How I Got the Shot | Silhouettes with Bradley Images

How I Got the Shot | Silhouettes with Bradley Images

At ShootDotEdit, we value so much the knowledge and expertise of our valued customers. And we love it when we get the chance to act as a platform for our customers to share their expertise with others!

This week, we got the chance to ask Baltimore native and award-winning wedding photographer — Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images about some of our favorite silhouette shots he’s captured.

Take it away, Bradley!

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“Be Yourself — The Rest Will Follow”

Featuring Jorge Santiago Photography

“Who do you want to be like when you grow up?” — Many of us have heard such questions as a child. Many of us tried to emulate our elders and some tried to be like that one cool classmate — the classmate who received all the attention and had a big group of friends. Many of us would understand the struggle of trying to be like that person — AKA just trying to fit in.

Jorge Santiago experienced this when he migrated from Mexico to the US. But this was no small classroom affair. It was a totally different country, a different culture, and a different language. What made it more difficult for Jorge was the fact that he wasn’t even fluent in English. He tried hard to fit in, to blend in the crowd and find work as a photographer. His success came only when he finally embraced being himself.

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How I Got the Shot | Narvold Photography

Nick Arvold of Narvold Photography is a truly valued customer of ShootDotEdit. We love seeing the incredible and creative images he sends in on a regular basis!

So of course, you know we had to ask him how he got some of our favorite shots… And we’re proud to announce he decided to share some wisdom with you!

So read on to find out how Narvold Photography Got the Shot!

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Top 10 Photo Edit Fixes Asked For by Brides

A bride on her wedding day standing next to a rocky beach. Phot by Photography by Orlando and edited by ShootDotEdit.

You are a wedding photographer and love to bring out the beauty of your subjects. You understand that it is reasonable if your brides want to look their best on their wedding day. So it might not surprise you if a bride-to-be approaches you with photo edit requests on or before her wedding day. And why not? It is her big day. She wants to look beautiful and be the center of attention. She wants everything to look perfect, at least in her wedding photographs. That’s the reason she hired you.

Thanks to technology and editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, there is so much that you can do when it comes to editing and retouching wedding photos. It has become a trend, for example, to smooth skin or flatten the stomach in photographs. But as a photographer, especially if you are just starting out, the question isn’t always what you can do, but maybe what should you do, and perhaps even, how much should you charge to do it? 

First, it might be helpful to know what common edits brides may request, and have a plan in place for how to set expectations for what is reasonable, and what might be above and beyond your skill level. Because brides may sometimes request very specific — and very time-consuming edits, and they might get upset if things don’t go their way. 

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The Best Decision You Could Ever Make for Your Photography Business

FEATURING GARRETT DELPH, CEO and CoFounder of ShootDotEdit

ShootDotEdit's mission statement next to Garrett Delph (CEO and Co-Founder of ShootDotEdit) standing next to his family.

Maybe it was just a few years ago that you realized your calling in wedding photography. Or maybe you’ve been in it longer than that. You decided to make your passion your business and grow with it both personally and professionally.

You’ve spent years making a place for yourself in the wedding photography industry and now you’re flooded with work from all corners. You’re happy, but also dealing with the chaos of running a business.

And we get it! Running a business can be super difficult — handling the shoots, post-production, client communications, networking, branding, advertising, logistics, and whatnot. At the end of the day, you’re just trying to keep your head above water…

If this all sounds familiar, DON’T PANIC! You’re not alone.

20 years ago, this was the life of Garrett Delph, the co-founder and CEO of ShootDotEdit.

He was the owner of a thriving wedding photography business — but it was a struggle. After years of stress and anguish, Garrett finally found his solution…

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How to Ask Your Clients for Reviews

How to ask your wedding clients for a review or testimonial of your services and where to put them.

You dress to the nines, put on makeup, wear your best jewelry for a party — but nobody compliments you. 

You work on the fence of your house all da, repair it by evening and now it looks like new. Yet, your spouse doesn’t say a word about it.

Aren’t these scenarios a bit unsettling?? It is because everybody wants and loves appreciation! Not receiving feedback for all your efforts is heartbreaking.  

This holds true for every individual and every business. Wedding photography businesses are no different. If your clients don’t tell you that they enjoyed your company and your work, how would you know? That’s why getting good reviews is crucial for your growth as a photographer and a business owner. 

Receiving good reviews is more than just feeling appreciated. It has many other benefits for your business. Read below.

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How I Got the Shot | Apollo Fields

Ever tried to reverse engineer a shot, but then got fed up because it’s Just. Too. Good!

That’s why we created How I Got the Shot — featuring some of the best work from our INCREDIBLE ShootDotEdit customers!

This week, we’re featuring Terrence and Heather Huie from Apollo Fields based out of New York and Colorado. This husband and wife team describes their photography as “Artistic storytelling for adventurous couples. And as you’ll see in these photos, they’re all about adventure and risk-taking.

So without further ado, here’s Apollo Fields!

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Top 12 Websites to Create & Share Wedding Slideshows

Engagement photo of a couple standing on a mountain, edited by ShootDotEdit.

You capture some of the most beautiful moments of a couple’s life on their wedding day. The couple sees it all through your eyes — an overwhelmed groom or a teary-eyed father of the bride. You create magic by photographing emotions, love, and romance. You edit the photos, share sneak peeks, and then send all those fabulous images to the newly-weds. 

After doing such an awesome job, you might even be showing it off on social media quite proudly. And that’s good! But, have you ever thought of using slideshows to showcase your skills and your amazing line of work?

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools today. And slideshows help photographers tell stories with photos and music. This makes slideshows a game-changer for wedding photographers 

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