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Writing wedding blogs is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement and showcase your wedding photography business. Blogging is a great way to show off your work and give potential clients a sneak peek into the weddings you've captured, all while making your business more “Google-friendly.” There’s so much that people don’t know about weddings and wedding photography. So why not use your expertise to offer an insider glimpse into the world of real weddings? Sounds good? Great! Let’s find out the benefits of blogging and start creating blog posts with these wedding photography blog post ideas you can use right now!

Wedding Photography Blogging For Your Business

Wedding photography blogging is a great way to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. Not only does it give you an opportunity to share unique perspectives on industry trends, moments from weddings you've shot, and tips for success, but it can also help capture the attention of potential customers who are looking for quality wedding photography services. Plus, with regular posts, blog followers can get to know your personal approach and style of photography, which in turn could generate interest when they decide to book you for documenting their special day. So, if writing wedding blogs is something you’re considering, we’ve listed some benefits that could help you decide if you want to add a blogging section to your wedding website.

The Benefits Of Wedding Photography Blogging

1. Increase Website Traffic

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By consistently writing wedding blogs, you can ensure that your website has a steady flow of visitors. When potential customers visit your wedding photography website, they’ll be able to read about all the events you’ve shot and wedding tips and insights into the industry. This will give them an idea of what it would be like for them if they decided to book you.

The more wedding blogs you write, the higher your chances of your website ranking highly in search engine results, which will help attract new visitors and leads. Plus, wedding blogging also opens another avenue for wedding photography marketing – social media! You can easily share your wedding blogs on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to increase exposure.

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2. Attract New Clients

By blogging on a regular basis, potential wedding clients could find you through search engines or on social media. This can help you attract more quality leads and establish yourself as an expert. Plus, if your blogs offer value-added content, readers could share it with their networks, giving even more exposure to your business! 

Tip: Don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO.

3. Make New Connections

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Sharing stories of weddings that you have photographed and mentioning or tagging wedding vendors, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make a wedding successful, can help you build vendor relationships and new connections. A kind word goes a long way, and showing your appreciation or giving them a shout-out on your social media platforms could, in turn, open up more business opportunities and professional relationships, as they might return the favor for your business as well.

4. Builds Customer Relationships

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, and the internet is the first place that couples go to find wedding budget advice or wedding planning resources to help them plan a unique wedding. And what better way than your blogs to provide them exactly what they’re looking for? Writing on trending wedding topics can set a positive perception in your audience’s mind and establish you as a subject matter expert. In case of any client queries, you can reply to them via email or even social media. Your response can further help establish a level of trust and understanding, with you becoming a go-to source for all things related to weddings for them!

5. Make Money Online

infographic stating wedding affiliate programs can help you make money online without too much effort

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? This is where you write blog posts that include your personal review of products or services that contain affiliate links. When someone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase, you will be provided a commission or cut from the sale. Writing and sharing reviews on products or services related to weddings can help you generate additional income while helping couples plan their big day. It’s definitely worth exploring wedding affiliate programs, as they can help you make money while blogging about weddings. 

Wedding Photography Blog Ideas

Maybe the thought of writing a wedding photography blog terrifies you. Maybe you are thinking, “I’m not a blogger; I am a wedding photographer!” or “I can’t write!” Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you change that. With rich language and grammar, a tone that suits your brand, and trending and helpful topics, you could engage potential (and past) clients in no time. And if you plan your keywords and topics in advance and get acquainted with best SEO practices, you will reap the benefits from blogging.

Quick Technical Tips To Help You Write A Wedding Blog

First, let’s set the stage for success with a few tips that you can apply to any post you write on any topic:

  • Try to write 1500–2000 words per post, with an absolute minimum of 350 words.
  • If there’s too much text for one blog post, divide your blogs into multiple posts.
  • Don’t forget to insert internal and external links and SEO optimize your blog. Our guide on SEO for photographers could help you with this step. But we also suggest using the Yoast WordPress Plugin for extra help in this area.
  • It’s all about your photos, so add as many as you can. But make sure they go with your content.

And now, on to the best wedding photography blog ideas that you can use!

