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From a solid marketing plan to keeping up with what’s trending – running a successful wedding photography business requires you to take out time to carefully strategize your business plans. While you may want to be the jack of all trades, the do-it-yourself lifestyle could cost you and your business. For a professional wedding photographer who aims to shoot 15-20 weddings per year, the entire process – from booking the wedding and shooting it to doing all the post-production work – can get exhausting. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Outsourcing post-production to professional photo editing services works out as a feasible solution for many busy wedding photographers in the industry. In this blog, we have listed some photo editing tasks that pro photographers outsource to attain a streamlined workflow.

Top Photo Editing Services Photographers Outsource

1. Culling

Infographic stating wedding photography businesses benefit from outsourcing their culling and editing

As a wedding photographer, you capture thousands of images of your couples on their wedding day. However, not all of those images make it to the final photos that you deliver. Culling is one of those post-production tasks that often tends to get time-consuming. Outsourcing culling not only saves you time but also helps you deliver only the best to your couples. To save time that they could use to shoot more weddings or learn new techniques, many photographers leave culling for professional photo editing service.

2. Detailed Color Correction & Color Grading

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Cameras capture colors differently than they appear to the eye, and the process of color correction is one of the ways to bring them to their natural shade. This is done by adjusting the exposure, white balance, white and black levels until the colors appear as balanced and accurate as possible.

Your colors set the mood of your photograph and series, and color correction is one of the ways to do that. Even though it is a crucial part of the editing process, it is also time-consuming and, therefore, busy photographers often outsource it to professional photo editing services. Color grading is a bit more complex than color correction and often sets the tone and atmosphere of your image or footage.

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3. Photo Manipulations

Infographic stating post production work can get exhausting but you don't have to do it all yourself

When used in the right way, photo manipulations can help enhance an image’s aesthetic and artistic appeal. This aspect of professional photo editing services includes altering or transforming some parts of a photograph. So whether you are introducing a supernatural element or are eliminating or adding a subject altogether, this process helps you achieve the desired effect.

Photo manipulation techniques sometimes help to bring attention to the subject by removing unimportant or distracting visual elements. Surreal photography, product photography, conceptual photography, and wedding photography are some of the styles that often require this type of photo editing service.

4. Makeup Adjustments

Besides being commonly used in fashion and editorial photography, makeup adjustment is also an important component of wedding photography. Even though your bride may look gorgeous, your camera won’t always accentuate the details you want. Moreover, different light settings can highlight makeup differently. And making makeup adjustments at the post-processing phase can help you get a uniform look or highlight specific elements in your bride’s look.

5. Skin Tone Fixing

Delivering photographs with unnatural skin tones is a big NO for any wedding photographer. In fact, skin tone fixing is an essential photo editing service that helps you achieve beautiful skin tones while also making them close to what they are in reality. Even though photo editing software provides endless options to experiment with, you should try to make the subject appear natural and not lighter or darker than they are.

6. Background or Object Removal

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A distracting background or object can often ruin an otherwise perfect image. But at weddings, you don’t always have the freedom or control over what goes on in the background. And that’s why it is often addressed in the post-production stage. Removing a bad background or an unwanted object can help you make the image aesthetically pleasing and help you achieve that picture-perfect look you had in mind.

7. HDR Photo Blending

HDR Photo Blending is another photo editing task that you can outsource to a professional photo editing service. The process combines various images of different exposure levels and shutter speeds to blend into one final image. This method results in a vibrant, crystal clear photo. Moreover, this photo editing technique helps in highlighting even the smallest detail.

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At ShootDotEdit, we love bringing you resourceful tips that help you focus on your love for wedding photography. But, if editing is blocking your way, let us make it effortless by taking it off your plate. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our price plans.

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