How many times have you wanted to post multiple images on Instagram, but didn’t want to clutter your account? With Instagram Galleries, now you can post more than one image at a time, and maintain the style of your account!

The newest update allows you to share up to 10 images (or videos) in one post for your followers to swipe through. This is great news for you and your photography business, since you share past wedding images and more, to attract ideal clients. There are many possibilities with this new addition to take advantage of, especially when it comes to posts that share about your photography and brand. We’ve put together a few tools to help you maximize Instagram Galleries for your wedding photography business.

Build a Strategy

This is not the first time Instagram has introduced a new feature to the app. For example, they introduced Instagram Stories, which was a significant update for users. With Instagram Stories, image posts received less interaction, which caused many to reevaluate their strategy to keep followers engaged.

Now, with Instagram Galleries, you have the opportunity to increase the interaction from your image posts. Take the time to adjust your strategy to include Galleries, so you maximize the newest feature with your followers. Keep in mind, although you can post up to 10 images and videos to your account, the posts you share should still reflect your brand.

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Tip: In your strategy, make sure you always link back to your website and blog. Instagram Galleries gives your followers a chance to see more of your work, which may result in them being more interested in what you have to offer (leading them back to your website).

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Create a Story

Instagram is a platform where you likely share one or two images from a past shoot and encourage followers to see the rest of the photos on your blog. Now, you can create a quick story with your past images. This does a few things for you.


First, it allows you to share more of your work from a past wedding, which gives your followers an idea of what their photos will look like if they work with you. Second, it allows you to create a narrative for the set of images you post, and invites your followers into the wedding day. The more intrigued they are with your images, the more likely they are to click on the link you provide to your blog posts.

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Curate the Top Photos

Before, you could only post one image at a time, which means you may have only focused on the curation of your Instagram account as a whole. With Instagram Galleries, you can curate the top images from your past engagement sessions, wedding shoots, and more.

When you curate the top photos you will share in one post, think about it as you would your website, blog, or even current Instagram account. The first image that appears should be in line with the images already posted to your account. After your images are color corrected by a wedding photography post processing company, share them in order of how you want to tell the story (with the best image from the shoot on the top).

Include Videos

When you share videos on social media, you create connections with your clients. They can learn more about you as a person and photographer through the videos you share, which keeps them engaged with you. Use Instagram Galleries to continue to build relationships with clients through videos. Provide variety with your videos to ensure your followers stay interested in what you are doing.

Share behind-the-scene looks during an engagement session or wedding shoot, give details about a project you are working on, or take followers along with you when you go on a trip or during your daily routine. The more you share with your followers, the more you build a strong connection with them.

Tag Clients and Vendors

A fast way to place your images in front of larger audiences on Instagram is to tag your clients and vendors. Another way to do this is to include a geotag of your location, which can be the venue where your shoot took place. Use this strategy with Instagram Galleries as well. When you tag clients and vendors, and use geotags in your posts, they are notified and can take a look at your images. Plus, when someone searches for a particular venue, your Galleries will appear.

Tip: Make sure you also include hashtags on your Galleries. Not sure which hashtags are best for you? We have 19 that are perfect for you here.

Maintain Other Tools

Since there are many options for you to post and share with your followers on Instagram, it’s important to maintain the other tools the platform offers. Continue to post to your account with images that attract your ideal clients, and tag those involved in the photos. Mix up the amount of times you use Instagram Galleries and regular posts, so you have a variety. Also, continue to use Instagram Stories to build relationships with followers, and to ensure they come back to your account on a regular occasion.

Instagram Galleries are an exciting addition to the social app, and open up opportunities for you to connect with ideal clients. Discover more tips and tricks for your Instagram account with our free Guide: Instagram for the Wedding Photographer!

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