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Trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing and experience the ease of running your wedding photography business smoothly. As a professional wedding photographer, you understand the rigors of the business and know every second matters. On your busiest days, you have back-to-back events and strict delivery timelines to meet. That’s where we come in! ShootDotEdit specializes in outsourcing photo editing services for wedding professionals like yourself. Count on our reliable and trustworthy team, who have received rave reviews from industry professionals. In this blog post, we take you through several benefits these wedding pros have experienced with their decision to outsource their photo editing needs to ShootDotEdit. Let’s dive in!

Client Testimonials: Why Wedding Pros Trust ShootDotEdit With Outsourcing 

1. Brandi Salerno Of Brandi Allyse Photo

ShootDotEdit customer Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo knows the challenges of handling a massive number of photos and post-production all too well. That’s where ShootDotEdit comes to her rescue!

Our extraordinary wedding photo editing services have been a total game-changer for Brandi’s business. “Getting those reception photos back looking so perfect and white balanced and not having to worry about any of them has been just such a time-saver!” says Brandi. Due to her decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing, she has received exceptional support and flawless images that have not only saved her precious time but also elevated her photography to new heights. Check out the journey and rise of Brandi Allyse Photo and visit Brandi’s website to explore the amazing photography services she offers.

2. Kristen Lenox Of K. Lenox Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Kristen Lenox of K. Lenox Photography knows the value of working smarter, not harder, to make the most of her time.

Initially, this light and airy wedding photographer found herself spending countless hours re-editing her work to achieve the perfect look. Letting go of the control and getting to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing was a learning curve, but Kristen quickly realized the benefits. Her images now have a consistent, polished style that matches her vision. This newfound freedom allows Kristen to spend more time with loved ones, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and savor the moments that matter most.

For photographers seeking to work efficiently and elevate their craft, Kristen’s experience with ShootDotEdit is an inspiring testament to the power of collaboration and letting go. Learn more about her lessons in photography business outsourcing, and visit her website to discover her exceptional photography services!

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3. Sara France Of Sara France Photography

Meet ShootDotEdit customer Sara France, the talented professional photographer and the mastermind behind Sara France Photography, The Copper Collective, and Shay Studios. Right from the beginning, Sara understood the importance of outsourcing, and ShootDotEdit’s wedding photo editing service became her dedicated partner for post-production needs.

With three distinct brands, each requiring different presets and looks, Sara relied on ShootDotEdit’s seamless management and customization to deliver consistent and outstanding results. By embracing outsourcing, she gained precious days and years back in her life and business, allowing her to expand, grow, and witness the true power of outsourcing.

Discover more about Sara’s photography journey, and explore her website to see her exceptional work.

4. Flavio DeBarros Of Flavio D Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Flavio DeBarros of Flavio D Photography has a clear vision for his brand and knows that his photos need to look natural and timeless. That’s where ShootDotEdit comes in as a crucial partner in his post-production process. 

With a busy schedule and multiple projects, staying organized and delivering on time is essential. ShootDotEdit’s professional photo editing service has become Flavio’s go-to for handling the editing workload while ensuring a consistent and remarkable final product, which perfectly aligns with his high-end wedding photography brand.

Check out this Boston-based photographer’s story on being a successful industry professional and visit his website for a glimpse into his world of captivating wedding photography. 

5. Stephanie Heymann Of Stephanie Heymann Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Stephanie Heymann of Stephanie Heymann Photography trusts ShootDotEdit’s wedding photography editing services for all her editing needs. The incomparable color matching and precision in post-production impressed Stephanie from the start. Outsourcing wedding photo editing has helped her manage and overcome obstacles to establish and sustain her photography business. She can now focus on her creative vision and deliver exceptional results to her clients.

Stephanie’s love for ShootDotEdit is evident, as it has become an integral part of her workflow. Check out Stephanie Heymann’s inspiring story, and visit her website to witness her stunning portfolio. 

6. Kelly Wilde Of June Lion

ShootDotEdit customer Kelly Wilde of June Lion found a game-changer in outsourcing her photography business post-production editing requirements. For Kelly, passing on the color-correction service to ShootDotEdit has been a revelation.

No longer spending hours editing photos, she focuses on what truly matters – spending quality moments with family and working on other neglected aspects of life. With ShootDotEdit taking care of her wedding photography editing, Kelly can now shoot more and edit less, striking the perfect balance between their passion and personal life. Read more about Kelly Wilde’s photography journey, and visit her website to discover her amazing photography services.

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7. Orlando Oliveira Of Photography By Orlando

For ShootDotEdit customer Orlando Oliveira of Photography by Orlando, outsourcing wedding post-production to a professional photo editing company like us was a no-brainer for his busy schedule. 

With ShootDotEdit, his post-production process became streamlined, efficient, and delightfully consistent. Now, Orlando can deliver stunning wedding images to couples within a fraction of the time. All thanks to ShootDotEdit’s fast turnaround time that has helped transform his client experience and give him more time to focus on capturing precious moments. Discover more about this creative, award-winning photographer’s journey, and visit his website to check out his breathtaking portfolio. 

