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Developed as a medium to share photos and videos, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. As a wedding photographer, you too can reap the benefits of this platform by attracting your target audience with the help of some amazing Instagram post ideas. Having a presence on Instagram could be an excellent way to showcase your images before your ideal clients. And if used cleverly, this social media platform could be your ideal online gateway for growing your wedding photography business. Now, if you are thinking about what all you can post on Instagram to utilize its power for your photography brand, in this blog, we’ve shared some of the top posts that professional wedding photographers use to engage their audiences on Instagram. Check them out and see how you too can use them to grab more eyeballs on Instagram.

Amazing Instagram Post Ideas

Use stunning images to attract your audience on Instagram.
Instagram thrives on images, and as a professional photographer, you already have the edge over others when it comes to understanding the esthetics of the visual medium of storytelling. In your job, images play a crucial role in making an impression on your target audience and, in turn, help you book your ideal clients. Variety in your images and Instagram posts can help you keep your followers interested in the content that you put out. Our Instagram post ideas will also allow you to grab the attention of your clients and help you inform them about your services. Now, let’s begin!

1. Introduction Posts

As you get new followers, introductions are a simple way to share more about who you are as a person and photographer. When you share facts about yourself, your followers begin to trust you, which keeps you top of mind for them.

Wedding photographer Natalie Franke uses #FridayIntroductions, where she shares 5 facts about herself. The facts about her give followers an insight into her personality, which allows her to build relationships with them.

2. Inspirational Content

Find inspiration from around you for your Instagram posts.
Since your followers may be potential clients, vendors, and fellow photographers, mix up the type of inspiration you share. Everyone loves a good inspirational quote, or even to hear about your day and experiences.

Temecula wedding photographers Emry Photography share inspirational quotes and insights to connect with their followers and fellow photographers.

3. Educational Materials

Help your audience build wedding photography-specific knowledge through your Instagram posts.
The wedding photography industry changes rapidly; therefore, it can be helpful to share your expertise with your fellow photographers. To attract followers to your educational courses, webinars, and workshops, post about them on your Instagram account and boost them with a strong call to action.

The Scobeys inform their followers of their newest course and share the benefits of it. They also encourage their followers to click the link in their bio, which might lead them to sign up for the course.

4. Boomerang Clips

Love watching those addictive mini video clips that showcase an action on loop? It’s time you use them to get your audience hooked to your content on Instagram. You could try using Boomerang for Instagram on your business account to create unique and amusing videos that are also quite engaging. According to Instagram, Boomerang takes a burst of images, speeds them up, and plays them forward and backward to create a looping video. The Boomerang feature is a great way to liven up your account and ensure your audience has some fun while they are scrolling through your Instagram profile.

Wedding photography duo Justin and Mary Marantz used Boomerang to create this video on their account. It is an opportunity for them to take part in Instagram’s exciting features and add variety to what they share on their account.

5. Guest Takeover

Another way to spice up your account is to feature a guest takeover or do one yourself. This helps you place your brand before the audience base of another photographer or vendor, which could help you attract new followers to your Instagram account.

We featured wedding photographer David Manning on our Instagram account while at WPPI 2017. Take a look at our account to see some of the things he shared. Be sure to follow us to see other great images and content from pro wedding photographers.

Instagram takeover post at WPPI 2017
6. Behind-The-Scenes Glimpses

A lot happens behind the scenes, right? As you share content on your Instagram account, consider adding in a few behind-the-scenes photos as a sneak peek of how an ideal shoot day looks like for you. And throw in a few bloopers, maybe? No, bloopers are not flaws! They just add to the fun quotient of your content. Keeping it real and authentic with your audience always helps them connect with you. You could even throw in the details of a wedding you are prepping for or a product you are launching - however, don’t forget to take the permission from your clients in such cases. Depending on how much of your private life you are comfortable sharing with your Instagram followers, you could also post about behind-the-scenes snippets of your personal life. Content of this kind is a good way to build a trust factor with your followers.

Mckenzie Deakins shares about her trip to Disneyland. In the text, she encourages followers to head over to her Snapchat account to see more videos of her experience, which is a smart way to lead your followers to yet another social media account of yours.

7. Product Updates

Experiment with different Instagram post ideas to engage your audience.
One of the reasons your audience follows your work online is possibly because you are an expert in your field, and along with sharing stunning images, they expect you to share details about related products and services that you offer your clients. To provide a variety in what you share on your account, you could, therefore, also consider posting about products related to your line of work. You can feature some of the products you offer your clients, such as albums, prints, or even unique gifts you send to clients and vendors. Plus, you could also give a shout-out to the vendors who are behind creating these products.

Vanessa Joy Photography highlights a wooden album and the vendor who created it on her account. It showcases the product to her followers, so they can have these items top of mind when they book her.

8. Travel Stories

Share your travel stories with your audience on Instagram.
Whether you are a destination photographer or just love to explore the outdoors, travel posts could be a great addition to your Instagram account. They offer a window to your followers to get a glimpse of all the stunning locations that you photograph, and that may encourage them to book you to create their wedding story at their dream destination.

International wedding photographer Abby Grace shares about her travel experience. The photo showcases the beautiful landscape and allows her to connect with followers who also love to travel.

9. Personal Details

Outside of your wedding photography business, you have a life that many of your followers may not know anything about. In your rotation, share a bit about your family and friends, or activities you enjoy. These are things that allow you to connect with your followers.

Orange County wedding photographer Ning Wong Studios shares about his family on his Instagram account. He highlights his wife on Mother’s Day, which gives a peek into his personal life to his followers.

When you try out different ideas to post on your Instagram business account, you provide your followers with a variety of content that they can engage with. And along the way, you give them a glimpse into your work and life - providing them an opportunity to get to know you better. This is not only a great way to build a rapport with your ideal clients but also a mode to help you stay relevant in the market. With the 9 Instagram post ideas from top wedding photographers that we shared here, you can continue to build trust with your followers and keep them engaged with your posts and photography brand. For more social media tips to grow your business online, you can check out our other blogs.

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