In the competitive world of wedding photography, your business must stand out from the rest. As a business owner, you should decide what unique qualities will set you apart from other photography businesses. Creating a focused message for your business will help to attract your ideal clients and set the stage for growth. With help from a wedding photo editing company, such as ShootDotEdit, you can take the time to discover who you are as a business owner and photographer.

Why exactly do you want to showcase your unique qualities to clients? The Internet is full of advertisements from competitors, who also use creative selling points to entice potential clients. You want to stand out—you want clients to remember you every time they hear about a photography opportunity. Here are some ways to be unique in your message and differentiate yourself from other photographers:

Find out what your clients want to know

Understanding what separates you from other photographers is a necessity in reaching out to new clients. Your unique message will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients and explain specific details of what makes you different from other photographers. Being genuine and honest about your passion for photography will go a long way, especially since most clients make decisions based on emotions.

Marketing professor Raj Raghunathan says,

“The earlier you make the emotional connection the better, because once consumers have decided they like a particular option, the more difficult it is for them to backpedal. Their thinking falls in line with the emotions.”

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Are you a Specialist or a Generalist?

Some of the information you provide through your unique message can describe what type of photography services you offer. This is when you need to decide whether you are a Specialist or a Generalist, and this will help determine your ideal client.

If you decide you are a Generalist: You photograph several different events, such as weddings, newborns, pets, seniors, and more.

If you decide you are a Specialist: You cater specifically to one type of photography, such as weddings. Your business is built around this one concept, and clients will know that you are specialized this area and can trust that you are an expert in your field.

Business coach and author, Jeff Jochum writes about the importance of Specialism in his book, Work Happily Ever-After:

“The essence to making Specialism work for your business is that you must stand for something other than “making money” to make this happen. Your WHO becomes your primary differentiator, and the real value of your business.”

Why is it important to be unique in your message?

In particular, pinpointing your unique qualities as a photographer will result in higher traffic on your website. A specific message about your business’ attributes will ensure that clients who have a positive experience will spread the word about your services.

According to Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of “Getting Business to Come to You,”

“Up to 45% of most service businesses are chosen by customers based on the recommendations of others.”

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Defining your message and uniqueness can help you to stay focused on your business, and you can work to attract your ideal clients. When you love what you are shooting, your clients will notice and refer you to their friends and family, which will help to grow your business.

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