Top Wedding Photography Blogs + Topics To Write About

1. Venues

Blogging about venues is beneficial to you, and the venue gets noticed too! Write about your favorite venues and share some stories from wedding days you’ve photographed there. Turn these blogs into recommendations for your couples like, ‘Top 5 Wedding Venues in The Local Area’ or ‘Top Places For Destination Weddings In The World’. Get in touch with venues and ask them whether they’d like to partner with you on these posts. You could do a “best of” wedding venue blog each season – winter, spring, summer, and fall. These wedding blogs could talk about the best spots to get married according to the different seasons. Don’t forget to add beautiful photographs of the venues along with your blog!

2. Detail Photos

Detail photographs from a wedding can provide endless topics for your wedding blog posts. Topics like ‘Best Bow Ties In 2020’ or ‘Best Ring Photos of 2020’ can summarize your year in photographs. Take any detail photos you’ve created, group them together by topic, and write a wedding photography blog on each. You could also write about the techniques you used to capture your photos, like ‘Top 5 Detail Photos (of the year, of your career, of the season)’. Don’t forget to tag, link out to, and/or mention wedding vendors in these posts! Many of these details you photograph are the result of the hard work and collaboration of the wedding vendor team, including the caterer, the cake baker, the florist, the venue, wedding planners, the dressmaker (or dress shop), the suit maker (or tux shop), the jeweler, the hair and makeup artist, and more.

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3. Decor

Wedding décor is a great topic to write about. Most couples are on the lookout for wedding inspiration blogs, and a décor blog can help showcase ideas they could use for their own big day! Get your best wedding décor photographs together and post them with written content that describes what you loved about each. This is one post where you don’t have to write a lot of text – you can just let the topic speak through your photographs. You could also ask the venue coordinator or a local wedding coordinator to guest post on this topic and collaborate with you using your photos.

4. Wedding Dresses

When we list “best topics” for wedding photography blog content, the wedding dress easily makes the list since you likely have lots of photos of wedding dresses you can rely on to include in your blog! Also, brides spend lots of time researching wedding dresses. So if you use the right keywords in your blogs about wedding dresses, you will likely draw some potential brides to your wedding website through organic search.

5. Wedding Favors

Another wedding photography blog aimed to help couples could include wedding favors. Wedding favors are the couple’s creative way of showing gratitude to their guests for supporting them on their big day. Some couples might have wedding favors that they created themselves, and others might be gifting something special they bought from somewhere. Either way, these photos will serve as inspiration for your couples when they start planning their wedding favors.

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6. Cakes

Don’t forget to include the cake in your wedding blogs. Also, we have seen some incredible photos of cupcake towers, donut tiers, candy bars, and cookies through the years, so if you have these kinds of images, find a way to collectively use them for a ‘Things To Eat Other Than Cake at Your Wedding’ post. Besides being visually appealing, these photographs might give other couples ideas for their wedding cake or wedding day dessert options. You could also turn this into a how-to blog post to inspire other photographers on ways to photograph the cake and desserts. Another idea is to create a blog post entirely about the cake cutting and first bite photographs.

7. The Couple

Blogging about the couple could prove to be an instant crowd-pleaser when it comes to the couple and their families. And, in truth, this is probably the most content-rich topic you can write about since you spend plenty of time getting to know your couple before the wedding day. Include the couple’s love story: how they met, how long they’ve been together, likes, dislikes, etc. Don’t forget to add any funny stories or anecdotes that make the post more engaging. You could do multiple blog posts about the couple: one for the engagement session and another after the wedding. Another great blog post topic is writing about something that makes your couple look unique, like a certain style or vibe they have. Complement your content for these wedding blogs with detail photos.

8. Engagement Session 

Couples often ask wedding photographers about what to wear for their engagement session. You could do a post with your ideas and share the post anytime a couple asks you. You could also create a blog featuring some of your favorite engagement session spots or some of your most memorable engagement sessions.

