How often do you post on your blog? If you are like some photographers, blogging may be your least favorite part of your workflow. In addition to everything else you have to take care of in your business, posting to your blog is another task you have to check off the list (but you may not always have the time or motivation to do so). And what happens when you have writer’s block?

As author Ann Handley mentions in her book Everybody Writes, writer’s block (or as she calls it, “writer’s evasion”) is the reluctance to begin writing. But as a person who has a following of ideal clients, and other photographers in the industry, posting to your blog can help you share your creative thoughts, connect with clients, and provide relevant information to other photographers.

What are some topics you can write about to keep your blog relevant and interesting? Your personal photography story is a great place to start on your blog. If your story is like many others in the industry, you likely had some growing pains in the beginning. But, here you are, posting on your own blog for your business. The journey you took shaped you as a person and a photographer, which makes you more relatable to clients and photographers. Here are a few tips to help you overcome writer’s block on your blog through your personal photography story.

Share How You Got Started

Begin your story by explaining to your readers how you got started in your photography career. Were you a school teacher who took photos on the side, or perhaps you were a stay-at-home parent who loved photography but didn’t have the time? Whatever your story is, share the beginnings on your blog. This will provide readers with an idea of your background, which shapes who you are.


Also, you can write about the moment you first set out to start your photography business. Did you second shoot with another photographer, or was your first shoot a friend’s wedding? After that shoot, what were the next steps you took so you could begin your photography business? These are all details which help shape your story and provide other photographers with helpful references.

Adam Shea, Appleton Wedding Photographer, does exactly that in his blog post, 10 Years of Wedding Photography. where he discusses the first wedding he ever shot and more.

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Divulge Your Struggles

One thing that is common with every business owner is there are struggles from the beginning, and even years later. This was likely no different from when you first started your business. If you previously worked a 9-5 job, how difficult was it to follow a completely different schedule? Maybe you didn’t immediately outsource items on your list, like using a photo editing company, album design professionals, or companies for your other business needs. These are all things that may have piled up and caused you a lot of stress in the beginning.

When you divulge the struggles you faced, you do a few things. You showcase you are relatable to the clients who hire you, as they have probably also had struggles in their careers. You also connect with other photographers in the industry; those who have been in business for years, and photographers who just started. Your struggles make them feel as if they are not alone, and give them hope that they can continue building and growing.

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Share How You Overcame Issues

What happened to you in the beginning of building your business may not be an issue today. If your tasks were piling up, and you were unable to go out and meet more clients, did you outsource those items to free up your time? When you discovered you struggled with certain lighting or shooting techniques, did you spend time practicing and asking other photographers for advice?

No matter how you overcame struggles in your business, you still had the ability and determination to do so. This is an inspiring quality that will translate to your clients and to other photographers. Your clients will see how passionate you are about photography, and other photographers will find inspiration through your challenges and how you overcame them.

Tip: In your posts, share images to reference the challenges you overcame, especially with your photography techniques. You can showcase how your images used to look before you took the time to fine-tune your skills, and then share photos after you learned a new technique or two.

Offer Necessary Tips and Tricks

Whether you have been in business for a year or 20, you have insights which can help other photographers. Perhaps when you first discovered you were not great at using off-camera flash during your shoots, you took action. After sharing the struggle, and how you overcame it (maybe you studied or practiced with another photographer), offer a few tips and tricks you learned during the process.

Perhaps you are an expert in off-camera lighting, but another photographer who follows you has a difficult time mastering it. When you share how to overcome struggles, whether they are business or shooting related, offer necessary tips and tricks you used to get to that point. Your advice can help other photographers practice differently, or even view a subject differently after your post.

Your personal photography story is a great topic to use to help you overcome writer’s block. Once you write your story, you may find you have the inspiration to continue writing about relevant topics your audience will enjoy. Blogging is only one part of your business to help you attract and book ideal clients. What other parts of your business can you revamp to expand your reach to new clients? Download our free Guide, How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business, to find out!


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