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Fast 5: Drive Traffic with Content Marketing

On the last Fast 5, we quickly talked about making sure your website is set up to market your business like a professional.  So what’s the next step? It’s time to get your content marketing game on point.

As a wedding photographer, you’re constantly creating content that can be easily shared with potential clients.  But it can’t just be any old content — the content you share must be valuable and relevant to your target clients.  

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The Rave January 2020| A Monthly Customer Celebration

Here’s to the sacrificers, the grinders, and the tenacious.

Here’s to the patient ones.

Here’s to the risk-takers, the dreamers, and the prioritizers.

Here’s to the artists, and the visionaries.

And, here’s to those who stay focused on figuring out how to succeed and break through.

Every first Friday of the month, we’re celebrating YOU.  Those of you who shine.  Those of you who are hitting every mark and still reaching for more!

We’ll be showcasing a handful of photographers’ images that embody all of the above.  Images that really bring it! And images that we know our 14.4k followers will love love LOVE!

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New Technology in the Wedding Photography Industry

Featuring Wedding Photographer & Entrepreneur — Ben Chernivsky

Technology is ever-evolving.  And when it comes to an industry like wedding photography, technology is constantly reshaping the playground for wedding and event photographers.  Which is why we knew we needed to talk to pro photographer and entrepreneur Ben Chernivsky.

Not only does Ben operate a thriving wedding photography business — This Is Feeling Photography.  He also co-owns and operates ZippyBooth, a Chicago-based photo booth rental company that is dependant on Gifyyy, his photo booth software and manufacturing company. Ben and his team have created a complete photo booth system unlike any other.  And not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to use, too — something Ben takes a lot of pride in.

“We truly have taken a super complex product like photo booths, and turned it into a 12-pound product that takes 30 seconds to start up,” Ben says.  “it’s iPad-based and just very, very simple.”

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WPPI 2020 & Its New Director — Arlene Evans

2019 PWP Studio Corporate Event Photographers

Once every year in February, photographers from across the globe descend upon Las Vegas for one of the biggest wedding, event and portrait photography conferences in the country—WPPI —or Wedding & Portrait Photography International.  But not many people know about the driving force behind the conference itself—The Director of WPPI, Arlene Evans. Arlene was able to set aside some time in her busy schedule to chat with us about the past, present and future of this incredible event!

WPPI is one of the best investments a photographer can make concerning the future of their photography business. It lasts five days and attracts thousands of both aspiring and professional photographers from around the world.  While attending the conference, photographers create lasting relationships and expand their networks while learning from some of the top leading industry professionals. 

We wanted to find out what’s new, exciting and different this year at WPPI! So who better to talk to about this incredible photography conference than Arlene Evans. Read on to see why she’s your go-to source for the inside scoop for WPPI 2020!

In this article: 7 reasons why Arlene Evans says you won’t want to miss this year’s WPPI — The #1 conference in the country for serious wedding & portrait photographers.

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Why Wedding Photographers Make Great Commercial Shooters

Featuring Justin Brownell

When Justin Brownell got out of the Air Force, he had no idea he’d soon make a career out of taking beautiful photos. GI bill in hand, he set off for art school. 

The Texas native majored in web development and design, unsure exactly where that path would lead. It wasn’t until he was required to take a photography class as an elective that he started to develop a passion for capturing unforgettable moments. 

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FAST FIVE – 5 Tips on Posing for Boudoir Photography

The right pose can make or break a boudoir photography session.  In fact, photography posing is one of the most critical—and most challenging—aspects a boudoir photographer needs to master.

Even if your lighting and background are absolutely perfect, you still need to spend a considerable amount of time posing your subjects to create strong, lasting photos your clients will love for years to come.

Here are 5 quick posing tips to try out on your next boudoir photography session.

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Getting to the Top and Staying There

Featuring Jasmin Neidhart of Flora & Grace Photography

Being internationally recognized in your first year of business is every up-and-coming photographer’s dream. Staying humble, grounded, and focused is another thing entirely. 

Jasmin Neidhart had been in business for just 4 years as Grace and Blush Photography (now Flora & Grace Photography) when she was named one of the 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine. The Germany based newcomer had barely even heard of WPPI before being invited to host a photo walk and speak on a panel at the convention earlier this year.

“The panel was about how to build a brand, find your style and overcome insecurities in an industry that can be oversaturated.” So what did Jasmin have in common with her fellow Rising Star award winners? “All of the rising stars built a certain style that was different. When I looked at their work and mine, I think what made us all successful is that we just do our own thing. We don’t care about industry trends or editing trends.”

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How to Successfully Photograph Elopement Weddings

Featuring Carrie Ann Doyle

Living only 12 miles from one of America’s most picturesque national parks, Carrie Ann Doyle is uniquely positioned to capture the kind of “Adventure” wedding photography only seen in magazines. 

Her first elopement shoot in the Glacier National Park was featured on Huffington Post Weddings and used by the official Glacier National Park tourism department for advertising weddings. Carrie has been a successful wedding photographer for 12 years, specializing in elopements for the last several years. So who better than Carrie to give us some tips on how to successfully photograph elopements.  We’ll let her take it from here.

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The Importance of Photo Prints

Importance of Wedding Photo Prints Michelle Walker

Featuring Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker just celebrated her 20th year as a Professional Wedding Photographer. The Bay Area-based photojournalist has been around long enough to see the transition from traditional posed wedding shots to the fast-paced, storytelling, shooting style she’s known for. She credits her career longevity to striking a balance between traditional and cutting edge. 

“I have to shoot formal portraits or the parents will kill me, but I try to limit posed photos to 30 minutes.” 

Like many wedding photographers, Michelle isn’t thrilled about shooting the type of formal family shots that usually involve fake cheesy smiles. “I’ve developed a way of photographing portraits that makes people interact and laugh authentically and those are always the photographs that my couples will put in their albums.”

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