Instagram is rapidly becoming a must-have social media site for wedding photographers. You can share your images, more about who you are, and what your brand represents – all which attract ideal clients who would love to work with you and have you take their photos. Your Instagram business account is one way for clients to interact with you, but how can you continue to build the relationship so they access your website, blog, or other social platforms?

Although Instagram does not allow you to place clickable links directly on your posts, you can use links on your bio located on the main page. And since your bio should already feature a link to your website or blog, you can easily change it when you post different content to your other sites. So, what type of links should you include, and how can you encourage your followers to click them? Read on to find out quick tricks to add links on your account, and don’t forget to download our Instagram Guide for additional tips and tricks!

Create a Strategy for Links

As you start to feature links on your account, create a strategy for how often you change the link, what you change it to, and what to do with old posts that mention a unique link. Because the idea behind sharing links on your account is to encourage followers to access your website, blog, or other platforms, a specific strategy gives you the best chance at achieving your goal.


When you have 4 posts scheduled to go out in one day, make sure the post needing a link in your profile is the only one that requires your clients to take action. Make the decision of how long the link will stay in your profile based on your upcoming schedule. If you know you have a huge announcement for your followers two days after, keep the unique link there until it’s time to share the new post and link. If you have time before your next post that requires a link, keep the current unique link in your profile for two to three days. This is enough time for your followers and new visitors to click the link and access your other sites before you change it back to your original link.

For old posts where you created a call to action for people to click on a link, make sure you update the copy in that post so it does not cause confusion for followers. Although it’s not clickable, you can type in the link to your blog or website in the post once the link is no longer in your profile.

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So now that you have a strategy in place, what type of posts should you share with your followers to encourage them to reach out to you on other platforms? Keep reading for a few ideas to get you started.

Include Recent Blog Posts

Since you can only post one image at a time on Instagram, use this as an opportunity to encourage followers to visit your blog. After your images return from a post wedding photography company, and upload them to your blog, post an image on your account and provide details about your photo. Let them know if they want to see additional images, they can visit the blog. In your call to action, write “Link in bio” (or #linkinbio) so they know to click directly on your account to access your blog.

Photographer Brett Hickman knows how to create excitement through his posts on Instagram, and send them to his most recent post on his blog.

“New blog post! Blayne and Bernadette’s wedding just hit the blog tonight. I’m really excited about this one! Love these two and the time I got to spend with them in the year leading up to their wedding and their actual wedding day. Link in bio to more images.” – Brett Hickman

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Provide Educational Blog Resources

In addition to sharing your latest weddings, you can also provide educational resources on your blog. These can vary from tips and tricks for the bride and groom, to wedding day hacks for photographers, to additional resources you know will be helpful. When you post on your Instagram account, share a bit about what the post will do for your followers. If it’s a “how-to dress for the engagement session” post, use verbiage in your text that will make them want to click. When you share a blog post on off-camera lighting tips, give photographers a call to action that tells them they have to read your post. Don’t forget to add your “Link in bio” or “Link in profile” so they can quickly access your resources.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Leeann Marie uses exciting text to encourage her followers to read the educational resource she wrote for her blog.

“The one thing often left out of the wedding day timeline, is also the most critical! BUFFER. Read all about it on the blog today! #linkinprofile” – Leeann Marie

Your Instagram business account is a resourceful way to interact with your clients and to encourage them to further interact with your other pages. When you provide relevant links and call to actions to your website, blog, and other social platforms, you encourage your clients to continue to get to know you. What else can you do with Instagram for your business? Download our Guide, Instagram for the Wedding Photographer to find out!


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