With all of the different ways to grow your wedding photography business, we love sharing helpful content with you. To continue this, we’re excited to announce our newest guide!

Posing subjects is no simple task, especially when you’re working under the pressures of a rushed wedding timeline, imperfect lighting conditions, and subjects that aren’t models. Our Posing for the Wedding Photographer Guide was created with go-to wedding photographer poses from Roberto Valenzuela and other posing pros in the photography industry, and if you take the necessary steps to learn the fundamentals of posing and continuously practice, your images can drastically improve.

Get the Posing Guide!

Our FREE Guide will help you:

-give couples confidence in front of the camera during the engagement session
-create stunning bridal portraits to make every bride look like a model
-learn tips and tricks to pose the bridal party with ease
-effectively take family formals with precision and in record time


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