When you think about growing your business, what do you know you need to focus on to become the best photographer and business owner possible? Creating a Signature Style is one of the best ways for you to grab the attention of ideal clients and increase your overall income. Although developing your own style seems simple, there are important steps you must take to achieve success. Taking the time to develop a style which is recognizable to clients requires time and patience, but can allow you to quickly grow your business and your skills as a photographer.

In webinar, Doubling your Income with a Signature Style, Scott Robert Lim shared how to quickly create a unique style of your own to increase your profit drastically. To give you a sneak peek into our upcoming webinar, and to help you move closer to your goals, here are the top 5 tips for doubling your income.

“Passion gives us hope when the rewards of our efforts are disappointing.” – Scott Robert Lim

1. Master the Fundamentals

During a wedding shoot, there are various elements for you to attend to at once. Because there are so many technical aspects you need to utilize, mastering the fundamentals can help develop your Signature Style and double your income over time. The fundamentals include composition, lighting, and posing. In many of your shoots, you have to use all three at once. If you are unable to properly execute any of the fundamentals, your shoots could suffer and your creativity may be stunted. Scott breaks down the necessities of the fundamentals:


Composition: Train your eye to look at your images as shapes; look at the shapes and determine where you can place the subject. Scott recommends placing your subject inside of the shape rather than on the edge, as well as repositioning your camera so your shapes do not overlap and cause distractions.

Lighting: After you find the shape to place your subject in, use light to enhance the shape. Understanding exactly how to use lighting during any shoot can help you create a unique image from a spot you may never have used before with creative lighting.

Posing: As you dial in the composition and lighting, determine how you can pose your subject in a way that will flatter them. Mastering the fundamentals of posing ensures you can move your subject and position them in a way which creates a strong and compelling photo.

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2. Practice for Perfection

When you begin to develop your style, if you are not practicing correctly, you may be wasting time. The fastest way for you to improve is for you to practice perfectly and ask questions to continuously grow. As well as practicing, Scott recommends receiving regular instruction from a master photographer to advance your skills. They can help to critique your images and techniques so you can make adjustments to your skills. Also, a master photographer may have spent multiple hours learning a new technique, which can be taught to you in less time. That saves you time and helps you speed up the process of developing a Signature Style.

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3. Maintain Consistency

As you continue to grow, it becomes necessary for your style to stand out against others. There are also expectations for your style to be consistent for all of your work. Because the photography industry is constantly changing, you may be updating your style slightly every few years. When you do make changes or improvements, an enduring quality must exist, which is your core fundamentals and philosophies about photography. Once your style is consistent, clients can start to buy into you as a photographer. Scott mentions Starbucks as an example of a consistent brand; when you see their logo, you understand who they are and the quality they provide.

Tip: Use a wedding photography editing company, like ShootDotEdit, for your post-processing needs. Your images return fully consistent, allowing you to simply add your artistic edits and send them to your clients.

4. Experiment with Style

Once you master the fundamentals, you have to try out techniques which will allow you to enhance your Signature Style and double your income. Dedicate time to learning something that challenges you, whether it is within your techniques or the gear you shoot with. Experimenting with various lighting and posing techniques, as well as new cameras or lenses, can assist in your overall growth.

Tip: Take on personal projects to help you experiment with shooting techniques. Your own shooting time does not require you to do the same thing as you would during a wedding shoot. You can become your most creative and find new ways to advance your style.

5. Showcase Passion and Desperation

In the challenging photography industry, there are many occasions where you may feel defeated and unsure of how to go on. For your business to succeed, you have to have a passion and a desperation for what you do. Every business owner or photographer who has made it has felt exactly as you did at that moment. If you love what you to, you can get through the worst moments of your career. If you do not have passion, you may not find inspiration to continue growing your business.

“The world is going to take away your DREAM but you have to take it back!” – Scott Robert Lim

Developing a Signature Style is key to doubling your income in your business. Even though it takes time and a lot of practice, the determination you have for your business can set you apart from others. Learn additional tips on how to create your own style to attract ideal clients with our Guide, 7 Branding Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make (and How to Fix Them)!


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