Email Templates for Wedding Photographers


Here at ShootDotEdit, we want you to succeed in business. We know that there are areas of your business that can be a burden, especially sending emails on a regular occasion. Today, we are giving you 49 Free Email Templates you can add to your studio’s workflow. These email templates are built in conjunction with Táve, and have been curated from successful studios across the country!

Much of your communication with your clients happens through email, which can be time-consuming and often becomes a bottleneck. Using email templates allows you to quickly create and send necessary messages, and it can decrease the amount of time you spend behind the computer.

Email Templates for Wedding Photographers


In our free email template pack, you’ll receive templates that help:
– Address and solve client concerns before they happen
– Save exponential time in your wedding workflow
– Quickly organize your emails to help clear the inbox
– BONUS: Share your pricing in a way that is compelling and attractive



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