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Instagram for wedding photographers… on the one hand, there are so many ways the app can be valuable for your photography business (and so many success stories to prove it). On the other hand, it’s constantly changing and challenging to master. The algorithm updates, the addition of Stories – there are so many things to keep up on. Yet, using your Instagram business account to increase your reach is a proven strategy to help grow your business.

In our Online Training: Instagram Strategies for Wedding Photographers That Actually Work, Natalie Franke shared an exclusive walk-through of her Instagram account. She also shared her recent discoveries on how to make money on Instagram and grow your business. Here are the top 5 tips from Natalie’s Training to discover how to succeed.

1. Use Planoly for Scheduling

Like many parts of your wedding photography marketing strategy, using a scheduling program to help you with Instagram is crucial. Natalie uses Planoly to not only schedule her posts and set reminders but also to store images for future Instagram posts. The program works for both your phone and desktop and allows you to plan and schedule your content so you can market to the best of your ability.

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Image by Natalie Franke

With Planoly, you can drop the image in and schedule it. When it is time for the post to go live, it sends you a reminder. Although you still have to post it to Instagram, it is less time you have to spend creating and posting all at once.

2. Share Quality Posts

Before the updates to the algorithm, it used to be crucial to post on your Instagram business account multiple times per day. The more you posted, the more people would see your content. With the changes to the algorithm, that is no longer the case. If you share quality posts only once a day, it increases the chances your followers will see them.

Think about it like this: when you share carefully thought-out content with your followers, they will be more likely to look for your posts. When they interact with what you share, your posts will appear on their feed more often. The time you spent curating multiple posts per day can be spent creating ones that will benefit you and your wedding photography business.

Quick Tip

Don’t forget to send your images to a wedding photography color correction company so you share consistent images that match your brand!

3. Relate to Followers

As a wedding photographer, you often share different types of content, from sneak peeks of shoots, to your daily routine in the office, to lifestyle work, to vendor shout outs. One of the key elements is to think about that type of content, but also think about what you want someone to absorb about you on the platform.

Sure, your followers may appreciate that you share things about being a photographer, like the camera you use or the post production company you outsource to, but may not relate to you because of it. Identify 3-5 other things you want your followers to know about you. Everything you do should still represent you and align with your brand.

4. Stay True to Your Brand

Often times, it can be easy to look at Instagram accounts of other photographers and try to use the strategies they have. It is important to avoid duplicating exactly what they have done. You can browse their accounts and view their strategy, but then go back and find the best ways it works for your Instagram business account.

An example of this is Natalie, who focuses on attracting photographers and creatives. Her strategies are ideal to use on your account, but if done in the same way, will have you attract people outside of your target clients.

Also, use what works for you. You may browse an account of a photographer who has posts filled with text, which is their way to tell a story. What happens if writing isn’t your strong suit? The key is to be realistic.

Maximize your strengths on Instagram. If you are not a good writer and find you miss posting because of it, post an image and just one word. As a photographer, you can tell a story through your images. Stay true to your brand and leverage what works for you.

5. Maximize Instagram Stories

On the platform, Instagram Stories were made for you to better connect with your audience and build trust with them. It’s a great tool to help you connect with your followers and give them insights into who you are. There are a few ways for you to maximize Instagram Stories for your account, which Natalie shared in the Online Training:

  • Create Instagram Stories in advance. When you are strategic about the Stories you post, you can take the time to create a variety of content to share.
  • Build stunning graphics. This is perfect for a launch of a product or service, as well as sneak peeks into your past engagement and wedding shoots. Use helpful apps to help you quickly develop graphics that represent your brand.
  • Add compelling text to graphics. After you create the graphics, add text to them to tell a story. You can also add text to the images you share for sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes details.
  • Include Calls-to-Actions. If you share a blog post, include CTAs to your blog to encourage followers to access it. When you share posts that are about promotions or products, also think strategically about the link you will share in bio and how you can use Instagram Stories to encourage clicks on the link.
  • Use the Swipe-Up feature. For Instagram accounts that have enough followers, utilize the swipe-up feature. A great example of how Natalie used this feature is when she shared about her Online Training with us. She talked to her audience about the details and encouraged them to swipe up to RSVP. This is a great lead-generating tool you can use to help grow your business.

As a photographer, entrepreneur, and educator, Natalie has more to share with you on her vlog! Watch as she posts daily about social media, business, and inspirational topics just for you!

Throughout the Online Training, Natalie had so many valuable tips to share with wedding photographers! We hope you gained additional insights from this top 5 list. Take the strategies Natalie shared and apply them to your business in a way that fits you and your brand. Discover more inspiration from pro photographers in the industry when you download our free Guide: Instagram for the Wedding Photographer. Click the banner below to grab your copy today!

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