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How Partnering with a Specialist Empowers You to Grow Your Business

If you’re spending lots of late nights editing, it seems overwhelming to take on new clients and shoot more weddings, because what you’re doing is creating morework for yourself.

That kind of stress takes the joy out of what you love to do–shoot!

Jason-GinaThis is the situation wedding photographers Jason and Gina Grubb found themselves in before deciding to partner with our post-production specialists. Here’s their take on why they trusted us with their editing, and how that decision empowered them to expand his business.

What was your post-production process like before partnering with ShootDotEdit?

It was always a two person process. After importing and rendering the images in Lightroom, Gina completed a first cull. Then, I would fully edit every image in the catalog (700 images or so). Gina would then QA the images. Finally, I’d export and deliver the images. The entire process took approximately eight to ten hours.

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Give me my business (and my life) back

What are a few highlights from your busy season that were made possible because you weren’t spending hours in front of the computer editing?

I was so excited because for the first time in years I could take time off during my busy season. This past October (the busiest month for Connecticut photographers) I traveled to the Jersey Shore for a girls weekend with my old college roommates. I also went to a few college football games with my husband this fall, and I finally got to be present for my kids’ t-ball and soccer games! All of this was made possible because the SDE crew was working for me!

sarahWhat factors prompted you to make the decision to sign on for the UNLIMITED Plan? What was your decision making process?

A little over a year ago I vowed to learn how to work happy and to find a work-life balance. It seemed impossible, and I realized it was because I wasn’t acting like “the boss”. I was still trying to do everything on my own, and I was afraid to give up control. (Sound familiar? Ugh.) The thing is, no boss at any successful company does everything on their own. It was time for me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I started working with ShootDotEdit and for the first time in years I could actually be present with my kids and I wasn’t working late nights from my couch anymore! Seriously, why was I holding on so tightly to my editing when someone else could do it for me and way faster? I had gained more than just a trusted partner with ShootDotEdit, I was starting to find a balance at home and that feeling of “Mommy guilt” was starting to go away. Plus, my clients were thrilled because my turn-around times were now shorter!

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