Posing Techniques: Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
So we know that posing the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen can be one of the most fun, and sometimes the most challenging, parts of your job on the wedding day. It all depends on the composition and size of the group, the liveliness of the group and their willingness to cooperate, and also your ability to lead them quickly into great poses while still keeping control of the crowd. Of course, the main focus of a wedding day is the bride and groom. But the couple have brought some of their favorite people together to celebrate with them and stand up with them. And since these people are important to them, that means the pictures will be as well.

Plus… if you nail bridesmaids & groomsmen photos, that could land you more sales from your wedding gallery. Now that’s worth the extra attention!

In order to help you stay confident on your posing through the wedding day, we’ve put together these Top Techniques on Posing the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen so you can be a success and everyone is happy!

Posing Techniques for the Bridesmaids

1. Have the girls bunch up close together for a tight shot where they embrace each other. Ask them to lean in as close as they can get — almost cheek to cheek.

Posing Techniques for the Bridesmaids
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2. It’s important to document the details that make up each bridesmaid outfit — from the pins in their hair to their matching bracelets all the way down to their sparkling shoes. This works for both the bridesmaids & groomsmen in terms of details and we talk about this a little later when we get to groomsmen.

  • If the bride has given the bridesmaids gifts, as often is the case, ask to photograph them opening the gifts. Or, if they’re already open, photograph one of them.

3. Another simple trick is to keep the bride in the foreground and have the bridesmaids bunched together in the background. This will help single out the bride while still including the girls in the background.

4. Sometimes the best way to encourage candid poses is to get them to laugh. As you allow the bridesmaids to be comfortable and have fun during the shoot, you will get the best versions of them.

  • Ask them to laugh. Ok, it can’t be that easy, right? Try it! Say, “On the count of three, I want you all to laugh big and loud like you’re having THE BEST TIME!” Give them the 3 count and wait for it as the fake laughter turns into real laughter because it’s so ridiculous!
  • Ask one of them, or all of them, to start singing their favorite song, maybe even have them dance around a little, using their bouquets as microphones. Seriously, sometimes getting ridiculous can get the shot!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask some of the bridesmaids if they have ideas! It’s very likely they have either been in many weddings, or are married themselves, and are full of fun things they want to do.
bride standing in getting ready room with bridesmaids all around her
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5. Get a photo of the bride with each of her bridesmaids individually. This works with the bridesmaids & groomsmen equally well. Do the traditional side by side pose, but then ask them to do something silly and see what happens. Sometimes the groomsmen are better at this, but don’t fear asking! Want more techniques on posing just the bride? Check out this article on Bridal Portrait Posing.

Posing the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Together

6. Ask everyone to jump in the air — but be prepared that the bride may not want to. If not, they can mock a landing or fake a jump without actually getting any air.

7. Have the bridesmaids & groomsmen pose together — for both serious and silly poses here. You can match them all up — boy-girl-boy-girl, or you can cluster them with the ladies on one side and the men on the other. You can also stagger them in small groups and have them lean on each other, or put some of them back to back with arms crossed, or ask them all to wear sunglasses. So much variety!

Posing Techniques for the Groomsmen

1. Capturing the details of the groomsmen’s attire is just as important as the details during any other part of the wedding day.

Posing Techniques: Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
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  • Look for boutonnieres or handkerchiefs in the jacket pockets, the design on the cuff links, and the shine on their shoes. If the groom has given his guys a gift, make sure to capture that as well!
close up of shoes, watch, socks and bowtie on wedding day
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2. Ask the adventurous group to have the groomsmen toss the groom into the air (check with them first to see if it’s something they want to try) or have them all jump into the air for a jump shot.
This can be done with the bridesmaids & groomsmen!

3. Try having the guys hold the bridesmaids’ bouquets to create charming images. Or try something silly. The bridesmaids & groomsmen are typically always up for something that gets a good laugh!

groom getting hairsprayed by groomsmen
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4. Have them all be serious, or try having them all wear sunglasses and stagger them in a line, all of them looking off left or off right, kind of like a rock star pose. They can have their arms crossed or their hands in their pockets, jackets unbuttoned. This can be done with the bridesmaids & the groomsmen by the way, together and separately!

5. Try to get some great shots with your groom at the center of the group.

  • Whether the guys are sitting or in action, use the groomsmen to fill the background of your frame, with the spotlight on the groom.
  • Get a photo of the groom with each of his groomsmen. Ask them to do a serious pose, a smiling pose, and then do something silly. You’ll be delighted with what the guys come up with!
groomsmen standing at bar with groom
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With these posing techniques for the bridesmaids & groomsmen lined up, you’ll be more than ready to capture some amazing shots of these two groups. And you just might have a lot of fun doing it!
Want more great tips on posing? Check out this blog post on 5 Tips for Posing the Bride and Groom!

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