Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing As A Wedding Photographer
Running your own wedding photography business means you’re probably working round-the-clock and always busy juggling business operations and photo shoots, meeting potential clients, and so much more! And with so much going on, working on your digital presence sometimes takes a back seat. Your online presence is crucial to your success. One of the most critical but often neglected tasks is optimizing your Google Business Profile. As a wedding photographer, you must optimize Google My Business profile to ensure that your business is visible to those who are searching for it, aka your potential clients. So if you’re not ranking or if your business simply doesn’t show up in relevant searches for wedding photographers in your area or your services, it’s time to take action.

What is Google My Business Profile? 

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Google My Business is an easy-to-use and free tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Google Maps. When customers search for a business on Google, the Google business listing shows up on the right-hand side of the page, along with a map of the physical location. Small businesses and large companies can create their free Google Business Profile listing to manage their online presence. 

For wedding photographers, your Google Business Profile is one of the first things potential clients will see when they search for your services. If you’re not ranking high on the search results page or if your profile is incomplete, it can discourage people from exploring your business further. Wedding photographers can optimize Google My Business listing with accurate information and stand out to potential customers.

Why Is A Verified Google Business Profile Important For Wedding Photographers ?

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In today’s competitive market, it’s important to make sure your business profile stands out from the rest. A verified google my business profile is one way to do that.

When potential customers search for wedding photographers in their area using Google, verified GMB profiles are more likely to appear in the local searches. Furthermore, by adding photos, business description, business offers, and other relevant information to your Google Business Profile, you can give potential customers a better idea of what your wedding photography business is all about. Having a verified Google Business Profile tells couples that you are a credible source of information and that you are an active business. 

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Information To Include In Your Google My Business Account

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As a wedding photographer, one of the best ways to optimize your Google My Business listing is to include all of the relevant information that your potential clients might be looking for. Some of the key details to help you optimize Google My Business page are:

  • Your business name, business address, and contact details should be consistent with the information on your business website and other online directories. Add your local business location on Google Maps and mention your available hours. This will help couples know the best time to reach out to you.

  • In the “About” section, tell your story and highlight what makes you unique. Update your Google My Business services section. Be sure to use keywords that potential clients might search for, such as “wedding photography” or “wedding photographer”. Add other details like your wedding photography packages and pricing information to give your potential clients a brief information about your service prices.

  • In the “Photos” section, showcase your best work. High-quality images will not only give potential clients an idea of your style, but they’ll also help your profile show up in search results.

  • The “Reviews” section is another important place to use keywords to improve your local SEO. Ask satisfied clients to leave positive reviews that include keywords such as “reliable” or “professional”. 

By including all of this crucial information in your google my business profile, you’ll optimize your business account and make it easier for potential customers to find you and learn more about what you have to offer. As a result, you’re likely to see an uptick in business inquiries and bookings!

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Tips On How To Optimize Google My Business

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Being in the wedding photography business, your growth relies heavily on being ‘visible’ to potential clients, which is why you need to optimize Google My Business and make it your top priority. Here are a few tips to include in your Google My Business optimization checklist:

1. Choose The Right Primary Business Category 

When potential clients Google search for wedding photographers in their area, you want your business to appear in the right business category results. To do this, make sure you select the correct business categories when setting up your profile. Make sure your profile is complete and accurate, with up-to-date contact details.

2. Add Local Business Information

Being the business owner, you must represent your wedding photography brand – add your business logo, a beautiful cover photo, and other business photos that showcase your brand style. Google My Business allows you to add up to 10 photos and videos (up to 30 seconds long), so take advantage of this and include images that showcase your work and give your potential clients a sense of your style. Update your primary category and service area business details to rank well on local search results.

You can also update your Google My Business attributes list to optimize your local searches with the keywords and search terms to rank high in local search results. These include service and business information like women-led, LGBTQ-friendly, etc. 

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3. Be Specific About Your Services 

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In the ‘About’ section, tell your potential clients what makes you unique as a photographer. This is your chance to showcase your personality and let your customers know what they can expect when working with you. Use keywords in your business description to make it easier for couples to find you when they’re searching online. Ensure that you use location-specific and even niche keywords that describe your service for your target audience. These could include examples like ‘North Hampshire Wedding Photography’ or ‘Elopement Wedding Photographer’, etc.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Google reviews can be extremely helpful in boosting your visibility and attracting new customers. Ask your past clients to leave a review on your Google My Business profile, and ensure that you respond to the business reviews, both positive and negative. This shows potential clients that you’re responsive and professional. As you post, review and chat with your customers, it adds credibility to your profile both for clients and Google to trust your business and increase your Google My Business ranking.

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As a wedding photographer, you know that having a strong online presence plays a significant role in your success story. By optimizing your Google business listing and making sure that all of your information is up-to-date, you can ensure that customers can find you when they are searching for photographers in their area. Take some time to explore Google My business marketing and the various service promotion and advertising tools Google has to offer. Make sure to also take advantage of the free advertising opportunities available through Google AdWords, and be sure to track the results so that you can continue to improve your campaign over time. To analyze your Google My Business tracking, explore the KPIs in your google business dashboard.

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