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Guest Post By Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images

According to Bradley Zisow’s marketing tips, now is the perfect time to develop or continue working on a strong marketing game for your photography business.

One of the biggest mistakes wedding photographers make (or any business owners for that matter) is neglecting their marketing efforts. And we get it! Marketing can be easy to let fall by the wayside.

But it takes more than knowing how to capture incredible imagery to get noticed by your peers and potential clients.

Our advice: Don’t make that mistake — especially now and even when things are slow (because we have all been stuck inside)!

We teamed up with Baltimore’s own Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images. Bradley is an award-winning wedding photographer and knows how to keep a business afloat even through the most trying times. He wanted to share a few of his marketing tips with us here today on the ShootDotEdit blog!

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With the world at its current state, the most important thing to remind our clients and ourselves is that this too will pass. As such, a strong online presence is the most important thing to work on at this time.

So here are a few tips that can help you keep your own buzz going while we slowly begin to reopen and struggle with some of the uncontrollable elements as a result of the last few months.

Marketing Tips
Image by @bradleyimages

3 Marketing Tips While You Weather The Storm

1. Revisit Your Old Photos

Revisit and revise.

Taking the time to go back through your library of photos looking for potential gems that you may have missed can be beneficial. Coming back with a fresh eye on some of your older photos can also change your perspective on them as well.

So go back, discover and re-edit. There will be fresh content that you can share!

2. Top Marketing Tip: Be Active on Social Media

As if our society wasn’t glued to our photos enough prior to this pandemic, now we’re logging more screen time than ever before.

Having fresh content (some of it found if you followed tip #1 above) every day is going to keep your exposure alive while also keeping your editing skills in check.

We recommend posting at least 3-4 times a week on as many platforms as you can. Instagram and Facebook are still the most popular outlets, yet new social media platforms appear every day. Stay on your toes and stay current!

Here is another blog post on making social media work for you!

Image by @bradleyimages

3. Think Outside the Box for Top Marketing Tips

It is important to be proactive and ahead of the curve in these difficult times. Brainstorm and try to figure out services that you can monetize in this restrictive environment.

Some ideas could be teaching paid editing classes, offering mentoring sessions, or remote editing services.

One idea that we’ve come up with is offering a video montage package for those individuals who have had to cancel or postpone their celebratory events. A family member or friend of those clients would gather video greetings from their respective circles offering congratulatory words or well wishes that they would then send to us. We would edit a short video montage with all these greetings that would be shared with whoever the video was made for.

This is just one idea, but it’s an example of what you can come up with if you take the time to look for a desirable service that is missing in the current market!

Big thanks to Bradley Zisow for the awesome insight! Even in such an artistic profession, it often takes thinking like a business owner to get those BIG ideas that benefit your business the most.

You can check out more of Bradley’s stunning wedding photography through Bradley Images. You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to see even more of his incredible work.

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