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Navigating a bustling wedding photo shoot can be an exhilarating yet exhausting experience. Once the day concludes, print sales might seem like a daunting prospect. The thought of diving into selling prints after sorting through and editing thousands of images may feel overwhelming, but remember, this important task should not be overlooked and become a last-minute scramble in your client journey. Because when done right, this can have a huge potential to increase your overall income and take your wedding photography business to the next level. To make all of this easy for you, we have this blog listing simple workflow hacks to skyrocket your print sales without taking up too much of your valuable time. So, let’s begin!

Hacks To Increase Wedding Photography Print Sales

1. Start From The Beginning

infographic stating the best time to educate your clients about the value of prints could be in your first meeting

Before you pitch a new product/service to your customer, it's crucial to gauge their awareness and understanding of what's on offer, including its benefits. Many of your wedding photography clients might be unfamiliar with the worth of prints or the range of options available, such as a professional photo album

The best time to educate your clients about the value of prints could be right away – at the initial meeting. When couples see actual prints from your past weddings, they might get firsthand experience understanding the value and necessity of the print. So, try and showcase those during your client meetings. It also further plants the seed that prints are something they should consider.

Take the time to talk about the appeal of physical prints – the joy of being able to hang their favorite memories at home or show them off in a beautiful photo book. Gradually introduce different elements like sizes, canvas wraps, wedding photo albums, frames, mounts, and various custom print finish options. This will not only educate your clients but also enable them to make informed decisions.

Our tip: Make sure to display prints from past wedding shoots in your studio. This allows clients to see your work firsthand. And remember, the photos you choose should stir up emotions in your clients. The goal is for them to imagine the joy and excitement they'll feel when they hang similar prints in their own homes.

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2. Market It Right

infographic stating set measurable goals to better understand how well your marketing efforts are faring

One of the best ways to market your wedding photography prints is by showcasing them on various platforms, including blog posts, social media feeds, websites, and wherever your ideal customers are looking for beautiful wedding images.

Ensure that your online presence looks professional. You can try creating collections or emphasizing particular aspects of the print, like a personalized wedding album, to draw attention to your work. This can help generate interest and encourage impulse buys. To increase sales, consider offering discount coupons or promo codes that reward customers who make multiple purchases. 

Additionally, adding customer reviews on wedding photo books helps potential buyers paint a picture of a positive experience they will get if they purchase wedding prints from you. This information can be key in increasing wedding print sales and inspiring confidence in new customers. 

Other marketing strategies include using email marketing campaigns, running competitions or giveaways, and creating engaging content around professional wedding photo printing. Get your sales team to send out emails to the wedding guests once the gallery is ready. This helps create anticipation for your wedding guests and prospective clients so they are excited to see the images (and may be more likely to purchase them).

Whatever strategies you decide to employ, ensure success by setting yourself measurable goals so that you have a better understanding of how well your efforts are faring.

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3. Set Your Wedding Photography Print Prices

infographic stating maintain profit margins and capture potential buyers with effective and competitive pricing

One of the key aspects to growing your wedding photography business is pricing your prints right; you can maintain profit margins and capture potential buyers with effective pricing. When learning how to price photography prints, take into account all the factors that go into its making and try to start with a flat rate approach. Understandably, a one-size-fits-all pricing model might not always work for different types of prints, so include various packages with more than one option. Depending on the size of the print or package you're offering, calculate an estimated cost. Plus, don’t forget to tally with others in the printing industry to offer competitive pricing.

You can consider value add-ons like free shipping or discounts for bulk purchases and provide flexible payment plans, especially if you are aiming to encourage repeat print business from couples who have recently attended weddings that you photographed. Furthermore, adding complementary products like cards or wedding albums is another effective way to increase profits from your photography print sales

4. Outsource Services For Better Results

infographic stating outsource printing to streamline the process expedite photo delivery and boost print sales

Similar to other things on your to-do list, selling prints can take a lot of your time. After the wedding day, your clients are excited to see their images. But the longer you wait to share their photos, the more their excitement lessens. Just like you can outsource other areas of your business, you can take help from printing companies for your sales. For example, Extra markets and sells prints after the wedding day for all ShootDotEdit customers. Offering personalized experiences, like a custom wedding album through a print sales company, can effortlessly boost sales without you needing to lift a finger.

Our tip: Outsourcing professional editing services offer the advantage of quickly processing orders and images to deliver high-quality prints to your clients on time. Also, photo editing professionals have deep knowledge of photography techniques; they understand how to bring out the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of photography and make them look great as a physical print.

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Your sales from prints are a large part of the profit you make each year. When your workflow incorporates techniques for selling prints, it becomes easier for you to sell more from every wedding. As you educate your clients about these sales and plant that seed from the beginning, it becomes easier for you to discuss them throughout the process. This way, you avoid overwhelming them after the wedding day and coming across as sales reps trying to make an additional sale. Marketing your prints the right way, using the right pricing strategy, and combining it all with skilled outsourcing can help you give your wedding photography business the edge it needs for consistent success and more money with increased print sales!

At ShootDotEdit, we strive to help wedding photographers reach their true potential as creative professionals and business owners. Part of how we do that is by taking photo editing off your plate with our professional editing services. To learn more about how we can help, take a look at our pricing plans.

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