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Here at ShootDotEdit, our mission is to empower the success of professional wedding photographers. And one of the top ways to get started on your path to success is to eliminate areas of your photography business that are time-consuming and create bottlenecks in your workflow (like email communication). That’s why we partnered with 3 top companies in the industry to bring you 49 Wedding Photographer Custom Crafted Email Templates, plus a quick guide to get started!

If the thought of the following strategic tasks stresses you out…

  • Calls-To-Action (Ewww)
  • Writing (Run!)
  • Proofing (Blah)
  • Editing (Edi-whuh?)
  • Formatting (Help!)
  • Organizing (Crickets)
  • Packaging (Yuck!)

that’s why we’ve done it all for you. Yay!

49 FREE Custom Crafted Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

Step aside anxiety and delay, we’ve assembled the most powerful and engaging professional wedding photography emails and bundled them all into one easy download, together for you.

In our free Email Template Pack…

  • Every email you need
    • Our emails are numbered and ordered based on the standard timeline of a wedding client.
  • Easy-to-Remember Names
    • At the top of each email is the title name. This is the name you can use internally within your studio for the email, and it is not visible to the client.
  • You enter your unique info into the brackets provided. Easy-peasy!
    • Throughout the emails, you will see different words in brackets. That is where you simply swap-in the information that is unique to your studio and/or the specific shoot.

And, we’ve written a Quick 1-2-3 Guide so you can see, do, and go ASAP.

In our Quick 1-2-3 Guide…

  1. Read
    • Check out our quick-read recommendations on how you can best use our Autopilot Email Templates.
  2. Plug-In
    • Simply make a few small brand modifications to ensure they match your unique voice, and then implement. And then, integrate into your preferred email platform.
  3. Automate
    • Now you have, yet, another automation piece to set you free to keep pursuing the things that are more deserving of your time.

Save hundreds of hours each year on email communication. Hundreds. of. Hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our 49 Custom Crafted Email Templates for Wedding Photographers, created with LensProToGo, Sprout Studio, and The Academy, today to get started!


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