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Just like it is for most businesses in the digital age, social media marketing forms an integral part of your photography business too. And although Twitter might not be an immediate choice for many wedding photographers to showcase their work online, it is fast gaining ground as an essential marketing tool for many from the photography business community for reaching out to their target audience. If the recent numbers published by business data platform Statista are anything to go by, as of July 2021, Twitter has 206 million monetizable users on its platform worldwide. Of these, nearly 73 million are in the US alone. Now, that’s a lot of people! And it only makes good business sense to have your presence on this microblogging site to increase your reach among a vast pool of potential clients and help drive your business through Twitter marketing. How do you do that? Well, it’s all about making the right noise, or in this case – the right tweet! Read this blog for some helpful Twitter marketing tips that could help you position your brand better on Twitter and engage with your present and potential clients on the platform.

Top 8 Twitter Marketing Tips For Wedding Photographers

1. Let Your Photos Do The Talking

Infographic stating tease your Twitter audience with stunning images to grab more eyeballs

You might wonder if your images and photos would make the cut in the Twitter universe of 280 characters. After all, Twitter is mostly about comment threads and expressing yourself through artfully woven words. But as they say – a picture often speaks a thousand words, and an arresting image with a witty caption could garner lakhs of views and a good number of retweets too. And as a photographer, it only makes sense that you share your work online to showcase your images to the world and market your photography services and products to potential clients. So instead of simply sharing your thoughts through words, why not give your audiences a glimpse of your visual world? Also, do not forget to provide context to the images and back them up with compelling captions. This could be a great way to engage with your audiences and keep them hooked to your content.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? This is a question you’d need to find an answer to before you begin your Twitter marketing journey. And be clear about who you want to cater to. What style of photography defines your genre? Is your pricing package budget-friendly? Or, do you have high-end clients in mind? When you have answers to these crucial questions that shape your photography business, understanding your market could be much easier. Once you are familiar with your audience and their online trends, it could be easier for you to create targeted content and posts on Twitter that strike the right chord with your audience.

3. Having Meaningful Interactions

Infographic stating liking and retweeting others’ posts and commenting on tweets shared by others are good for your business

You might not want to pay for Twitter ads right at the outset. So during your initial stint on the platform, you could get started by following other Twitter users. A great way of getting noticed could be liking relevant posts shared by others, retweeting their posts, and commenting on their posts. But while you like and comment on posts made by others, ensure that your appreciation is genuine and heartfelt. Also, don’t forget to respond when someone else comments on your tweets. These interactions could help you increase your visibility, and if you keep sharing interesting and engaging content, you might soon have your share of loyal followers on Twitter. Therefore, we suggest you try keeping your interactions meaningful and building your own style instead of sharing random posts. Because that might confuse your audience, and you might run the risk of losing your followers if they lose interest in your content. And to keep your posts interactive, you could ask questions, seek suggestions, share your opinion on matters related to photography, or even conduct a poll. However, we suggest that you have your potential clients as your target audience instead of your fellow photographers – unless you are planning a campaign to connect with them for a collaborative work.

4. Be Consistent With Your Tweets

Remember the old saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’? This holds true in the competitive world of business marketing. If you want to remain on the top of the mind of your target audience, try being frequent and consistent with your tweets. The visibility you receive will not only keep you relevant but also be instrumental in building your brand. The more your brand name is splashed online, the chances are your audiences will find it all the more authentic. This could help you build trust for your brand in the market and give out the message to your potential clients that you are invested in your brand and serious about your business.

5. Call To Action

Infographic stating a strong call to action could help you convert potential customers into clients

Think of all those YouTube videos that end with “Thanks for watching this video. Don’t forget to hit like, drop your comments in the comment section below, and subscribe to our channel.” Although these might sound a little repetitive at times, they are an essential mode of appeal to reach out to the target audience and let them know how they can engage with the account. Similarly, you could also add a call to action in your Twitter posts. This way, you would give a definite direction to your audience to follow you on the platform.

6. Explore The World Of Hashtags

Twitter thrives on hashtags. Use the right hashtags, and you could increase your chances of showing up when your potential clients are searching for specific keywords. To amp up your hashtag game, you could research trending hashtags for the topic or business you want to promote. And even Twitter makes a few suggestions to throw the relevant hashtags your way. The platform recommends using 2-3 hashtags for a tweet, so we suggest you do not stuff your posts with too many hashtags. Else, your tweet might get lost in the clutter, and you might miss out on reaching out to your target audience. You could also consider tagging and giving shout-outs to other brands or wedding vendors you might want to work with in the future. This way, you will not only be able to get their attention but also increase your visibility among their circle of audience that might be looking for a service similar to what you offer.

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7. Use Twitter Analytics

Infographic stating Twitter Analytics helps you analyze the behavioral trends of your target audience

Tracking and analyzing your posts on Twitter could help you strategize better for your future posts. So instead of passively waiting and hoping for your Twitter marketing efforts to show results, you could take resort to Twitter Analytics to learn about your audience behavior. The data-driven performance metrics that the service offers will allow you insights into the kind of response your tweets garner. The number of views, retweets, likes, and replies you receive per tweet in a day and even a month-wise breakup – you’ll have access to every minute detail. With such crucial user data at your disposal, you could go ahead and make the necessary changes in your tweet pattern and strategize better to increase your Twitter reach.

8. Optimize Twitter Timings

When it comes to Twitter post timings, there’s no one size that fits all. So, research and find out the time of the day your target audience is most active on Twitter. Again, client behavior plays a big role in determining when to post your content on Twitter. For this too, you may resort to Twitter Analytics to get user insights and optimize the timings of your campaigns that are already running. Also, you could schedule your future posts depending on what timings work best for you. And to help you schedule your posts, you could take the help of social media management tools such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite. Just schedule your tweets and let the tools publish them for you. 

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Twitter is a dynamic digital platform that could help you reach out to your target audience in real-time. And therefore, Twitter marketing could be a crucial tool to connect with your audience and build your brand based on useful user insights. So if you are keen on capturing the marketing potential that Twitter has to offer, the ideal thing to do would be to engage with your audience through consistent and relevant tweets. Remember to be on top of your audience’s mind. Follow the right brands and people for greater visibility. Also, don’t forget to be interactive and responsive with your followers. And keep the chatter going!

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