How to Sell Wedding Photos Online

Having a source of passive income gives you and your business financial backup. For a wedding photographer, one of the ways to do that is by selling wedding photos online. Even though booking more weddings is the ultimate goal for any professional wedding photographer, you don’t always have to limit your earning prospects to just that. But if you are wondering how to make that happen or where to even get started, this blog’s got you covered.

What is Stock Photography?

Stock Photography revolves around creating photos, videos, or illustrations for the stock industry. Stock photos are licensed for specific use and can be made available for purchase for anyone. Following a set of guidelines, you can sell your images to different stock agencies. There is no specific theme for stock photography, and stock photos can usually follow all trends and styles. However, there are some subjects, such as landscapes, that are most sought after.

How to Generate Stock Images as a Wedding Photographer

Infographic stating if you want to sell wedding photos on stock photo sites make sure you have client permission if applicable

As a wedding photographer, most parts of your photographs focus on the bride and groom, the guests, and the moments they share together. But in the process, you also capture the story, the ambiance, and the decor – everything that complements the tone and the mood of the day. Often, many of these detail shots include images of venues, dinner tables, food, wedding cake, rings, dresses, and more, which are worth considering and great for stock photos. This way, you can turn these extra photos – that would have otherwise just been occupying your hard disk space – into extra money. Make a note to check whether your contracts cover the possibility of using a person in the images you sell as stock. Also, it is important to keep in mind that some stock companies might strictly require a signed model release for publication or sale, so it’s best to always request permissions beforehand.

Different Platforms to Sell Wedding Photos Online

To provide a better understanding of how to sell wedding photos online, we have listed some of the online platforms where you can make it possible.

1. Shutterstock

Infographic stating images from your portfolio can make you extra money if sold on stock photo sites

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and since then has been successfully operating as an online marketplace. It’s one of the most popular platforms for royalty-free photos, vectors, and videos. Moreover, it has an impressive network of millions of active customers and several contributors. One of the perks of selling photos online via Shutterstock is that you can retain your copyright over the images. Moreover, you can also refer other photographers/contributors and earn a small profit. On referring customers, you can get paid 20% of the customer’s first purchase. Learn how to become a contributor here.


  • Low payment threshold
  • No content exclusivity
  • Earn royalties as a site contributor
  • Referral earnings


  • Slow-paced earnings at the beginning
  • Strict content approval process

2. Adobe Stock

Initially called Fotolia, Adobe Stock is another microstock marketplace. Adobe Stock is integrated into Adobe CC, thus providing a seamless content submission platform. JPEG, AI, and EPS are some of the image file formats accepted for photo submissions on this platform. One of the perks of selling on Adobe Stock is that it offers royalty shares of 33% on photos and 35% on videos. With this platform, you also benefit from reaching several Creative Cloud users – making your content accessible for purchase for a global community.


  • Higher royalty shares for contributors
  • No content exclusivity
  • Ease of uploading content
  • Easy submission platform
  • Quick submission review time


  • Strict content approval process
  • Currently, individual contributors can’t submit editorial images

3. 500px

Infographic stating there are many platforms for selling photos online so do your research

500px is one of the best marketplaces where you can build a stellar portfolio while also using it to earn money. With Getty Images and Visual China Group (VCG) as its distribution partners, it offers a higher customer reach. If you are not sure how photo licensing works, this guide can help you get through the basics.


  • High customer reach
  • Higher royalties through exclusive photos
  • Choice of making your image exclusive or non-exclusive
  • Easy submission process


  • Complex licensing structure
  • Low non-exclusive earnings

4. iStock

Founded in 2000, iStock (a subsidiary of Getty Images) is another microstock photography marketplace. Unlike its parent organization, iStock does not require content exclusivity, thus allowing you to sell your work through other agencies as well.


  • More creative freedom with the slightly less complicated technical approval process
  • Offers optional exclusivity with different earning options


  • Complicated submission platform
  • Low non-exclusive earnings

5. Etsy

Well known as a marketplace for selling and purchasing crafty and handmade items, Etsy is another platform where you can sell wedding photos online. In addition to that, you can also sell prints and presets. With millions of active buyers, it is a great place to start. It helps you build a marketplace or store of your own without having to build a website. However, it will require extra marketing and branding efforts to get the sales rolling.


  • You can sell prints online
  • Price your own photos
  • Beneficial fee structure
  • Have control over how to display your photos


  • High competition can make getting noticed difficult
  • Factor-in the shipping and packaging charges for selling print
  • Requires a lot of promotional efforts to generate a steady sale
  • Not a usual marketplace for images

6. Pixpa

Infographic stating stock photography is a good source of passive income

Pixpa is an amazing platform for photographers and creators to build a portfolio, sell images, and at the same time start blogging. The drag-and-drop site-building interface of this site builder helps you build websites for your business even if you don’t know how to code. Some of the ways in which you can sell photographs in Pixpa are through the client galleries section or the e-commerce store. The platform also offers several customizable themes that enhance your portfolio website’s look.


  • Offers 24/7 support
  • Helps in building an all-in-one professional online photo gallery
  • Drag-and-drop site-building interface


  • Not suitable if you are just looking for an online marketplace

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Even though all of these platforms are a great way to sell wedding photos online – turning them into a steady passive income source also requires regular updates and planning. Moreover, the commission per image sold in microstock platforms is usually low but, in the long run, can contribute sustainably if you keep at it. For being able to live off your royalties, consistency goes a long way.

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