How to Deliver Photos To Clients

Once you are done successfully photographing a wedding, it’s time for the post-production tasks. Downloading the images, creating a backup, culling, editing – all of these tasks (and more) make a part of a photographer’s post-production workflow. But there’s one more thing that is equally important – delivering the photos to the client. A lot relies on how you deliver the images you took and how long you took to deliver those photos. These two components are your last frontiers of the job, and doing them right could add to your credibility and get you those shiny testimonials that you can show off. These days, there are many ways to deliver photos to clients, and in this blog, we take a look at some of them.

How Long Should it Take to Deliver the Final Photos?

Infographic stating follow the underpromise and overdeliver mantra when delivering photos

Before jumping straight to how to deliver photos to clients, let’s try to simplify the timeline of delivering the images. Now, we understand that depending on various factors such as the number of images, type of editing required, and your business framework, there’s no set delivery time. However, there’s one parameter that many photographers follow, and that is ‘underpromise and overdeliver’.

To get an idea of a timeline you should follow, choose a duration that works for you and add an extra week to that. This acts as a buffer if and when something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. Moreover, on days when everything does go as planned, you can simply deliver an early job and make your clients happy since they weren’t expecting such an early delivery.

How to Deliver Photos to Clients

1. Photo Galleries – Online Delivery

Online photo galleries such as Extra have become a game-changer when it comes to delivering photos. Not only are they easy to use for the photographers but also easy to use for the clients. It makes your job of delivering images seamless and even more lucrative with various design and viewing options.

2. Via USB or DVD

Infographic stating keep up with the changing times with more viable options to deliver your wedding photos

Even though USBs and DVDs still stand as an option to deliver photos to clients, they are not the most obvious choice today. Moreover, they tag along with many shortcomings such as technical glitches, sales tax charges, shipping charges, etc. However, since many couples may find it easier to use these, they are still a viable mode of delivering photos.

Extra: Our Solution

As a wedding photographer, it’s important for you to know that you can continue making money once you’ve photographed the wedding. Extra can help you do that. It is a photo gallery website that, apart from delivering photos to clients, also markets and sells for you. Moreover, it is a free service included exclusively for ShootDotEdit customers. Its clean and simple interface makes it easy for couples to view and buy your prints. Essentially, this service helps wedding photographers earn extra income without any extra work.

How Extra Works

Infographic stating deliver, market and sell wedding photos with EXTRA gallery without the extra work

Sounds good, but still wondering how it works? Here’s how:

  • Upload your wedding images, or if you are a ShootDotEdit customer, you can just check the box that states “Create Extra Gallery,” and we will upload the pictures for you.
  • Share the gallery link with the couple, and then they can share it with the guests.
  • Anyone who will log into the gallery from that link will receive a free 8×10 print from the wedding and other future discounts.
  • Now, every time your bride or the guest with that link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that via check.

Perks of Using Extra Gallery –

Still confused? Here’s what else you get from Extra:

  • It’s FREE (for all ShootDotEdit customers)
  • Free storage
  • Free uploads & gallery setup
  • Free hosting of images
  • Free sales-generating marketing
  • All Extra gallery guests get a free 8×10 professional-quality print from the wedding
  • Earn extra by generating more print sales
  • Free Shipping on orders above $37
  • One-click purchasing

If You Can’t Deliver on Time?

Infographic stating carefully consider how long it will take to deliver final photos and give yourself some buffer

Even when you are extra careful about everything and perfectly plan for everything to run smoothly, sometimes, things can take another direction. So when things do act up, take ownership of your actions. Do not leave your couple guessing, and try to be honest with them about the situation at hand. If you are open and reassure them that you have everything under control and will soon deliver their images, they are more likely to understand and empathize. Never assume that they will not notice any discrepancies. They expect a premium service from you, so it’s only fair for them to ask for updates.

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You have to be very clear when talking about deadlines with your couples. Carefully consider how long it will take you to deliver the final photos to them and then give them a date. While your couples may be super excited to see the images and want them as soon as possible, it would be best for both parties if you delivered the best to them, even if it took you a little more time. Give yourself some buffer time, and if you can deliver the photos earlier than the date you’ve given your couple, that’s even better! If it does take you more time than what you told them, let them know, so they don’t keep waiting. This won’t just ruin the experience, but it might also lead to a negative review.

At ShootDotEdit, we look forward to helping you grow as a professional wedding photographer – whether it is by providing resourceful tips such as these or by taking care of photo editing. Learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business here.

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