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A networking event, a wedding photography gig, and your editing seat - you can’t be at all the places at once. But with mindful outsourcing, you can make it possible. The wedding photography business doesn’t come with no strings attached. Alongside your capabilities to photograph a wedding, you also have to manage writing emails, culling, photo editing, album design, printing, etc. Imagine how it’d feel to shed some of that workload off your shoulders? All the more reasons for outsourcing! “Why is outsourcing good for business?” Our aim is to help you find the answer to this crucial question by the end of this blog. And shed light on how you can restore sanity in your wedding photography business by outsourcing wedding photo editing.

Why Outsource Wedding Photo Editing?

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Most photographers who are walking down the do-it-yourself path are often left asking themselves, “Why outsource it?” And to that, we have a simple answer - you need to work on your business, not in it for it to keep growing. Here are a few more reasons that’ll explain just why you need to outsource photo editing.

  • Your business is expanding: You need it because your endeavors are paying off and your business is expanding. Thus increasing the need for more time, investments, and resources. But it is important to understand that “what got you here won’t get you there.” In order to further scale up your business, you require a system that helps you effectively manage the bandwidth to meet the increased requirement. Exactly where outsourcing can help without burning a hole in your pockets.
  • Get behind the camera to shoot more: With all of your editing requirements being taken care of, you now have ample time to get more business onboard. So you can actually spend more time doing what you love - the art of photographing weddings. The very reason you started a wedding photography business in the first place. It yields not only work-life satisfaction but also a chance at earning more profits.

Given below are some wedding photography business facts that hint at the need and power of outsourcing for photographers.

  1. Weddings are on the comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic forced widespread nuptial delays. - Timothy Chi, CEO of The Knot Worldwide

  2. Couples also are “ready to go all out again,” as evidenced by their spending preferences. - Timothy Chi, CEO of The Knot Worldwide

  3. More than a third of couples who got married in 2020 plan to hold a sequel wedding at some point.

  4. 94% of couples still think hiring a photographer is a priority.

  5. 33% of couples opt to get eloped on a weekday.

These statistics clearly direct an upsurge in the wedding industry. And to make the best out of it requires smarter delegation of work.

Note: All facts are courtesy of Wedding Report, CNBC, The Knot, and The Wedding Wire.

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Restoring Work-Life Sanity: 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Helps

infographic stating strategic outsourcing is equal to a healthy work-life balance

We can’t stress enough that “strategic outsourcing = a healthy work-life balance.” And if this isn’t reason enough, we have listed below 5 quick reasons why outsourcing can be beneficial to restore sanity in your business life and push you to do more.

1. Effective Time Management

Why outsource? We simply say because there aren’t enough hours in a day. This is true for all business owners. And as a wedding photographer, your daily task list might seem never-ending. If you’re looking to really grow your wedding photography business, outsourcing can be a lifesaver. Just think of how much more you could accomplish with all that extra time!

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2. Enhance Quality By Including Experts On Your Side

We get it. The idea of outsourcing can be scary - it does after all require giving a bit of control to someone else. Especially when you’ve spent years developing a style of your own. However, when you allow that control over handling your photo editing the way you want to a team of professionals, it brings the expertise to your side. And rather than giving out control, what you are really gaining is control over the output of that particular task. You are reassuring that you will get images that have quality edits, adhere to your editing style, meet the volume, and do all of that fast and consistently.

3. Approaching Work With A Calm Headspace = More Productivity

infographic stating outsourcing takes out the overwhelmingly long-stretched editing hours

Did a long editing queue after a tiring wedding photography day ever make you feel overwhelmed? Well, if the answer is a “yes”, then it is time to hop on the outsourcing wagon. Understand the clear signs of early burnout and fatigue. Exposing yourself to such demanding situations and burning the end of your candle at 100% or more daily is hardly a healthy way to be creative and productive in the long run.

On the contrary, when you approach any task well-relaxed and with a clear headspace, you are more likely to get it done faster and better. With each wedding that you shoot comes different complications - different lighting scenarios, different skin tones, etc. When it comes to actually sit down and editing your photos, there can be so many moving parts! Instead of letting them bog you down, move them out of the way so you can focus on what really counts!

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4. Fast Turnaround Time

As soon as you are done with a wedding photography gig, your clients are waiting for their images to arrive. In fact, one of the most exciting moments for a bride post-wedding is receiving her finished wedding photos. And if they have to wait too long, that excitement can turn into bitterness. As we all know, a bitter bride gives no referrals.

Luckily, outsourcing to a photo editing service such as ShootDotEdit that guarantees a fast turnaround time of 48 hours can help you plan in a way so that delays never happen. So if you’ve just shot multiple weddings where clients want their images as quick as possible, outsourcing can help you stay in the good graces of those often-demanding clients. In the end, happy clients mean happy reviews.

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5. Maintain A Work-Life Balance

infographic stating normalize making time for things you love and that fuel your creativity

Outsourcing some parts of your business process, such as wedding photo editing as a wedding photographer, can help free up a lot of time in your workflow timeline. Thus, providing you a window to bring your attention to other things in your business like marketing, networking, sales, etc. But above all, it allows you a space to pause and breathe. Creative professionals often tend to operate at their best when they have some time to reflect, revive, and rejuvenate. None of which can happen without sufficient rest.

And “rest” could mean different things to different people, but it really is anything that helps you unwind. Your family, friends, a new show on Netflix, the morning yoga class, the evening cooking sessions, a book on your shelf, or even a podcast - normalize making time for things you love and which fuel your creativity. What’s the need for outsourcing? By taking a few things off your plate, it allows you a space to live your life even outside your workspace. Something that goes a long way in restoring sanity in your business process. Thus, helping you attain a healthy work-life balance.

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As mentioned above, the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses as well as huge powerhouses are multifold. And availing photo editing services for photographers from professionals can help give you 10x results in terms of speed and productivity.

At ShootDotEdit, our goal is to take the “heavy lifting” of photo editing off your plate - giving you more time to run your business, spend time with your family, or even just have a weekend again! If you think that’s exactly what you need to incorporate into your workflow, we are here to help. Take a look at these pricing plans to find out more.

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