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A well-organized blog not only attracts potential clients but also helps to grow your photography business. But staying consistent and organized might seem like a challenge - that's where a wedding photography blog calendar saves the day! Constantly writing blogs at the last minute or scrambling to find the right topics and keywords, or deciding when to post your blogs can get stressful and may take away time from other essential tasks. That’s why this blog gives you 5 good reasons why you need a photographer calendar and offers some tips on how to create one that aligns with your needs.

What Is A Content Calendar?

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These days, social media marketing for photographers is as important as capturing that perfect shot. But before we dive deep into why you need a photography blog calendar to boost your business, let’s first understand the concept of a wedding photographer content calendar.

A content calendar is a roadmap that guides you on how and where to share your content. When creating a photographer marketing calendar, you need to decide what type of content you’ll be posting (blog posts, social media posts, etc.), which platforms you’ll be using (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and when you’ll be posting. Having a well-organized content day photography calendar can save you valuable time and make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective. 

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5 Reasons You Need A Photography Marketing Calendar

1. Stay On Track

infographic stating a photography blog calendar helps you anticipate your workload and divide your time accordingly

A photography calendar that lays out your blog posts for the upcoming month will give you a clear perspective of your blogging responsibilities. Even though the posts may not be written yet, this approach helps you anticipate your workload. You also get the chance to contemplate photography topics to write about, write them in advance, and schedule blog posts accordingly. Done and dusted!

2. Create Value-Added Content 

With a marketing calendar for photographers, you can visually see your content even before it has gone live. For example, you can create a personal blog series that you can post once or twice a week. When you already know what you will be writing about, you have more clarity about the topic, and therefore, you are able to offer high-quality content to your readers.

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3. Establish A Publishing Pattern

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Consistency is the name of the game! By establishing a regular blog publishing pattern, you’ll keep your followers entertained and waiting for more. And a photography blog calendar can help you do just that. With a clear plan in place, your followers will know when to check in for a dose of photo inspiration or wedding planning tips. And as they understand your reliable schedule, you’ll garner a loyal fanbase that can’t get enough of your work. By posting on the same days, at the same time, every week, you’ll create a dependable routine that your followers will appreciate. 

4. More Room For Brainstorming

Creating a photography marketing calendar for the upcoming month can give you a clear perspective of what topics you need to cover and when. Don’t hesitate to brainstorm topics with your team; you’ll be surprised how many new ideas will be interchanged. Plus, it’s always fun to bounce ideas off each other. And let's not forget your audience. By monitoring and analyzing what your audience prefers, you can gain valuable insights on what content to produce next. 

5. Stay Organized

infographic stating a blog calendar helps you with initial brainstorming and saves you from last-minute planning

Creating a photography blog calendar can help you maintain an organized workflow and ensure you do not miss out on any of your tasks, especially when it comes to content marketing for your photography business. After setting up your photography calendar, you can prioritize other aspects of your business. 

How To Create A Photography Blog Calendar

1. Asana

With Asana’s calendar feature, you can take your scheduling game to new heights. This nifty tool lets you break down each post into bite-sized sub-tasks, ensuring a smooth workflow and covering all points. If you are the sole mastermind behind your blog’s content, you can easily assign tasks with due dates to yourself and keep the ball rolling. 

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2. Google Calendar

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Google Calendar can be a worthy alternative to other content management tools. You can create a designated calendar for your blog posts by clicking on “My calendars” on the left-hand side, followed by the drop-down arrow to create a new calendar. Just name the calendar and simply click on the day you want to schedule a blog post. Click “Edit Event” and fill in the necessary information, including the blog title and publishing time. 

3. Trello 

Trello is a great platform to keep your wedding photography blog ideas in one place. With boards, lists, and cards, you can easily store and organize ideas for upcoming blog posts. It allows you to create different lists in which you can add cards and fill them with detailed information about each post. You can also assign tasks and due dates, as well as attach relevant files. 

4. CoSchedule 

infographic stating CoSchedule integrates with the tools you love to simplify your workflow and track success

For the ultimate blogging experience, turn to CoSchedule! This editorial calendar was designed with bloggers in mind and makes creating a photography blog calendar seamless. As everything is centralized in one spot, you won’t have to worry about forgetting which posts need attention or visiting multiple sites to create a publishing plan. You can access it right from your WordPress dashboard. This makes it easy to stay on top of tasks and ensure that everything is scheduled and published in a timely manner.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot, with its new blog editorial calendar templates offers three formats for your blog editorial calendar, including Excel, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar to keep you organized and focused. It even has various social media and content editorial calendar templates to make your life even easier. With these tools, you'll be on your way to blogging success in no time. 

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Elevate your wedding photography business to new heights with an engaging and active blog! Sharing captivating content not only delights your current clients but is also key to reaching new ones. Plus, the biggest advantage of creating a plan for an organized blog section is consistency and the loyal following that comes with it. So, don't delay and don’t keep your readers waiting - map out a photography blog calendar and master your blogging workflow with ease. 

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