Graphic displaying - 15 ideas to help you write wedding photography blogs

Writing wedding photography blogs is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement and showcase your wedding photography business. Blogging allows potential clients to get a glimpse through your lens (and words) at the various weddings you cover and also gives you the chance to make your wedding photography business more “Google-friendly.” There’s so much that people don’t know about weddings and wedding photography, so why not use your experience to offer an insider glimpse into the wedding world? Sound good? Great – let’s get blogging with these 15 wedding photography blog post ideas you can use right now!

Ideas for Wedding Photography Blogs

Maybe the thought of writing a wedding photography blog terrifies you. Maybe you are thinking “I’m not a blogger, I am a wedding photographer!” or “I can’t write!” Don’t worry – we are here to help you change that! With rich language and grammar, a tone that suits your brand, and trending and helpful topics, you could engage potential (and past) clients in no time. And if you plan your keywords and topics in advance, and get acquainted with best SEO practices, you will reap the benefits from blogging.

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Quick Technical Tips to Help You Write Wedding Photography Blogs

Graphic displaying - Quick technical tips for blog posts for wedding photographers

First, let’s set the stage for success with a few tips that you can apply to any post you write, on any topic:

  • Try to write 1500-2000 words per post, with an absolute minimum of 350 words.
  • If there’s too much text for one blog post, divide your blogs into multiple posts.
  • Don’t forget to insert internal and external links and SEO optimize your blog. Our guide on SEO for photographers could help you with this step. But we also suggest using the Yoast WordPress Plugin for extra help in this area.
  • It’s all about your photos, so add as many as you can. But make sure they go with your content.

And, now, on to 15 wedding photography blog ideas that you can use!

1. Venues

A well-lit banquet hall with round-tables seating

Blogging about venues helps you, and the venue, get noticed! Write about your favorite venues and share some stories from wedding days you’ve photographed there. Turn these blogs into recommendations for your couples like “Top 5 Wedding Venues in The Local Area.” Get in touch with venues and ask them whether they’d like to partner with you on these posts. You could do a “best of” wedding venue blog each season – winter, spring, summer and fall. These blogs could talk about the best spots to get married according to the different seasons. Don’t forget to add beautiful photographs of the venues along with your blog!

2. Detail Photos

A set of 3 diamond engagement rings

Detail photographs from the wedding can provide endless topics for your wedding blog posts. Topics like “Best Bow Ties In 2020”, or “Best Ring Photos of 2020” can summarize your year in photographs. Take any detail photos you’ve created, group them together by topic, and write a wedding photography blog on each. You could also write about the techniques you used to capture your photos – like “Top 5 Detail Photos (of the year, of your career, of the season).” Don’t forget to tag, link out to, and/or mention vendors in these posts as many of the details you photograph are the result of the hard work and collaboration of the wedding vendor team, to include the caterer, the cake baker, the florist, the venue, the wedding coordinator, the dressmaker (or dress shop), the suit maker (or tux shop), the jeweler, the hair and makeup artist and more.

3. Decor

A banquet table set for a reception dinner

Wedding décor is a great topic to write about. Most couples are on the lookout for wedding décor inspiration, and a décor blog can help showcase ideas they could use for their own wedding day! Get your best wedding décor photographs together and post them with written content that describes what you loved about each. This is one post where you don’t have to write a lot of text – you can just let the topic speak through your photographs. You could also ask the venue coordinator, or a local wedding coordinator, to guest post on this topic and collab with you using your photos.

4. Wedding Dresses

A bridal gown showcased in front of a wall with a fairy lights decoration.

When we list “best topics” for wedding photography blog content, the wedding dress easily makes the list since you likely have lots of photos of wedding dresses you can rely on to include in your blog! Also, brides spend lots of time researching wedding dresses, so if you use the right keywords in your blogs about wedding dresses you will likely draw some potential brides to your business through organic search.

5. Wedding Favors

Another wedding photography blog aimed to help couples could include wedding favors. Wedding favors are the couple’s creative way of showing gratitude to their guests for supporting them on their big day. Some couples might have wedding favors that they created themselves and others might be gifting something special they bought from somewhere. Either way, these photos will serve as inspiration for your couples when they start planning their wedding favors.

6. Cakes

Collage of 2 images. First, showcasing donuts tiered one over the other. Second, with two wine glasses.

Don’t forget to include the cake in your wedding photography blog topics. Also, we have seen some incredible photos of cupcake towers, donut tiers, candy bars, and cookies through the years, so if you have these kinds of images, find a way to collectively use them for a “Things To Eat Other Than Cake at Your Wedding” post. Besides being visually appealing, these photographs might give other couples ideas for their wedding cake or wedding day dessert options. You could also turn this into a “how to” blog post to inspire other photographers on ways to photograph the cake and desserts. Another idea is to create a blog post entirely about the cake cutting and “first bite” photographs.

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7. The Couple

A bride and groom walking hand-in-hand while facing each other.

