Infographic stating 5 ways to connect with potential wedding photography clients

It’s no secret that the wedding photography industry is very competitive. And now, with wedding photographers getting back in the game after COVID forced weddings to go on a break, everyone is looking for ways to stand out and book more weddings. But as competition gets tougher, you also have to diversify your strategies and level up to connect with wedding photography clients. But even though it is challenging, there are many ways to attract more clients. You can stick with techniques that will increase your presence in the online world or opt for strategies you can use in the real world. Either way, with some research and planning, you can also grow and take your wedding photography business to the next level.

5 Simple Ways to Be Found by Potential Wedding Photography Clients

1. Get On The Web

Infographic stating solidify your online presence

The whole world is on the internet, and your wedding photography business should definitely be on it too. Keeping your website and social media handles updated will help prospective wedding photography clients find your business easily and help build your brand. It’s one of the easiest ways for clients to contact you and also one of the simplest ways for you to connect with wedding photography clients. You could even request your fellow photographers to give you shout-outs or share your photographs through their social media pages.

These days, many brands also reach out to digital creators on social media, so try to see if you can crack a deal with a photography brand that could help to increase your exposure. Another way to make your social media standout is by introducing the face behind the camera, i.e., you. It’s a great way to connect with potential wedding photography clients and a creative way to introduce yourself before you even meet with your clients. You could share some behind the scenes videos or even some tutorials for budding photographers. Alternatively, you could also consider blogging. Share funny stories or the most beautiful moments of a wedding and complement those with stunning photos that you have captured yourself.

2. Advertise

If you can, set aside an advertising budget for your wedding photography business. If you are new to the wedding photography industry, this may not seem like the most practical way to attract potential clients to you. But if you have been around for a while, you probably already understand the power of advertising. Whether it’s through digital ads or print ads in bridal magazines, you will be able to reach out to many more potential wedding photography clients if you choose to advertise. If you are unsure about taking this route, you could reach out to an advertising expert and set up a consultation to get their opinion. There is often a guaranteed return on investment when you invest in advertising, but we suggest that you go through all the pros and cons before making a decision.

3. Turn to Vendors

Infographic stating build a relationship with wedding vendors to connect to new clients

If you have been a wedding photographer for a while now, chances are you are familiar with several wedding vendors. Be it florists, bakers, or bridal salons, try to build a relationship with them. But remember, before you ask them to refer you to their clients, try to connect with them on a personal level. Make an effort to get to know them before you talk business. Wedding photography may be your business, but how you conduct business and make people feel is crucial for success. If you are not familiar with too many vendors, you could also co-organize styled shoots to get in touch with more vendors while also building your portfolio.

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4. Reach Out to Previous Couples

Infographic stating use newsletters and emails to keep in touch with past clients

Who better to vouch for you than the people you have already worked with? This is why we suggest that even when you are done photographing a wedding and delivering the final photographs, keep in touch with your couples through newsletters or festive greetings. When the time comes, your previous clients are one of the best people that can promote you and your services to your future wedding photography clients. You could ask them to record a message for you or simply write a testimonial that you can post on your website. Perhaps even find other creative ways to get their message across to your audience.

5. Focus on the Real World

While the internet can be a great place to market your wedding photography business, the real world also presents many opportunities to do the same. Think bridal shows, expos, and even holiday-themed public events where you can set up a photography booth. These physical venues can get you in touch with many potential wedding photography clients. Once you find a couple on the lookout for a wedding photographer, you could discuss the possibility of setting up a wedding photography consultation with them. If they are not at that stage yet, you could simply give them your business card and suggest that they take a look at your work. Take it slow, try not to seem too pushy. Give them a couple of days, and then follow up with them if they haven’t reached out to you.

Infographic stating attracting new clients is not an overnight process whether online or in the real world

Whether you use online resources or reach out to potential wedding photography customers, spending some time to plan your strategies will help you figure out the best way to reach out to your target audience. While using social media marketing can be a long-term strategy to attract potential wedding photography clients, advertising your business using the appropriate platforms once in a while could also prove beneficial. Remember, attracting new clients is not an overnight process – whether online or in the real world. It takes time, patience, and strategizing.

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