Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Wedding Photography Sales
Back in the age when digital images weren’t a thing, wedding photography clients looked forward to receiving prints and beautifully designed albums. However, in this modern age, digital images have made it possible for couples to walk away with hundreds of photos on a tiny USB drive and maybe just a few prints to adorn their walls. While this may be great for couples, the digitization of photography has undoubtedly impacted sales and profitability for a wedding photographer. Now, there are several ways to boost sales, and encouraging your couples to purchase prints or albums is one of them. However, there’s an art to marketing these products. And in this blog, we show you how to do that. 

How to Ensure More Wedding Photography Sales

1. Pre Sell Albums During Consultation Meets

Infographic stating create a buzz about your albums and prints from the first consultation

You can make pre wedding sales by creating a buzz around your albums and prints from the time your clients meet you for the first consultation. You don’t necessarily need to push your print packages on your couples, but you could make subtle mentions and references to how you carefully design and pick the fabric for your elegant album covers. You could also slide in some information about how easy you’ve made it for them to choose images from your gallery and order prints for themselves or their families and friends. Rather than focusing on the business aspect, try to make your couples understand how albums can be priceless investments, and how years down the line, their kids might ask them to show them their wedding album too. 

2. Showcase Albums Designs on Your Website

Showcasing your album designs on your website could be another way to get your clients curious and boost your photography sales. Plus, you don’t have to talk to your clients about purchasing prints every time you meet them when they can see them on your website. All you would have to do is to take some stunning images of your sample albums, upload them to your ‘Buy Prints’ page, and let your website do the talking! Along with the photos, add more information about the album designs, quality, customization options, and the turnaround time for delivery of prints. Again, if you can, try to focus on creating an emotional impact on your couples rather than just talking from a sales perspective.

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3. Sell on The Wedding Day

Infographic stating keep prints and albums in mind as you shoot your couple’s wedding

Yes, you read that right! But we’re not asking you to keep talking about prints or pitching for more photography sales while documenting your couple’s special day. What we mean by selling on the wedding day is keeping prints and albums in mind as you document your couple’s wedding. Create images to build your couple’s wedding story and perhaps even show your clients how beautiful the images would look on a complete spread in their album. This way, they might just get convinced to purchase prints. Also, when you sneak in a few more images in their digital album, they might find it difficult to delete photos and that’s how you will make more photography sales without even having to ask your clients to make extra purchases.

4. Upsell Prints Subtly

Subtle upselling of prints each time you meet or interact with your couple could also be a way to increase your photography sales. When your clients are booking you, ask them about the number of hours they would want you to photograph their big day. If they aren’t keen on you photographing their whole wedding, you might end up creating fewer photos, increasing the possibility of them ordering fewer prints. So let them know what they might miss out on and how every moment of their wedding is worth a photograph. In a way, you might give them some time to think that they might just require more photos, prints, and services from you. Remember, the key is to not be pushy. Subtly letting them know all that you could do for them to make their special day even more memorable is how you could prompt them to purchase more.

5. Go For Post-Wedding Sales

Infographic stating encourage your clients to upgrade to bigger albums

After the wedding, you could encourage your clients to upgrade their existing albums to bigger albums to get more of their memories in print. To make this happen more organically, try this: When your clients get in the process of choosing images for their wedding album, you could ask them to select images without counting and when they are done, you could advise them to keep most of them instead of lowering the number to fit the chosen album size. Since it’s all about their wedding day and their loved ones, they might have a hard time saying no to any of the images. You could also suggest that they keep all the family portraits for themselves as well as convert them into mini-albums that they can gift to their family members and friends. 

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6. Earn Profits Through Limited Time Offers

Just because you have delivered the final photos to your couple, doesn’t mean that you can’t make more photography sales to them. You can make a folder of all the images that they had marked as their favorites at first but didn’t include in their final album or the images that stand out to you from the point of view of a photographer. A few weeks or months later, email or call your couple to let them know that you are running an offer and they can buy these images for their thank you cards or holiday greetings. You could also use the same strategy to make some sales when your couple’s wedding anniversary arrives.

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Infographic stating help your clients see the emotional value behind prints

While they do help with that, prints aren’t all about the profit they bring. To market them right and boost your sales, it’s crucial that you help your clients see the emotional value of prints. So besides telling them how you would personalize their wedding album or how beautiful your albums look, try to make them see how years down the line, they and their families could relive their special day through the printed photographs. Remember, instead of pushing them to boost your wedding photography sales, the key is to subtly encourage them to buy prints. Also, think of creative ways to keep the cash flowing in even after photographing your couple’s wedding.

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