Here at ShootDotEdit, we love to help photographers with their wedding photography post processing. We also enjoy sharing inspirational imagery on our Facebook page from fellow photographers to give you motivation to shoot and create stunning photos for your clients.

Today, we wanted to share a bit of behind-the-scenes information about a gorgeous wedding image by Jelger and Tanja, Photographers, that we featured on our Facebook page earlier this year. We recently interviewed the Vancouver wedding photography duo to find out some of the details behind this photo of the horses running in the background.


Image Compliments of Jelger and Tanja, Photographers

ShootDotEdit: Can you give us the basic details of the shot (when and where you shot it)?

Jelger and Tanja: This was photographed in Ashroft (Canada) at the Sundance Guest Ranch. It was taken closer to sunset.

ShootDotEdit: What was the inspiration behind this image? It’s such a unique concept!

Jelger and Tanja: The bride, who worked as a wrangler for the ranch, wanted a photo with running horses in the backdrop, so she arranged for the horses to run at the exact time she and the groom were in position. Jelger took about 80 photos to get this one right, because of course you can’t pose the horses/get them in the perfect place.

ShootDotEdit: Were there any scenarios which caused challenges for you while trying to capture this image?

Jelger and Tanja: The challenge was the horses were only running out once, and everything had to happen very fast. Jelger was standing with his back towards a herd of running horses that came towards him, which you can’t tell from this shot. Tanja was too scared and sat on a fence on the side to get a different angle with a zoom lens. πŸ˜‰


This is an image we can’t stop looking at, and we hope you enjoy it just as much! To learn more about the story behind this image and see more images from the wedding day, check out Jelger and Tanja’s blog post here.

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