Find Your Voice Building Your Wedding Photography Brand on Social Media
Your brand voice and the tone you choose to communicate with your clients and potential clients play a significant role in how you are perceived in the market. If you have already been a part of the wedding photography industry for a while, you already know that social media marketing is an essential part of your business, and if you are just starting, let us be the first ones to tell you that the right social media marketing strategies could be a game-changer for your wedding photography business. But just showcasing your photography, making an aesthetically pleasing page, and advertising your packages won’t serve the whole purpose. Associating all of this with your brand and conveying your messages in a voice that resonates with your brand and vision is also essential. So how do you find your voice and apply it to your social media? This blog answers that question!

How is Brand Voice Different From Tone

Infographic stating personify your wedding photography brand to find your voice and tone

The first thing you need to understand to get a clear picture of voice and tone is a brand personality. This would mean personifying your brand. When you ask a brand’s users about how they would describe it if it were a person, they might come up with answers like cool, serious, friendly, etc. This is a brand personality! Now, how the brand interacts with customers determines the brand voice. This voice could be lively, inspiring, upbeat, quirky, or simply straightforward and professional. The tone would be a subpart of the brand voice. It would add some flavor to the brand voice based on the situation, target audience, and the type of channel used. It would help translate your brand voice into feelings. A tone can be described as friendly, conversational, congenial, casual, or customer-centric.

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Why You Should Find Your Voice

Even though different moods and tones could be standard for all of us in our daily lives, this might not work well for brands and businesses. A consistent brand personality and tone is what your target audience could be looking for. Once you’ve developed the right social media voice, you might find happy customers or even potential clients talking positively about your brand on social media. This, in a way, would create more social media marketing content for you, and there would be so many other people recommending your brand and services besides you.

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How to Find Your Social Media Voice

Infographic stating identify your company culture and learn all you can about your target audience

To find your voice, begin with identifying the adjectives that describe your brand the best. Next, delve into the 3 Cs of brand voice – community, culture, and conversation. We explore them in detail below.

1. Culture 

When it comes to culture, it would be helpful to identify what your brand and business stand for. Note down how you are different from others and the qualities that make your company unique. Finding the answers to these will help you cultivate a brand voice.

2. Community

Thoroughly research your target audience. Understand how they speak, the kind of content they consume and appreciate, and the language they use. Once you figure that out, it will help you develop a brand voice for effective communication with your target customers. 

3. Conversation

Ask yourself, “What kind of conversations do I want to have with my target audience?” Do you want it to flow naturally and authentically, or do you want a more serious tone that’s suited for a professional environment? Try to identify the voice that will fit in to support your answers to the above questions.

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How to Express Your Voice Through Tone 

Infographic stating develop a clear vision of what you want to convey and what you want to sound like

After you’ve identified your brand voice, you could create templates so that you can translate it seamlessly into the tone you use for your social media platforms. Your templates could include the type of content you will be writing, who your readers will be, and the feelings you would want to invoke in them through your content. You could also add examples of how you want your content to sound or not sound like. These templates could help give you clarity on what you want and how you want it. If you plan to outsource your social media marketing, these templates could also prove to be very helpful.

Quick Tips to Consider While Using Social Media For Business

  • You may choose to keep two separate accounts – personal and business to connect with different audiences. 
  • Don’t feel pressured to share your family images or stories from your personal life to keep your business audience engaged. Not sharing your views on religion and politics is alright too.
  • Identify what you are good at or your brand’s specialty and showcase it repeatedly through your posts.
  • Carefully consider whether you want to target another set of audience through your social media. For example, other photographers. If that’s the case, you could modify your content and tone accordingly. 
  • Besides regularly posting content, you could also turn to paid advertising on social media.
  • Before uploading, always analyze your posts and check if they sync with your brand voice and how they benefit your audience.

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Infographic stating don’t let social media trends control your brand voice. Get inspired and find what works for you

It might take some time and trial and error, but finding your voice and using it for your social media campaigns doesn’t necessarily have to be a dreadful task. If you don’t already have one, you can start any time. Even today! Start with looking for adjectives that could be used to describe your wedding photography brand. Keep in mind your target audience and ensure that you do the research it takes to get to know them, their lifestyle, and their language better. Once you find your voice and translate it into a consistent tone for your brand, you might just hit the right chord with your ideal clients and perhaps even turn potential clients into leads through your social media accounts. Just remember to go with something that works for you. Try not to get influenced by what’s trending. That might not necessarily be the right fit for you, your brand, or your target audience. 

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