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In this ever-evolving and competitive industry, it’s a smart business strategy to keep working on being unique as a wedding photographer. You know yourself best, you know what you bring to the table, and only you can decide what makes you unique as a photographer. If you are constantly looking for tips on how to be different from other businesses, we are here to help you out with that. From a unique brand voice to a unique wedding photography style - this blog features 5 factors that could help you figure out your USPs and stand out from the crowd.

Being Unique As A Wedding Photographer: 5 Things That Can Help

1. A Consistent Brand Voice

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Creating a brand voice and personality is an essential step in not only being unique as a wedding photographer but also attracting your ideal clients. As a wedding photography business owner, try and identify the kind of voice and tone you would like to associate with your brand. Is it lively and funny, or is it serious and professional? Once you have decided on your voice and tone, the next step is to see how your target customers interact with the brand. Also, it’s important to have a consistent brand voice and personality. This helps with the recall value of your brand. 

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2. Communicate And Convince Why You’re “Worth It”

By understanding what separates you from other photography businesses and makes you a unique wedding photographer, it can be an added advantage in reaching out to new clients! Your unique message will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients and explain specific details of what makes you different and why they should invest in your services. 

Being genuine and honest about your passion for photography could go a long way, especially since clients make decisions based on emotions. Your unique wedding photos might attract potential clients, but your job as a business owner is also about convincing people to invest in you. And that depends on how you interact with them. How your clients perceive you and your business will ultimately make or break a sale.  

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3. Define Your Services

infographic stating potential clients are more likely to reach out if your work reflects your expertise

Some of the information you provide through your unique message can describe what type of photography services you offer. This is when you need to decide whether you are a specialist or a generalist, which will, in turn, help determine your ideal client.

If you decide you are a generalist, you photograph several different events, such as weddings, newborns, pets, seniors, and more. If you decide that you are a specialist, you cater specifically to one type of photography, such as weddings or families or maternity, or newborns. Your business is built around this one concept, and clients will know that you specialize in this area and can trust that you are an expert in your field. 

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4. Have A Unique Style

Do you already have your own unique wedding photography style? Then show it off! If you don’t, we’d highly recommend that you try finding it. But don’t rush it. Take it slow and see what you like and what makes you happiest. Photography is unique, and therefore when it comes to being unique as a wedding photographer, coming up with unique wedding photography ideas is a no-brainer. You can try and use various techniques or even direct your couple to pose in a certain way to create Unique wedding photography poses and post-production techniques, and even developing your own shooting style are also some things you could work on to stand out from the competition. 

5. Understand The Power Of Storytelling

infographic stating capture moments that your clients can relive even years down the line

As a wedding photographer, your duty is not only to provide your clients with the best experience but also to understand the power of storytelling through unique wedding photos. Simply showing up at an event and capturing what is happening is not visual storytelling. Weddings are a time of happiness and celebrations, and it's the perfect event to capture raw emotions! Curating a wedding photography shot list with the help of your couples could significantly help you with creating a stunning visual story. 

Try to photograph emotional and unscripted moments to really wow your clients. While a shot list is important, sometimes, going beyond the shot list can also help you create some magic. Being unique as a wedding photographer is not just about taking aesthetically pleasing photos, it’s also about documenting fleeting moments that people might never get to experience again. 

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While there are a number of ways to grow your wedding photography business, the key to being unique as a wedding photographer is to stay consistent while also honing your wedding photography techniques and style. The qualities of a good photographer include striving to become the best with non-stop practicing and being confident in what you do. You won’t become the best photographer in the world overnight, but if you have the passion and determination to improve, you will be able to rate your success and take your wedding photography business to the next level. 

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