Santa and Holiday Themed Photo Sessions

Santa Claus is big business this time of year and Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers are cashing in. With the wedding off-season fast approaching, photographers in colder climates are making up for a lack of wedding income with special holiday-themed mini photo sessions. Many photographers target their current clients and offer spur of the moment photo booth style shots.

“I offer a reasonably priced 15-minute holiday session where the client can choose what they want in their set. Options include: wreaths, presents, lights and small handheld type things like snowflakes and bells for little kids to play with to keep them smiling.”

Diane Clifford with Diane Nicole Photography

While quick and easy works for many photographers looking to up their income during the holiday season, some go all out — creating a buzz and a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) among their colleagues.

“We’ve talked about doing personal Santa experiences with families. Hiring a professional Santa and giving each family 15-20 minutes to meet and take family photos with and without Santa. I’ve heard of photographers making thousands in a weekend with this idea.”

Robb McCormick with Robb McCormick Photography

Santa may be the star of the show before Christmas, but don’t rule out other holiday-themed ideas, like a family pajama party that can live on long into the winter months. And, if you pair holiday-themed photo sessions with holiday photo print sales with EXTRA, your income won’t skip a beat this winter.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at ShootDotEdit! May they be merry and full of photography sessions!

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