8. Jerry Cantave Of Infinite Loop Photography

For ShootDotEdit customer Jerry Cantave of Infinite Loop Photography, photography isn’t just a job; it’s his true passion. However, he quickly realized that to be a successful photographer, he had to be more than just a photographer. 

Struggling with the endless post-production work that was taking away his precious time from his family or focusing on business growth, his decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing turned out to be a game-changer! Impressed by the professional photo editing service and affordable price point, having outsourced his post-production needs, Jerry now gets the time to do what he loves – capturing and participating in people’s important life moments. Find out more about Jerry’s photography journey, and explore his website for a glimpse into his incredible work. 

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9. Jorge Santiago Of Jorge Santiago Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Jorge Santiago of Jorge Santiago Photography knows that running a successful wedding photography business isn’t just about capturing breathtaking moments; it’s also about managing the countless behind-the-scenes tasks that can become overwhelming.

With around 20–25 weddings per year and approximately 20,000 photos per wedding, Jorge relies on ShootDotEdit’s beautiful and colorful photography editing. The fast and efficient workflow, along with the incredible photography style and color matching, has also helped reduce Jorge’s computer time significantly. Check out this talented Pittsburgh wedding photographer’s inspiring take on being yourself, and visit his website for top-notch services! 

10. Natalie And Brandon Of Studio N Photography

Natalie and Brandon, the dynamic duo behind Studio N Photography, understand that capturing beautiful moments is just a fraction of what it takes to run a successful and sustainable business in this industry. From being a stylist and accountant to a Photoshop and Lightroom expert, they needed a reliable outsourcing partner to edit wedding photos. That’s where ShootDotEdit came in, providing the perfect solution for their needs. 

The prompt delivery of their jobs and consistent, top-notch quality has been a game-changer for their business. This way, they get more time to bring their creativity to life and deliver unforgettable experiences to their clients. Check out Natalie and Brandon’s journey, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

11. Joe And Darryl Ann Of Salt & Pine Photo

Wedding pros Joe and Darryl Ann of Salt & Pine Photo were initially hesitant to hand over their photo editing to ShootDotEdit but were soon delighted with the results!

With ShootDotEdit, they found a trusted partner who delivered consistent and flawless edits, matching their vision perfectly. The freedom from laborious color correction allowed them to focus on their work-life sanity and bring a newfound energy to their photography; their work soon soared to new heights of quality and efficiency. Learn more about this husband and wife team, and visit their website to see how they create stunning images that resonate.

12. Diane Clifford Of Diane Nicole Photography

Diane Clifford, the incredible force behind Diane Nicole Photography, knows that editing is a time-consuming aspect of her work. Discovering ShootDotEdit and the power of outsourcing, Diane said, “It all felt right, all fell into place, and it was a leap of faith, but it’s been worth it!” 

ShootDotEdit came to her rescue by handling the post-production process, allowing her to focus on shooting and delivering stunning images to her clients. No more spending hours color-processing and wondering why the images looked off! ShootDotEdit’s reliable service ensured Diane’s pictures were returned promptly and flawlessly, making her photography business run smoother than ever before. Get insights from Diane’s inspiring story, and visit her website to learn more about her services.

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13. Danny Dong Of Danny Dong Photography

Danny Dong, the talented mind behind Danny Dong Photography, understood the power of outsourcing with ShootDotEdit for seamless post-production. 

With a booming business, Danny needed more time to focus on his priorities. ShootDotEdit became the ultimate time-saver, eliminating the laborious culling and color-grading process. For an 8-hour wedding shoot with thousands of images, ShootDotEdit cut Danny’s workload by two and a half days. Discover more about Danny’s photography journey, and visit his website to explore his stunning portfolio.

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14. Joseph McFetridge Of Love By Joe Mac

For wedding pro Joe McFetridge of Love By Joe Mac, weddings are not just events; they are moments filled with love, emotions, and precious memories. However, as much as he loves capturing these moments, he knew that running a successful photography business requires careful time management. This is where ShootDotEdit came to the rescue! 

His decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing allowed him to focus on what matters most – connecting with people, managing clients, and growing his business. To experience the same freedom and efficiency in your photography business, learn from Joe’s inspirational journey and explore his website for his amazing photography services.

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It’s time to reclaim your time and elevate your own business to new heights! With an experienced team of photo editors and color experts, ShootDotEdit takes the burden of post-processing off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on running your own business. Outsourcing advantages are undeniable! It not only helps you get your free time back, but it also ensures consistent and high-quality results. Also, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your post-production is in capable hands is invaluable. So, join the ranks of the best wedding professionals and trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing. Invest your time in doing what you actually love and experience the freedom, efficiency, and exceptional results that come with partnering with professionals!

At ShootDotEdit, we share our clients’ stories with you to inspire and demonstrate the power of outsourcing. If photo editing has become a tedious process for you, then it’s time to let us lighten your workload! To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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