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There’s never really a wrong time to give a gift to your brides or your couples. Whether it’s an onboarding gift, a wedding day gift, or a thank you gift after you’ve photographed their wedding, giving a gift to your client is a way to show them that you care and value them, even after you’ve photographed their big day. Another occasion that calls for a gift is, without a doubt, Christmas! It’s a festival that’s synonymous with presents; so why not take the opportunity to add an extra Christmas gift to your bride’s name this year? We know that choosing gifts for brides may not always be the easiest part of your job, and that’s why we are here to help you out. From discounts to creatively curated personalized gifts, in this blog, we bring you 5 Christmas gift ideas that you could give your brides this year. 

5 Things You Could Gift Your Brides This Christmas

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When you do finalize what you are going to gift your brides, make sure that you also find a way to incorporate your brand name or logo into it. You could add that to the gift box or the actual gift itself, but try to engrave or get it printed at the bottom or on the side of the present. This way, it doesn’t become a central element that looks like you are advertising your brand, and it still reminds them of who gave them the gift.

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1. A Discounted Holiday Card Shoot

Almost everyone wants to get the most unique and beautiful holiday card to share with their friends and families. So, a discounted holiday card shoot could actually be one of the best Christmas gifts for brides. Plus, this is an evergreen Christmas gift idea, so if you find yourself brainstorming again next year, this could perhaps make it to next year’s list of gifts (only if it proves to be a hit this Christmas, of course). You could send your brides an email or even call a few special ones that you managed to form a relationship with and offer them a holiday card shoot and perhaps even discuss some photo shoot ideas with them. 

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2. A Discount Coupon

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Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @breonnawellsphotography

Who doesn’t love a discount, right? If you are looking for no-frills, stress-free gifts for brides that they will also love, then consider offering a discount coupon for future bookings or other services that you offer. All you’ll have to do is send your brides an email with the Christmas gift details and let them know what they can use it for and when it expires. This is especially great for brides who you know wanted an album or wall art but never got around to ordering them during their wedding. 

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3. A Framed Photograph

For this gift idea, you might have to put in a little work and time. If you are choosing to gift a framed photograph, then select a photo of your bride and groom from their engagement or wedding day and choose a frame that also aligns with their personalities. If they are a couple that likes modern design, pick something that reflects that. If they are more on the traditional side, then perhaps go with a vintage or classic wooden frame. Additionally, when it comes to picking the picture, choose one that has a story behind it or a picture where your couple looks stunning. You could also go with an image that your couple absolutely loved. 

4. Personalized Gifts

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This one might need a little more effort, but it’s totally worth it. When it comes to personalized gifts, the sky (and your business budget) is the limit. Customized gifts for brides are specifically made for the bride or the couple and have an element that is unique to them. So, think cushions or mugs that have your couple’s wedding date or notebooks and journals engraved with your bride’s initials or something that they can show off in their home. Seriously, there are a lot of options. It just depends on the kind of budget you have set aside for gifts for brides. This way, your gift reminds your couple of their big day, and it’s also a great way for them to remember you. 

5. DIY Gift Boxes 

A reflection of a bride walking down the stairway in a golden framed mirror
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @iqphoto

If you are leaning towards gifts for brides that require a little more effort on your side, then DIY gift boxes are one of the best Christmas gifts options. If you are someone who always makes the effort to know your brides a little more than just as clients, then this could be a little easier for you. But don’t worry if that’s not the case. A mix of chocolates, tea, scented candles, dry fruits, and potpourri in a gift box can make for a gorgeous-looking (and smelling) Christmas gift. You can modify these gift boxes and make them as big or small as you want. Just make sure that they contain things that your brides can actually use. And don’t forget to add your logo or brand name to the box! 

Make Your Gifts Memorable 

No matter when you give them, gifts are a great way to remind people that you are thinking about them. And when that happens, more often than not, your gifts remind your couple of you too, and that’s certainly helpful when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing that can send more potential couples your way. But as long as you make the Christmas gifts for brides more about them and less about you and your business, the more genuine it will seem. And when it’s honest, that’s when your gift is cherished the most. So this Christmas, whether you want to keep the gifting stress-free or want to go the extra mile and add your creativity to it, take your pick and brighten up your bride’s Christmas with a little token of appreciation from your side. You could use any of the ideas above or modify them to suit your needs or brides. Or if you already have other gift ideas in mind, let us know in the comments section below. 

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