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How often do you work with second shooters during a wedding? Second shooters can be a positive addition to your business, and can make the wedding day shoot a bit easier on you. Sometimes, though, working with another photographer can cause challenges. Have you ever had a negative experience with a second shooter who didn’t represent your brand message or photography style? If you train your second shooter correctly before the wedding day, they can be an asset to you and your business. If you do not take the time to train them to understand your unique brand and style, your reputation could be at risk.

Because you may have so much already on your plate, we know adding another item (like finding and training a second shooter) can seem impossible. That is why we are excited to share a resource to help you simplify the process it takes to develop a second shooter to accurately reflect your photography business. In The Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters, created in conjunction with Showit, we share how you can quickly find, train, and empower your second photographers to be a perfect addition to your business!

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Our free guide also includes:
– A 10-step process to onboarding successfully
Simple techniques for training your second shooter
– Strategies to maintain creative control and vision
Quick tips to hand your second shooter for success


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