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Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO), which leads to more visibility and potentially more bookings and sales. By understanding the keywords that potential clients are using to search for wedding photographers in your area, you can optimize your website and blog posts to rank higher in search engine results. And before you roll your eyes, close this tab, and think that you don’t have time to add another task to your TDL, to help you get started, we have compiled a wedding photography keywords list. All you have to do is read on!

The Perks Of Better Rankings

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Organically ranking for the right keywords can benefit your wedding photography business in multiple ways. First and foremost, it can increase your visibility in search results, making it easier for potential clients to find your website. It can also increase the credibility and perceived expertise of your business, as search engines tend to rank websites that are relevant and informative for a particular keyword higher. Additionally, ranking for the right keywords can help you attract more relevant leads, as clients who are searching for specific photography services or locations are more likely to be interested in your business.

3 Things That Matter For Keyword Research

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Now that you know that keyword research is the way to go when it comes to boosting visibility for your wedding photography business, are you wondering what keyword research entails? Plenty! But let’s first begin with these three fundamentals!

  1. Search Intent: Understanding the intent behind a search query is crucial for selecting the right keywords. By analyzing search intent, you can determine the type of content your target audience wants and tailor it to meet their needs. For example, if someone searches for "wedding photography tips", they are likely looking for information and advice rather than a photographer to hire. By targeting keywords that match the search intent, you can increase the relevance of your content and attract more qualified leads to your website.

  2. Average Search Volume: The average search volume of a keyword is a measure of how many people search for that keyword every month. You can potentially drive more traffic to your website by targeting keywords with higher search volumes. Sounds easy, right? But what’s the catch? It's crucial to balance search volume with relevance and competition. Keywords with high search volumes are often more competitive, making SEO ranking for them likely to be more difficult.

  3. Keyword Difficulty: Keyword difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. This metric takes into account factors like the strength of your competitors' websites, the relevance of their content, and the authority of their backlinks. By targeting keyword ideas with lower difficulty scores, you can increase your chances of ranking on the first search engine results page (SERP) and attracting more organic website traffic.

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Categories Of Wedding Keywords For Photographers

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To choose the right keywords for your SEO strategy, it's important to understand search intent, average search volume, and keyword difficulty. The sweet spot is to target relevant, high-traffic keywords with lower difficulty scores. This can increase your chances of ranking higher on SERP. Next step is to look at the different categories of keywords that wedding photographers may want to consider blogging about.

  1. Location-Based Keywords: They include the location of the photographer, such as "wedding photographer in New York City" or "San Francisco wedding photographer". These are important for photographers who want to attract local clients.

  2. Style-Based Keywords: They describe the photographer's style or approach to wedding photography, such as "artistic wedding photography" or "photojournalistic wedding photographer".

  3. Packages And Services: They describe the packages and services that the photographer offers, such as "wedding photography and videography packages", "engagement photo sessions", or “adventure elopement photography packages”.

  4. Event-Specific Keywords: They are related to specific parts of the wedding, such as "getting ready photos", “bridal session photography”, or "reception photography".

  5. Wedding Venue: Wedding venues are an important consideration for many couples. They may be searching for photographers who have experience shooting at specific venues. By incorporating keywords related to popular wedding venues in your website and blog posts, you are more likely to attract couples who are considering those specific venues.

  6. Wedding Planning: Couples planning their weddings often seek advice and guidance on various topics, including choosing the perfect photographer. Incorporating keywords related to wedding planning into your blog can help your photography website be discovered by couples in the early stages of wedding planning.

  7. Season-Specific Keywords: Many couples choose to have a season-specific wedding, such as a fall wedding or a winter wedding. They may search for photographers experienced in shooting during these seasons. Thus, including season-specific keywords can be beneficial in attracting these potential clients to your website.

