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As a wedding photographer, you need to be able to capture the special moments of your client’s big day in a way that will impress them and make them want to book you again, as well as refer you to their friends and family. To do this, you need to continuously learn and develop new wedding photography skills, which can be done by attending workshops, taking online courses,  or simply practicing yourself. By constantly improving your skill set, you’ll be able to offer your clients better quality photos and customer service, which will, in turn, help you expand your business. In this blog, you’ll find listed some essential photography skills that will help you learn how to become a professional wedding photographer and how to improve wedding photography skills to get more clients knocking on your door! 

Top Wedding Photography Skills To Know And Develop 

1. Communication 

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When we think about what skills do you need to be a wedding photographer, communication (besides excellent photography skills) is definitely a priority. Since you will be dealing with clients regularly, you must have excellent communication skills to build trust and maintain a relationship with them. This way, they will feel comfortable communicating their vision with you and giving you the creative freedom to produce the best photos possible. To master this photography skill, you also need to be an active listener. Additionally, you should also be able to build trust with other vendors in the industry to build your wedding photography business.

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2. Posing

a newlywed bride and groom kissing while the sun sets behind them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

Posing is another key wedding photography skill that you need to learn. This will involve guiding your couple to pose with confidence so that you can capture their best features while making them feel comfortable at the same time. It is important also to experiment and find what works best for each client. However, if they are looking for more candid shots, guide them to be their true selves! Or if they want more formal shots, then you will need to be more hands-on with your posing. 

3. Capture Memories

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One of the many skills of a photographer is being  able to capture moments – even the unscripted ones – flawlessly. This involves being observant and freezing in time fleeting moments that are created throughout a wedding. This way, you can be ready to take photos at the right time and get great pictures. Having an eye for detail will help you photograph the most memorable and cherished moments of your client’s wedding day. Some of the moments you should look out for are the first look, bride walking down the aisle, first kiss as husband and wife, the first dance, and more.

4. Lighting

a bride looking up in a dimly lit room with only one light shining on her from the top
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

Lighting is one of the most important photography skills. The right lighting can make or break a photo. It can also be used to create different moods and atmospheres in your photos. Also, unless you have a signature lighting style, we’d recommend experimenting with different lighting techniques to see what works best for each situation.

 Here is a list of the different lighting techniques you can experiment with:

  • Natural light – The most common and simple type of lighting that rarely needs any extra equipment. To use it effectively, you need to understand how the light changes throughout the day to get the best results.

  • Artificial light – This includes using flashlights, lamps, and other light sources. It can be used to create different moods in your photos. For example, using a soft light will make your subjects look more relaxed, while a harsh light will make them look more alive.

  • TTL flash – This is a type of artificial light that is used in photography. It stands for “through the lens” and is used to add extra light to your photos. TTL flash is attached to your camera and fires when you take a photo.

  • Manual flash – Unlike TTL flash, manual flash is not attached to your camera. Instead, you need to hold it in your hand and use it when you are ready to take a photo.

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5. Editing

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After the wedding is over and all the pictures have been taken, it’s time to start editing. This is where a lot of the magic happens and where you can show off your photography skills. Some of the most popular editing skills that many wedding photographers use include cropping, retouching, color correction, and creating photo montages. There are many different editing software programs you can use, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. These programs will allow you to create stunning images. 

6. Composition

a black and white image of the groom and the groomsmen standing in a formation
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Composition is another wedding photography skill you should learn and develop. It’s all about how you arrange the elements in your frame and how you use different rules of composition. For example: The rule of thirds is a composition rule that states that you should divide your frame into nine equal parts using two horizontal and two vertical lines. The four points where these lines intersect are called power points. To use the rule of thirds, you should position your subjects at these points. This will create more interest and balance in your photos. Symmetry is another important composition rule to keep in mind when taking photos.

7. Remain Calm Under Pressure

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Being a wedding photographer isn’t an easy job. Besides the long working hours and working weekends, you will often find yourself in high-pressure situations. Whether the situation is within your control or not, it is essential to remain calm and professional in these situations so that you can offer top-notch customer service and excellent photos to your clients. So if yoga is your tool of choice or you prefer doing deep breathing exercises – find what helps you keep calm under pressure and focus on honing that so you can be a better professional..

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Your wedding photography skills are important for capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Nothing can replace your photography skills if you want to be a top photographer. But besides having world-class photography skills, you also need to be an ace communicator, editor, business owner, and so many other things to excel as a wedding photographer. There might be times when things don’t go according to plan, but remember to remain calm and focused during the wedding day so that you can photograph moments as they happen. We hope this wedding photography skills list helped you learn more about what goes into being a successful wedding photographer. 

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