How to Ace Your First Client Meetings: A Wedding Photographer’s Guide
Getting to know your clients and telling them about your wedding photography style and what you can do for them plays a significant role in turning that potential client into a booked wedding, and that is one of the reasons why your first client meeting is as important as you think it is. First consultations could help both parties understand each other better and also realize whether they are the right fit for each other. For you, it’s an opportunity to make an excellent impression, get to know their story, and bring them to sign the dotted line (don’t forget to take a contract with you). For couples, the first meeting helps them make up their mind about whether you are the right person for the job. However, the first client meeting might not always feel like a walk in the park. But don’t worry, the tips in this blog could help make the process slightly easier and more positive for you and your potential clients!  

Where to Meet Your Potential Clients

Infographic stating you could set up the first meeting with a potential client at a cafe, restaurant, or your studio

Asking for your client’s recommendations about where they want to have the first meeting with you would be the best plan of action. If they don’t have any specific recommendations, you could suggest meeting them at a local Starbucks or your go-to cafe. If they are okay with it, you could also extend an invitation for lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant. Also, you could offer to pay for them, making them feel appreciated and valued. However, that’s not absolutely necessary, and you can choose to do whatever is practical and works for your business.

Another great client meeting venue could be your studio. This could also be a great way to show your potential couples your work and also share any marketing materials that would help them get to know you and your business better. Sometimes, having your own studio might even make you appear more credible and legitimate to your couples. Inviting them to your studio would also save you from the hassle of carrying everything to another place. If you or your potential clients aren’t comfortable meeting face to face due to the pandemic, you could set up your first client meeting virtually.

Tips to Win Over Clients During First Consultation

1. Prepare Couples For The Meeting

Your potential clients could have approached you via a referral or after coming across your brand on the internet. They might have already filled the contact form you linked on your website or given you a call, or dropped an email showing interest in a consultation meeting. This would mean you’d already have some information about them by the time you actually have your first consultation. Now, to prepare your couples for the meeting, email them links to your previous photography gigs, marketing material, and albums. They should ideally be in line with what they are contacting you for. This way, they might get a better idea of what they should be talking about or asking you during the first meeting.

2. Have Your Questions Ready

Infographic stating before the first meeting, prepare questions to get to know your clients and their needs better

When planning and preparing for your first client meeting, we’d suggest that you also make a list of questions to ask your clients to understand their wedding vision and photography expectations better. Your list could include questions related to your couple’s love story, their wedding theme, their budget, the number of guests, the wedding venue, and if they’d have a coordinator to ensure everything goes smoothly on their big day. If they are already that far in their wedding planning process, you could also ask your bride about her wedding dress, any particular poses they want in the shot list, or any other details they specifically want to be documented through photos. These things will help you create a picture in your mind and customize your photography to suit your client’s needs.

3. Explain Pricing & Share Discount Deals

Sharing your wedding photography packages with your potential clients is crucial. Any confusion about your pricing at this stage could potentially impact your relationship or even drive your potential client away. So, take the time to explain all the options you offer and whether they can customize a package to suit their needs. If you have any promotional deals or discounts at the time, let them know about those. If your couple hasn’t fixed a wedding date yet, your limited period offers could potentially also help them set a date. 

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4. Showcase Your Albums

Infographic stating subtly try to 'sell' the emotional value of albums and prints to your couples

Showing your portfolio is a must. While they might have already seen some of your work on your website or social media platforms, the couples could better understand your photography style and creative vision through your portfolio. But besides your portfolio, you could use your first meeting to explain the power of prints and albums. However, there’s an art to subtly sell these services as well. Instead of asking them to just buy it because it’s a wedding album, help your potential couples understand the emotional value behind albums and prints, i.e., how they can be family heirlooms and how images can adorn the walls (or the photo frames) of their home.

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5. Discuss The Wedding Photography Contract

Make sure that you share the details of your contract during your first client meeting. And most importantly, share the cancellation and refund policies with your couples. Besides that, help them get a clear idea about the deliverables, the turnaround time, what happens in case of emergencies, etc. They might not understand the legal jargon, so if they have any questions, try to answer them as clearly as possible. Also, make sure that your contract is updated and protects you if your client decides to sue you. You could consult a legal professional and have your contract vetted for any discrepancies. Not having a concrete contract could potentially land you in a legal trap, so try to keep your documents updated.

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Infographic stating help your potential clients see how you are the right person for the job

Between your potential client contacting you, getting through that first meeting, and then booking a new wedding, try to personalize the experience for your potential clients. Even though they have contacted you, it’s up to you to make them feel like you are the right choice for them. Impress them with your work, but also your personality. Be a great listener, be open to their ideas about their wedding photography vision, and discuss how you could help turn them into reality. The key is to make couples feel like nobody else can serve them better than you. So when it comes to acing that first meeting with your clients – whether it’s at their favorite restaurant or your go-to cafe or even your studio – ensure that you answer their questions, keep the conversation centered on them, and give them the reason to think that there’s nobody that can photograph their wedding like you.

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