Blogging about the couple could prove to be an instant crowd pleaser when it comes to the couple and their families. And, in truth, this is probably the most content-rich topic you can write about since you spend plenty of time getting to know your couple before the wedding day. Include the couple’s story: how they met, how long they’ve been together, likes, dislikes etc. Don’t forget to add any funny stories or anecdotes that make the post more engaging. You could do multiple blog posts about the couple too – one for the engagement session and one after the wedding. Another great blog post topic is writing about something that makes your couple look unique, like a certain style or vibe they have. Complement your content for this wedding blog with detail photos.

8. Engagement Session

A couple posing for an engagement session in the forest with sun rays coming from the gaps between trees.

Couples often ask wedding photographers about what to wear for their engagement session. You could do a post with your ideas and share the post anytime a couple asks you. You could also create a blog featuring some of your favorite engagement session spots or some of your most memorable engagement sessions.

9. Catering

We don’t know about you, but we are instantly attracted to beautiful food photographs. A wedding photography blog on catering could help couples get a better idea of what to expect from caterers (and you). Short descriptions of the food items with the pictures could also be part of the blog post. If you are not too sure about what’s in the picture, reach out to the caterer and request help with the descriptions. Posts like this one also have the potential to turn into a business relationship with the caterer. If they like your work, and get more clients in return, they could also refer you as a wedding photographer to their clients.

10. Bridal Party

Groomsmen posing with a camel for a fun bridal party image

From photos of the bridal party getting ready with the bride and groom to action shots and antics from the formal photos, the bridal party shows up often in the wedding shot list. Your wedding photography blogs on the bridal party could include links to dress designers or hair and makeup artists as relates to the bridesmaids. You can do posts for the groomsmen – from custom suits to the gifts that the groom gives them. Another bridal party post idea is to write about and showcase funny photos from past weddings. Bridal party silliness makes for great wedding photography blog material!

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11. Must-Have Photos

A close-up shot of a bridal bouquet with colorful flowers

Before meeting with their wedding photographer, most couples do research on photographs they can’t miss on the wedding day. A blog post on any “must have” photo topic could draw couples who are doing that research. You can focus this post on the family photos, for example “5 Must-Take Photos With Your Siblings” or “Photographs You Should Take With Your Parents” etc. You can also focus these posts on any wedding day topic in general, like “Must Have Flower Photos” or “Must Have Detail Photos.” The list is as endless as your collection of photos on the topic!

12. Getting Ready Photos

Collage of two getting ready photos of a groom

Everyone loves behind the scenes photos and getting ready photos definitely fall into that category! Getting ready photos can be divided into multiple posts in a wedding photography blog. Some ideas include posting about goofy, funny moments shared between the bride and her bridesmaids, the bridesmaids helping to get the bride dressed, the parent / bride moments (like mom putting the veil on her daughter, or dad seeing the bride for the first time in her dress), the bride details (dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, etc.).

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13. Invitations

Photographs of the invitations could also be included in your “detail photos” blog posts, but we think that some invitations definitely deserve a blog of their own. From handmade invites created by the bride and groom or someone in their family to unique invitations or invitation cards from different cultures – there are so many possibilities here for interesting wedding photography blog content. Make sure you tag the artists in these photographs in applicable. You could even interview the person who designed the invitations and make it a collaborative blog post that you can both share.

14. Raw Moments

Black and white portrait shot of a bride taken from over the groom’s shoulder.

Raw and emotional images give your audience a glimpse into private moments shared between the bride, groom and their family or bridal party. By now, you probably have multiple folders filled with images like these. Gather all these photographs, categorize them, and create multiple blog posts out of them. Some topics include first look photos, walk down the aisle photos, father daughter dance or mother son dance, the vow exchange, the first kiss…basically anywhere where tears might happen can work great!

15. The New Normal

Now that elopements have become quite popular, and more couples are going for smaller, more intimate weddings (thanks to COVID), a wedding photography blog about the “new normal” of weddings is definitely something that your audience would be interested in. Blog about this new style of weddings and why couples should consider them. You could use beautiful elopement photographs to complement your text. This could be especially helpful for couples planning to say “I do” during the pandemic. If you have had the chance to shoot weddings from different cultures, you could also make a separate blog post offering people a peek into weddings from all over the world.

Graphic displaying - Partner with fellow photographers to create a collaborative blog post so you can all share.

You could also partner with some of your fellow photographers in your area, or even in different parts of your country, and do a collaborative post on this topic (or any topic!) and pitch it to a publication for national recognition. Here is an example of an article like this on Love in the Time of COVID.

At ShootDotEdit, we believe that blogging has the potential to take your wedding photography business to the next level. And to help you dedicate more time to your business strategies, we take care of the photo editing work for you. If you want to learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, you can check out our price plans. If you aren’t sure about writing for your own brand, you could also check out blogging services like Fotoskribe if you want to explore the option of outsourcing.

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