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How do you photograph love? A feeling so intense yet equally simple. Something that can coexist at the break of laughter and heartfelt tears, a rush of moment and silence. And more importantly, how do you mold something like that into images that radiate the same warmth? Hard as it may be to answer this question, wedding photographers have been experimenting and weaving love stories into frames forever. So today, we bring the spotlight on some wedding photographers and ShootDotEdit customers to learn about their take on – photographing love!

Photographing Love: The Weddings Edition

1. Keeping It Real

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Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

Wild, crazy, and untamed – ShootDotEdit customer Whitney Olson of Olson Design Photography shares that these three words best reflect her life, something she strives to bring to her craft as well! Her heart feels at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but having traveled to six different countries, her soul is a traveler. And when it comes to photographing couples in love, she wants to capture their wild, crazy love stories EXACTLY the way it is. All hail the queen of candids!

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2. Being A Master Storyteller

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Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erickelley

In addition to unconditional love, weddings shed light on the relationship of the couple and their journey. ShootDotEdit customer and wedding photographer Eric Kelley of Eric Kelley Photography believes in telling stories through his images and capturing the true essence of a moment. His approach is all about creating imagery that remains meaningful to the couple, even years after celebrating their beautiful day. And he tries to follow through with it in every shot taken, every scene photographed.

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3. Chasing The Light

a wedding couple on a dusty road holding their wedding bouquet
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

ShootDotEdit customer and wedding photography duo, Heather and Terrence from Apollo Fields, shines the light (quite literally) to make the best of every setting. A natural light chaser with an artistic eye, Heather, the team’s in-house photographer, has a knack for finding locations that make ordinary landscapes look like professional sets, placing her subjects in an ethereal glow that’s usually reserved for storybook endings.

Terrence, on the other hand, uses his writing expertise to mirror the client’s wedding celebration in the form of heartfelt poetry. A photographer and a writer – now that’s a beautiful way to document love! Together as a team, Heather and Terrence work towards providing clients a wholesome and incomparable experience. 

From weddings in Central Park and atop skyscrapers to intimate weddings in small farms between aspen trees and lavish resort weddings surrounded by ski slopes, Heather has photographed it all! But some settings that remain close to her heart are often the ones that include dramatic landscapes, personalized details, and, ideally, a few four-legged friends.

4. Falling In Love With Love

a wedding couple having a fun loving moment under the wedding veil
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @loversoflove

“For us, it’s all about love,” highlight Nate and Dana, the husband and wife photography team behind ShootDotEdit customer Lovers Of Love. They LOVE love, and they seem to be able to find it wherever they point their lens. The couple shares that they genuinely believe in collecting moments rather than belongings and hence invest their lives into making memories and preserving them. With their hearts full and cameras ready, they approach each shoot with meaning and purpose. And the same stands true for their journey of photographing love and the story behind their cool business name.

Here’s how they came up with it:

“Love is what makes us do some crazy awesome things! It’s what makes this life worth living; it’s what makes a wedding worth having; it’s what makes it all worth remembering. It takes a strong person to do brave things in the name of love, like ask a dad to marry his baby, save up to buy a ring, and get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to be your forever partner in crime. It’s actually a sign of strength and bravery to admit that you, too, are a lover of love.”

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5. It’s All About Authenticity

a wedding couple sharing an intimate moment under the wedding veil
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography

Honesty, forgiveness, and being able to laugh at oneself, Kris and Mike from ShootDotEdit customer K. Lenox Photography are believers of many things. And one such thing that especially struck a chord with us is that perfection is boring (we say, without authenticity). Every photo you take represents your signature photography style, but what makes it unique to your client? This photography duo shares that the answer lies in getting to know the happy couple and curating the album, the images, and the story as uniquely theirs. 

6. Love For All

a wedding couple sharing a close moment
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography

ShootDotEdit customer Flavio DeBarros of Flavio D Photography, a Boston-based wedding photographer, is a sucker for love and a big-time couple’s photographer! He believes that love itself is classic and resolute, flourishing in unexpected places, regardless of religion, racial makeup, or sexual orientation. Moreover, it is the reason he developed such a deep passion for wedding photography. 

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As we learn from these wedding photographers, no two definitions of love are the same. Photographing love is about understanding that and capturing it in its most raw, unaltered form – be it wild, sweet, or goofy. With their artistry, camera, and lens, these wedding photographers show that there’s more to love than just the words used to express it. Photographing couples in love with each other is about capturing the emotion and energy that comes with it – something we can all learn from as we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we love sharing wonderful stories from the vault of our creative and passionate photographers’ community. In addition to that, we also strive to help manage your photo editing workload. Visit our pricing page to learn more about how we make that happen.

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