WHCC Companion Debossed Album
WHCC Companion Debossed Album

Once the hard work of shooting a wedding is over, many photographers continue to earn extra income by selling products and album and print sales.

Make Good Use of Holiday Coupon Codes for Print Sales

We conducted a survey of some of our best ShootDotEdit photographers to get tips on how they increase their income in the off-season. Across the board, coupon codes and vouchers seem to be a foolproof way of encouraging clients to buy printed products in the winter months.

A couple locked in each other’s embrace

“We send a coupon code for prints to all of our clients for the year. That inevitably adds dollars to our pockets but it ultimately provides a quality photo service to our clients who want to give photos as gifts.”

– Dana Dorn with Lovers of Love Photography. @loversoflove

Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Album Sales

When dealing with holiday print deadlines, most Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers send out date-specific emails to create urgency surrounding orders.

A black and white image of a bride and groom

“We run several marketing campaigns focussed on album sales and offer incentives to complete album designs for Christmas delivery. In Nov/Dec we shift focus to print and wall display sales for the holiday.

We offer our biggest discount of the year the week of Thanksgiving and have specials going through 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Last year we sold $5,500 in products online through Shootproof in those 2 months.”

Tracy Autem with Lightly Photography & Tracy Autem Photography @tracyautemphotography

A silhouette of a couple walking and holding hands - ideal image for a holiday album

“At the beginning of November, I send out an email detailing my special holiday album sale. My hope is to encourage most of my clients to buy an album for themselves and maybe some parent albums too.”

Amy Bennett with Amy Bennett Photography @amybennettphoto

Get Creative with Free Offers to Sell More Prints

For some photographers, an email campaign isn’t quite enough to get the ball rolling on extra income. Many orchestrate a well-timed push for prints following a freebie of some kind.

A couple holding hands

“I include a free mini session with every wedding so all of my clients can have a family mini session every year for free – they only have to pay for the print products. I then send out emails to my ‘clients for life’ before the holidays to get them booked in for mini sessions so that print revenue comes in at the right time.”

Aaron Morris with Beyond the Frame Photography @beyondtheframephotography

High-Quality Prints for Your Clients

If you’re still struggling with where to find high quality printed products for your clients, we highly recommend White House Custom Colour. We recently did a feature story on this fantastic, family-owned photo lab — so keep an eye on our blog for that full feature coming soon! We just know that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to invest in printed products — especially albums and books — for your clients.

WHCC Album with bridal photos
WHCC Album — Navy Linen

Additionally, if you happen to be a ShootDotEdit customer, SDE offers several ways to optimize album and print sales and a favorite among SDE photographers is EXTRA.

The EXTRA gallery platform offers free image storage, free hosting of those images, and an automated state of the art sales & marketing engine that reminds your customers to purchase prints along with plenty of incentives for clients to buy.

EXTRA galleries are created free with any wedding, event or portrait session that SDE edits, and are customizable after the fact. But if you’re an SDE customer, you can also simply create your own galleries. Check out what ShootDotEdit Extra can do for you!

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