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Instagram, the wedding photographer's paradise, offers a perfect platform to attract ideal couples through the use of relevant hashtags. To answer the burning question, “What hashtags do photographers use on Instagram?”, we’ve compiled a list of 25 popular Instagram hashtags for wedding photographers to use in 2023. Using Instagram to attract new clients and grow your wedding photography business is a smart strategy, and adding hashtags to your posts helps drive traffic and increase your Instagram followers! It is a modern way to skyrocket your reach to find and book potential clients. To further help you out, we have listed a few tips and tricks to maximize your Instagram strategy. Lastly, don’t miss the bonus we have for you!

25 Ultimate Instagram Hashtags For Wedding Photographers 2023

infographic stating connect with potential clients by including wedding photography hashtags in your posts

Bridal Hashtags 

When a bride is seeking inspiration on Instagram, she is likely to explore wedding hashtags, using them as a way to discover and collect ideas for her special day. Including the right hashtags on your posts will direct you to ideal clients. The best hashtags for wedding photographers to attract brides to their Instagram page are as follows:

1. #Weddingphotography

Wedding photography hashtags are the top performers on Instagram. They will tell you what a client is looking for when searching for a photographer to shoot their wedding day. Include this on your Instagram post, and share your work from a past wedding.

2. #Weddingphotographer

Include this hashtag in your posts to allow couples to find you and view your work on Instagram. 

Our tip: These two Instagram hashtags alone can bring increased traffic to your IG page.

3. #Photo

It may seem like an obvious choice, but it is one of the highest-ranked Instagram hashtags. After all, as a wedding photographer, you will provide your clients with breathtaking photos from their big day!

4. #Engagement (or #Engaged)

Your first interaction with many clients will be through their engagement session, which is why you should add this particular hashtag to your engagement photo shoot posts for couples looking for an engagement photographer!

5. #coupleportrait

If you desire to be more specific with your descriptions, use a relevant hashtag like this to share exactly what image you posted on your account. A bride who wants to see how you shoot couple portraits may search for this hashtag while she is narrowing down her choices.

6. #Family

When your ideal clients think of their wedding photos, they will likely imagine what their family portraits will look like. This is an important moment that includes the bride and groom’s loved ones, meaning ideal clients may search for this hashtag when they desire to see examples of family portraits.

Our tip: When you use hashtags on your posts, make sure you know if they are trending hashtags for your business. Helpful sites to use for this are Websta, where you can uncover popular hashtags. When you use, enter a keyword, and it shows you a web of how wedding photography hashtags rank on the social platform.

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infographic stating attract clients and vendors by using business related hashtags that highlight your services

7. #Weddingbusiness

Use this hashtag to reach other photographers or vendors who are looking for wedding business quotes, inspiration, or posts. Make sure to add links to relevant articles.

8. #Photographybusiness

When you incorporate this hashtag, you are garnering the attention of users on Instagram who are searching for a photography business. This may mean that other vendors are looking for reliable photographers to recommend to their clients.

Our tip: Have you seen these Instagram hashtags before and already used them for your posts? For more diversity in your posts, use apps like Hashme to find trending hashtags that cater to the photo you share.


Detail-related hashtags will help you show potential clients how you capture precious details, which may encourage them to learn more about you. Instagram hashtags for wedding photographers to use for detail-related imagery are as follows:

9. #Weddingcake

Use this hashtag as a shout-out to the vendor who created your couple’s wedding cake! Or simply use it to show appreciation for its appearance. This Instagram hashtag places your picture in front of ideal clients looking for detail shots. 

10. #Weddingdress

The bride spends months (or longer) picking out her wedding dress. This is a detail shot you must always pay extra attention to and feature on your Instagram page. Including this hashtag in your post of the wedding dress shows potential brides how you photograph their unique choice. 

11. #Weddingideas

When a bride is searching for inspiration for her wedding day, she may type in this keyword and make decisions about the details to include on her day. If you use this Instagram hashtag, she can see your work and maybe decide to book you!

12. #WeddingPlanning

You can only capture detail shots if your couple’s wedding planning is spot on! Luckily, your couple is on top of every detail, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on their big day. Use this hashtag to commend your couple’s wedding planning efforts.


infographic stating highlight your unique photography techniques with photography style related hashtags

Sharing your images with top wedding photography hashtags helps clients find exactly what they want and decide on your services. Include style-related hashtags, and showcase the different types of weddings you shoot. Instagram hashtags for wedding photographers to use for style-related topics are as follows:

13. #Beachwedding

If beach wedding photography is your style, then use this Instagram hashtag on your posts and share your images from past beach weddings. Potential clients looking for photographers to capture their dream beach wedding photos will likely search for this hashtag. 

14. #Winterwedding

When you use the right hashtags, you can appeal to a specific audience. Seasonal hashtags narrow down the clients who would be interested in that type of wedding and might book you. 

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infographic stating engage clients and offer a unique perspective with your wedding photography ideasengage clients and offer a unique perspective with your wedding photography ideas

15. #Blackandwhite

If you are a wedding photographer that likes to color-correct images and convert them to black and white, using a relevant hashtag will help you reach clients who prefer that style.

16. #Exposure

Showcase your unique and creative style of exposing images by using the right hashtags on your unique posts! And help someone find your work who is interested in the way images can be exposed. 

17. #Composition

To showcase your perfect composition after post-production, use this Instagram hashtag to reach out to clients who know what they want from their images. 


18. #Gorgeous

Use this hashtag to compliment the bride and groom or other wedding guests! You can also use it to describe a background or detail shot during the wedding. 

19. #Beautiful

As a wedding photographer, use this hashtag to describe a special and heart-warming moment during a wedding. Incorporate this hashtag on posts where something really is beautiful and you know everyone can relate.

20. #Awesome

Capture the joyous moments and delightful company during a wedding by using this hashtag to express how you felt. It's also perfect for capturing the fun and exciting moments throughout the wedding day.

BONUS #1: Brand-Related

infographic stating promote your brand and reach out to a larger audience with brand related hashtags

21. #“YourBrandHere”

Use your brand name as an Instagram hashtag to become well-known to searching clients!

22. #“YourBrandHere”Brides

Some of your classic shots from the wedding day are of the bride from her bridal portrait. Add your brand name with the word ‘bride’ as your hashtag and showcase your portrait sessions to a wider audience.

BONUS #2: Location-Related

infographic stating reach clients seeking destination wedding photographers with location related hashtags

23. #“CityNameHere”Photographer

Use this Instagram hashtag to target clients living in a specific area or city. When a couple, who live in that city, search for this hashtag, they will see your images and be more encouraged to click on your account.

24. #DestinationPhotographer

If you are a photographer who loves traveling and capturing destination weddings, use this hashtag on images you shot in the past! Adventurous couples looking for destination wedding photographers might come across your alluring work and book you for their week-long celebrations!

25. #“VenueNameHere”

When you include wedding venues as a hashtag, your images are placed in front of that venue’s audience. Couples who want to get married at this location will search for the hashtag and see images from your past shoots.

Our tip: In addition to sharing hashtags of your location, ensure you take advantage of geotagging. The geotag you use on your post should match one of the hashtags in your body text.

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Using purposeful hashtags in your posts is essential for achieving your social media goals. We hope that this blog on Instagram hashtags for wedding photographers helps you in expanding your reach. So, don't fall behind on the latest trends and hashtags – stay ahead of the game and connect with your ideal audience. Get ready to expand your reach, connect with your ideal audience, and crush your social media goals.

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