know, it’s FREE for all ShootDotEdit customers. And free is hard to argue with!

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Extra's gallery features offer unmatched convenience and functionality for both you and your clients. With enticing promotions, a unified experience, and intuitive tools, it's not just a gallery; it's a powerful selling point that can elevate your photography business to new heights. If you're unsure how to get started, the next time you submit a job to us, click "Yes, I'd like an EXTRA gallery" and go from there. Join the Extra revolution and watch your business flourish.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we help you grow your wedding photography business by taking the heavy load off your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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