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The idea of earning extra cash to increase your photography income around the holidays is one everyone can get behind. Who wouldn’t want extra spending money to spread more holiday cheer?

According to a recent survey, a lot of your fellow photographers are taking action on that idea and it’s paying off! Here are some ways our ShootDotEdit Customers are adding to their bottom lines.

4 Ways To Up Your Photography Income Around Holidays

1. Going BIG with Print Sales & Campaigns

“We run several marketing campaigns focussed on album sales and offer incentives to complete album designs for Christmas delivery. Last year we sold $5,500 in products online through Shootproof in 2 months.”

Tracy Autem with Lightly Photography & Tracy Autem Photography

2. Portraits & Corporate Shoots

“I live in a destination area, so 99% of my clients are out of towners. During the holiday we supplement our low wedding season with portraits. We target our local base as well as people visiting. We also target business as we have a commercial division. We offer headshot, product photography & branding photography

Tamara Gibson with Tamara Gibson Photography

3. Themed Mini Sessions

“I offer a reasonably priced 15 minute holiday session where the client can choose what they want in their set. Options include: wreaths, presents, lights and small hand held type things like snowflakes and bells for little kids to play with to keep them smiling.”

Diane Clifford with Diane Nicole Photography

Those are some fantastic ideas to jumpstart your holiday earnings! But what about some out of the box ideas? We talked to an SDE photographer who is generating extra photography income in a very creative way!

SDE dove in and asked some of our top Wedding Photographers for more ideas on what they do to up their game, and their income, using mini sessions and themed sessions centered around the holidays. Read what they had to say here and

4. In-Person Advertising

“When I’m at a wedding, during the reception, or cocktail hour, I’m getting candid photos of the guests. If I see a couple, or a family, I’ll always ask them if I can get a great photo of them.

“After I take the photos, I show them, they ask “wow! these are amazing! How can we get these?!” and I say, “I’ll give them to the couple, but you can always email me and I’ll send them directly to you, for free.

“Now they have my email, but they also know me, and like me. So when they ARE looking for photos, they think of that friendly photographer.”

Brent Looyenga with Looyenga Photography

Bonus Tip: Extra, Extra

For those of you who are already ShootDotEdit clients, here’s a bonus tip for earning extra money from your weddings – EXTRA galleries. Extra is a clean and simple interface where you upload your wedding (or event) images for post-wedding print sales. ShootDotEdit then markets to the gallery viewers, using the right words at the right time, with the right offers for the right guests, resulting in more sales.

Click here to find out more about Extra.

How do you make extra money or increase your photography income around the holidays? Leave your answer in the comments section and read what your fellow photographers have to say.

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