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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Keywords List

1. Location-Based Keywords

Choose location-specific keywords for your website to attract local clients specifically searching for wedding photographers in your area. Customize the following keywords for your specific location:

  • Wedding photographer in [city]
  • Destination wedding photographer
  • [City] wedding photographer
  • Wedding photographer for [city] weddings
  • Local wedding photographer
  • Wedding photographer near me
  • Wedding photographer in [region]
  • Wedding photographer in [state]

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2. Style-Based Keywords

Choose keywords that accurately describe your wedding photography style. This will help attract clients looking for a photographer with a similar aesthetic. For example, a photographer who specializes in fine art photography would include keywords like "fine art wedding photographer" and "artistic wedding photography" on their website. Listed below are some style-based keywords for your consideration:

  • Artistic wedding photography
  • Fine art wedding photographer
  • Vintage wedding photography
  • Light and airy wedding photographer
  • Modern wedding photography
  • Contemporary wedding photographer
  • Creative wedding photographer
  • Documentary wedding photography
  • Photojournalistic wedding photographer
  • Candid wedding photographer

3. Photography Keywords List For Packages And Services

Use targeted keywords that accurately describe your wedding photography packages and services to attract interested clients. For example, if you offer nine-hour wedding coverage and engagement photo sessions, include related keywords in your website and blog content. Here are some popular package and service keywords for wedding photographers:

  • Wedding photography packages
  • Engagement photo sessions
  • Bridal portrait sessions
  • Wedding photography packages
  • Engagement photo sessions
  • Bridal portrait sessions
  • Wedding photography and videography packages
  • Destination wedding photography packages
  • Full-day wedding photography coverage
  • Six-hour wedding photography coverage
  • Nine-hour wedding photography coverage
  • Intimate wedding photography packages
  • Elopement photography packages
  • Add-on services (e.g., album design, engagement party photography, bridal shower photography)

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4. Event-Specific Keywords

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Event-specific keywords can be beneficial for couples looking for a photographer skilled in capturing specific moments or aspects of the wedding day. For example, a couple looking for a photographer skilled in capturing candid shots of the wedding day might search for keywords like "wedding day candid shots" or "candid wedding photographer". Here are some popular event-specific keywords for wedding photographers:

  • Getting-ready photos
  • Ceremony photography
  • Reception photography
  • First look photos
  • Bridal party photos
  • Family photos
  • Couple's portrait session
  • Post-ceremony photo session
  • Wedding day candid shots

5. Wedding Venue Keywords

Including venue-specific keywords in your website and blog content can help attract couples who are considering a particular venue for their wedding, and it can also help establish your expertise and credibility as a photographer who is familiar with the specific requirements and challenges of shooting at that venue. Consider the following keywords for your website:

  • [Venue] wedding photography
  • [Venue] wedding photographer
  • Wedding photographer at [venue name]
  • Wedding photographer for [venue type] weddings (e.g., beach wedding photographer, barn wedding photographer)
  • Experienced [venue name] wedding photographer
  • Preferred [venue name] wedding photographer (if the venue has a list of preferred vendors)

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6. Keyword For Wedding Planning

A wedding photography keywords list is incomplete without including wedding planning ideas. Attract early-stage wedding planners and boost your expertise with keyword-rich content. Some popular wedding planning keywords for wedding photographers include:

  • Wedding planning tips
  • Wedding planning advice
  • Wedding photography checklist
  • Wedding photography timeline
  • How to choose a wedding photographer
  • Wedding photography contract
  • Wedding photography budget
  • Wedding photography timeline template
  • Wedding photography FAQ
  • Wedding photography and videography tips

7. Season-Specific Keywords

Customize keywords according to the types of weddings and seasons you, as a wedding photographer, have experience shooting. An outdoor summer wedding photographer may include "outdoor" and "summer”, while an indoor winter wedding photographer may use "indoor" and "winter".

  • Fall wedding photographer
  • Winter wedding photographer
  • Spring wedding photographer
  • Summer wedding photographer
  • Outdoor wedding photographer
  • Indoor wedding photographer

It’s A Numbers Game!

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SEO is, in fact, a numbers game, and numbers change. And so should your strategy! The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving as per changing trends and customer demands. Moreover, the monthly search volume and difficulty can differ from time to time, making it important to revamp, refurbish, and rewrite your content quality and strategy accordingly.

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