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9. Catering 

We don’t know about you, but we are instantly attracted to beautiful food photographs. Wedding blogs on catering could help couples get a better idea of what to expect from caterers (and you). Short descriptions of the food items with pictures could also be part of the blog post. If you are not too sure about what’s in the picture, reach out to the caterer and request help with the descriptions. Posts like this one also have the potential to turn into a business relationship with the caterer. If they like your work and get more clients in return, they could also refer you as a wedding photographer to their clients.

10. Wedding Party

From photos of the wedding party getting ready with the bride and groom to action shots and antics from the formal photos, the wedding party shows up often in the wedding shot list. Your wedding photography blogs on the wedding party could include links to dress designers or hair and makeup artists. And let's not forget the groomsmen! You can write about their custom suits and the gifts the groom gives them. Another wedding party post idea is to write about and showcase funny photos from past weddings. Wedding party silliness makes for great wedding photography blog material!

11. Must-Have Photos

During their wedding planning process, most couples do research on photographs they can’t miss on the wedding day before meeting with their wedding photographer. A blog post on any must-have photo topic could draw couples who are doing that research. You can focus this post on family photos, such as ‘5 Must-Take Photos With Your Siblings’ and ‘Photographs You Should Take With Your Parents’. You can also focus these posts on any wedding day topic in general, like ‘Must-Have Flower Photos’ or ‘Must-Have Detail Photos’. The list is as endless as your collection of photos on the topic!

12. Getting Ready Photos

Everyone loves behind-the-scenes photos, and getting ready photos definitely fall into that category! Getting ready photos can be divided into multiple posts in a wedding photography blog. Some ideas include posting about goofy, funny moments shared between the bride and her bridesmaids, the bridesmaids helping to get the bride dressed, the parent-bride moments (like mom putting the veil on her daughter or dad seeing the bride for the first time in her dress), the bride details (dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, etc.).

13. Invitations

Photographs of the invitations could also be included in your detail photos blog posts, but we think that some invitations definitely deserve a blog of their own. From handmade invites created by the bride and groom or someone in their family to unique invitations or invitation cards from different cultures, there are so many possibilities here for interesting wedding photography blog content. Make sure you tag the artists in these photographs as applicable. You could even interview the person who designed the invitations and make it a collaborative blog post that you can both share.

14. Raw Moments

Raw and emotional images give your audience a glimpse into private moments shared between the bride, groom, and their family or bridal party. By now, you probably have multiple folders filled with images like these. Gather all these photographs, categorize them, and create multiple blog posts out of them. Some topics include first look photos, walk down the aisle photos, father-daughter dance or mother-son dance, the vow exchange, and the first kiss. Basically, any emotional moment must be captured!

15. The New Normal

Now that elopements have become quite popular and more couples are going for smaller, more intimate weddings (due to COVID), a wedding photography blog about the “new normal” of weddings is definitely something that your audience would be interested in. Blog about this new style of wedding and why couples should consider them. You can use beautiful elopement photographs to complement your text. This could be especially helpful for couples planning to say “I do” during the pandemic. If you have had the chance to shoot weddings from different cultures, you could also make a separate blog post offering people a peek into weddings from all over the world.

16. Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience, from planning a guest list to sorting out wedding ceremony seating. There is so much that couples need to think about and consider. So, why not lend them a helping hand through your wedding blogs? You could write blogs on topics related to wedding planning, such as ‘How To Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List,’ or ‘A Complete Guide To Wedding Ceremony Seating’. These provide couples with an in-depth view of what goes into planning weddings. Additionally, don’t forget to link to external resources in your blog, such as wedding planning websites that provide templates or give detailed breakdowns of wedding planning tasks and timelines. These can be quite useful for couples looking for guidance during the planning process.

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Blogging can work wonders for your wedding photography business! Not only can you connect with your audience and share your thoughts, but you can also provide them with valuable tips and advice for their big day. Writing informative content that interests your target audience can, in turn, boost your wedding photography business and help you create brand awareness and establish trust among potential clients. However, don’t worry if you're not keen on writing for your own brand! Consider checking out blogging services like Fotoskribe to explore the option of outsourcing.

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you grow your wedding photography business. A part of how we do that is by lessening your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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