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When it comes to posing your wedding photography clients, it’s not just about how you position them in front of the camera. Posing is about attitude — it’s about confidence.

Wedding photographers who Pose Wedding Clients with confidence have mastered that art of posing have actually mastered the art of making their clients feel comfortable in front of the lens. Comfortable enough to let their true selves shine!

So let’s get down to it!

5 Tips to Pose Wedding Clients on Their Big Day

Here are five quick tips to help you excel at posing your wedding clients.

First up…

1. Get On a First Name Basis

When you pose wedding clients well, your couple feels like you truly care about them as people, they can easily find comfort in front of your camera. One easy way to help them feel at ease is to constantly speak to them using their first names. This lets them know that you’ve taken the time to learn their names and can really lift their spirits on what can be a nerve-wracking day.

2. Speak in Comforting Tones When You Pose Wedding Clients

In short, you want to make sure you don’t sound too demanding when directing your clients. Don’t use phrases like, “Don’t slouch too much,” or “Stand up straight!”

Instead, use phrases like, “Let’s open up that pose a little bit — hearts pointed to me.” And always make sure you’re putting on that million-dollar smile.

3. Once You Start Talking, Don’t Stop!

Encouraging words can be super soothing to your clients. You’re the expert, and they’ll often not really know what they’re doing when it comes to posing themselves. So keep them engaged throughout the shoot. Never underestimate the sound of your voice.

4. Don’t Be Vague When You Pose Wedding Clients

Be incredibly specific when directing your clients. If you want your groom to take hold of his bride, tell him where and with which arm. Anytime you have to correct them after giving them a direction can really shake their confidence. So be as specific the first time as you can.

5. You’re a Professional — Own It

One of the main reasons your couple chose you to be their wedding photographer is because you’re an expert in your field – and maybe an expert when it comes to posing wedding clients. So own your professionalism. Always remain calm and collected should any problem arise. Your clients don’t need to know about a faulty flash, just grab your backup and move on. Never put your couple in an awkward situation by voicing your concern about a problem out of their control.

Once you’ve learned how to inspire true confidence from your bride and groom on their wedding day, posing them will be a breeze. Just keep these tips in mind for your next session and watch how it improves the photos of your clients!

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