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With around 450 million users, Twitter is a great social media platform for you to use and build connections with ideal clients. But because so many tweets go out every minute, how can you ensure your wedding posts will be seen? Hashtags are the #1 way to attract new clients quickly and easily. We know that hunting down hashtags for Twitter can be time-consuming, so we’ve done the research for you! Here is a comprehensive list of 22 trending wedding hashtags that you can use for Twitter. From classic ones like #WeddingPhotography, and #Love to more up-to-the-minute ones like #WeddingShenanigans, or #WeddingParty, these tags can generate interest and make your tweets more visible to your target audience.

Trending Wedding Hashtags To Use For Twitter 

infographic stating including trending wedding hashtags on Twitter can help place you in front of potential clients

By using the best wedding hashtags in your Twitter posts, you are reaching out not only to those who follow you but also to ideal clients browsing Twitter top trends on what's currently trending about wedding planning on the platform. Tech-savvy brides and grooms are most likely to use social media platforms for wedding inspiration, and if you include wedding hashtags in your posts (even the ones you think won't gain much traction) can help place you in front of clients who are perfect for your business. From cute wedding hashtags to trending hashtags related to wedding venues and wedding decor, here is a detailed list of 22 Twitter hashtags that you can use:

Couple-Related Trending Hashtags

1. #Bride

Use this hashtag in your wedding posts and attract future brides who are on the lookout for finding their perfect wedding photographer! By using this hashtag, brides-to-be can view wedding photos that you’ve shot and get inspired.

2. #Groom

With this hashtag, grooms-to-be can quickly discover posts related to wedding photography, providing them with a sample of what their photographs could look like.

3. #HappilyEverAfter

Make your couple's experience truly unique by creating something special for them! A custom hashtag like “HappilyEverAfter “Client’sLastName” can make the wedding photos you post on Twitter even more fun and memorable.

4. #Forever “Couples Last Name”

Make the your couple’s experience even more special by using this hashtag to ensure everyone sees your posts. Furthermore, encourage the couple's friends and family to add #Forever “Couples Last Name” when they upload their images from the big day!

5. # “CouplesUniqueHashtag”

To make sure that your images are seen by those attending the wedding, keep an eye out for personalized hashtags created by the couple. When you post your photos on Twitter, remember to include this unique hashtag! You'll be amazed at how much visibility it can give you and potentially lead to more bookings in the future. 

6. #Love

This hashtag is always a winner! With love being at the center of every perfect wedding, it's no wonder why this hashtag is evergreen. By using this in your Twitter posts, you can draw attention to all the details of the special day - from group portraits to couples portraits and even wedding party pictures - all with one simple but powerful hashtag. 

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Wedding-Related Trending Hashtags

7. #Wedding

Maximize your posts by using trending wedding hashtags like #wedding on all your photos. When people search the hashtag, everything you've posted with it will show up. To ensure that those searching see your content more prominently, try posting consistently.

8. #Weddingday

Use this hashtag when you post a photo on your client's wedding day or a day before. Add it when sharing photos taken throughout the ceremony and reception, highlighting those timeless "in-the-moment" shots. If you’ve photographed a royal wedding, #luxurywedding is a must-have. With luxury wedding details such as gorgeous decorations, five-star locations, and couture dresses, you can really show off the luxury and elegance of a royal wedding by using this tag in your posts. 

9. #Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are an essential part of the wedding day festivities. This hashtag is perfect for attracting brides and bridesmaids looking for inspiration for dresses or other wedding details. Plus, they may even book you after seeing your stunning images!

10. #Groomsmen

The gentlemen are also a big part of the wedding day, so when an image includes the groomsmen, make sure to use this hashtag.

11. #Weddinggift

Whether it's a meaningful trinket or an expensive piece of jewelry, post your images with the hashtag #weddinggift and share creative wedding gift ideas that other couples might be looking for to gift each other on their wedding day. 

12. #Weddingcake

Inspire your couple and attract potential clients by using this hashtag. As an iconic wedding staple, beautiful photos of wedding cakes can provide great ideas for those planning their wedding. Use this hashtag to showcase your work and the talent of another wedding vendor.

13. #Weddingdress

As one of the most important parts of the bride’s attire, this hashtag is one that most brides search for through the Internet. Use it to show off the gorgeous details and textures of each dress and showcase how you document wedding details. While doing so, pick your best photo and promote your work! 

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Photography-Related Trending Wedding Hashtags

14. #Weddingphotography

Boost your visibility by utilizing this Twitter photography hashtag on all your wedding photos. This way, potential clients searching for a wedding photographer can easily spot you on their feeds!

15. #Weddingphotographer

Effectively advertise your brand and yourself as a wedding photographer with this hashtag. Use it to reach Twitter users who are seeking photography services for weddings.

16. #Photooftheday

Instantly inject a sense of fun and excitement into your posts using photography hashtags like this! Anyone who clicks on it will be able to view the photos that inspired you, as well as explore more content published on your website or blog.

17. #BlackandWhite

Share your gorgeous black and white wedding photographs with this hashtag. Whether they are posed couple shots or candid moments, all black-and-white photos have a timeless, classic quality that is sure to impress any bride and groom! 

18. #Camera

If you want to appeal to other photographers searching for photography resources, this hashtag is ideal. Using these, you can amplify your Twitter posts regarding gear, education, or any other photography-related topic.

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Brand-Related Hashtags

19. # ‘YourBrandName’Brides

Incorporating hashtags in Twitter that represent your brand is essential for staying top-of-mind with potential wedding clients. This will give them a way to connect with you, and it allows brides to view photographs of past weddings you have done.

20. # ‘YourBrandName’

As mentioned in the above hashtag, it is essential that your brand name be featured in each picture you post! The more you use this hashtag, the broader reach and exposure your brand will have in the Twittersphere.

Location-Related Hashtags

21. # ‘CityName’ Photographer/Photography

If you are looking for clients who live in a specific city, this hashtag will help you reach out to those potential clients. When couples in that area search for this hashtag, they'll discover your pictures and be encouraged to check out your profile.

22. #DestinationPhotographer

This hashtag describes specifically what type of photographer you are. As a destination photographer, your work appeals to multiple locations, and couples planning their wedding away from home can find you through it! Searching for the hashtag will show them you may be an ideal choice for capturing their wedding.

Advanced Tip: Maximize your presence by taking advantage of geotagging and adding hashtags. The geotag you use in your post should correspond with one of the location hashtags. 

Bonus Tip: Use Online Hashtag Generators

infographic stating using online hashtag generators is a great way to save time and effort while still reaching a wider audience

If you're struggling to find the perfect hashtag for your posts, you can use online hashtag generators, such as AI-powered tools like Hashtagify or RiteTag. These tools will help you quickly and accurately generate relevant hashtags that are tailored to your content. This way, you don't have to spend time researching hashtags or using the same ones repeatedly. With one click, you can generate numerous hashtags and incorporate them into your posts easily. Try out these tools and monitor your engagement.

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By including popular hashtags in your Twitter posts, you are joining a conversation that is already taking place on the social media platform. But more significantly, it ensures that others who join this dialogue can see your content, leading to more engagement with likes, shares, comments, and even new followers for your business! Utilizing trending wedding hashtags undoubtedly has a huge impact on furthering your brand recognition and boosting social media engagement.

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